There are parents who are confidence boosters and enlighteners to

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago
    their children. These parents give their children the prerequisite tools necessary for success including high self-esteem and a can do attitude. These parents support their children's dreams no matter how so-called fantastical it may seem to others. These parents know whatever their children can imagine can be achieved. This is the type of parent in which a C student would feel like a genius so to speak.  These parents would be rated A+ in the parenting department.

    Then......yes, then there are parents who feel that their children are quite insufficient to say the least. These parents are soul and confidence destroyers.These parents believe that their children must be perfect or they are nothing.  More likely, in these parents' estimation, their children are nothing or next to nothing.  These parents do more criticizing than praising.  In fact, from 60%-90% of what these parents do to their children is critquing.  Praise is an anathema to such parents.These parents never see anything good about their children. These parents overlook,ignore, or berate their children's gifts or talents, only focusing upon their so-called flaws and defects. These parents believe that THEIR children are SUPPOSED to be good without positive reinforcement- or in their terms, their children HAD BETTER be good or ........else!  Such parents are quite toxic to say the least.  In the parenting department, they would FAIL miserably.  They can make a genius feel like an idiot. 
    What TYPE of parents did YOU have?