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Burn Notice S5E8: Hard Out

Updated on August 28, 2011

Hard Out


Hard Out

Micheal, Agent Pierce and Jessie head to a Caribbean island to retrieve Cahill who is selling NSA files. They claim to be internal security operatives who are protecting the files. Micheal, Agent Pierce and Jessie are blown when a real internal security team shows up and takes the files. Micheal plays offense blaming the boss, Jackson, to Vanderwhall; the mercenary. Micheal tricks Vanderwhall with a deal to live in the Cayman Islands.

Meanwhile Finoa has to face he past and use her old toes with Arman to find out who created the bomb. Arman asks her to steal a truck of Armor piercing bullets. Fiona manages to get the goods but is emotionally torn about having to do business with Arman. Arman questions Fiona's life with Micheal. And suggests Micheal doesn't lone Fiona because he would allow her to do business with Arman.


This show is better each week. All of the actors are excellent in their performances. The writing is great and the plots are much more intricate. This show has improved a great deal just the season alone. And it is really quite funny.

Catch Burn Notice on USA Thursdays at 9pm.


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