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Burn Notice S5E10; Army of One

Updated on August 28, 2011

Army of One


Army Of One

Lucien send Micheal to a warehouse after Max's killer. Upon entering the warehouse Sam steps on a pressure sensory and tips off Max's killer. The Romanian killer blows up the warehouse. From the rubble a hard drive is pulled and is crispy.

Pierce is on the warehouse fire immediately and demands Michale's files.

In the meantime Mike fills in for Sam on a corporate security gig with Jessie and realizes the white collar crime security detail is a hardened hostage situation in which Madeline is held captive. Micheal convinces the criminals a rogue security agent is running around and and blowing things up while he tries to help the hostage escape.

And Sam and Fiona capture a computer hacker to have him reconstruct the crispy hard drive. Fiona express frustration Micheal is none committal to their relationship.

Micheal gets the hostages and Madeline out safely and they retrieve a name form the hard drive. Actually strike that Madeline saves Michael.


The writing is rather witty this week and Sharon Glesson really shines in her acting performance. The producers and directors really seem to have a handle on advancing the plot line and builds an emotional crescendo to this season's finale.

The entire cast is really terrific and the writing is expcetional.

This season is about to wrap up with one last episode before the season finale.


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