Do you think praising oneself is always wrong? If not, what are the exceptions?

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  1. anusha15 profile image87
    anusha15posted 7 years ago

    Do you think praising oneself is always wrong? If not, what are the exceptions?

    We meet many people who simply can't stop praising themselves. They can be very boring, but do you think they can be interesting too? Have you ever been entertained by someone's boasting? Do you think there should be exceptions to this modest mannerism of not showing off?

  2. huba90 profile image58
    huba90posted 7 years ago

    I think that when someone does a great thing that he did work for it a lot,or when someone just lived through a hard situation where he played an important role,he can't stop praising himself when he speaks.

  3. profile image0
    Giselle Maineposted 7 years ago

    I have never been entertained by someone's boasting, but I am always thrilled and happy to hear of a friend's accomplishment.  e.g. I hate and get bored by long-winded stories about something where someone is basically only telling it to praise themselves, but I love to hear stuff from a friend who says "Guess what? It was my first time making my own curtains and they turned out well!"  I love to hear stuff like that because it's part of my friend's life and she is genuinely happy about it, and I like it that she wants to share the info with me.

    Basically, the closer the person is to me and the less long-winded the situation is, the more comfortable and happy I am with it.  But I really don't have time for the people that praise themselves on a regular and ongoing basis... I really don't need to hear self-congratulatory stories each and every time I happen to see the person!

    I also think the people that praise themselves on an ongoing basis are either way too overconfident to the point of arrogance, or they are insecure and always need the approval of others.  I haven't met too many people who are in the 'happy medium' to praise themselves constantly.

  4. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    praising yourself is rarely wrong if you did something well or a good deed. if you keep harping on it, then it becomes wrong or at least makes you look arrogant.i find it funny how people will say praising yourself is wrong, it shows others that you did something and it will promote them to do something as well.

  5. whoisbid profile image70
    whoisbidposted 7 years ago

    If you are in the business world you need to promote yourself. You need to show people that you can do particular things and that you are talented or experienced in a certain way. People are not normally psychic so they will not be able to read your mind most of the time and guess that you can do those things- so you will need to boast a bit now and again. There are a lot of successful people who don't have talents but they know to boast about what they could do for you (but they get others to do it instead) These people are called salesmen and businessmen.

  6. mythicalstorm273 profile image76
    mythicalstorm273posted 7 years ago

    I do not believe praising oneself is wrong.  I have met many people who did many very interesting things and I love hearing about their adventures, but when it is somebody that is average I will get bored of it.  I also believe that being too modest can be very boring.  At least somebody who is praising themselves will take a complement well and will usually give them easier as well.  As with everything though there is a point where they can take it too far.  Modesty is a good trait, but you have to be confident in yourself and boasting a little bit here and there is not a bad thing.  The person just needs to find a good balance and do it when appropriate and not at every waking moment.

  7. KateWest profile image74
    KateWestposted 7 years ago

    There is a difference between bragging and letting people know your worth. Sometimes it's a fine line. In the workplace especially, be sure you are always acknowledged for your hard work. False humility will get you nowhere. At the same time, no need to rub someone's nose in it. Look into your heart and you will be able to tell when you are showing off and when you are rightfully touring your own horn.


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