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Own Flesh And Blood: Why Do Mothers Abuse Their Children?

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    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    Own Flesh And Blood: Why Do Mothers Abuse Their Children?

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    tinkerbell09posted 8 years ago

    Depression, resentment, lack of self control, just plain evil.  Those are just some that I could think of off the top of my head.  I could be wrong, I usually am.

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    TypingTornadoposted 8 years ago

    because they didn't have the brain capacity to use birth control from the beginning.  wake up, people.

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    semeasyposted 8 years ago

    Some people are simply just not able to control themselves.  Some children are abused by loving parents that can't control their feelings and emotions.  This is pretty sad.  Then there are the children that are abused by a parent that is controlling.  They will tell you that it is for the child own good.  These are the people that don't understand the difference between parenting and brutalizing.  Discipline is one thing, but love is key.  You can get much further with love than a fist.

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    1kmjsposted 8 years ago

    Im not a mom but if I were to pretend and try to rationaize it, I'd say..

    1. Because they themselves are scared and panic. leading to violence.

    2. To get attention- munchousin bi-proxy. I pry spelled that wrong.

    3. Just to watch the human emotion without the fear of being caught...Poor kids.

    Man now Im pissed off.

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    Galadriel Arwenposted 8 years ago

    Drugs, alcohol, lack of education, history of abuse by parental figures, inability to love another, and they view their children as an ends to receiving government money not because they actually want them. Generations of abused individuals are currently being housed in our jails because they grew up “tough” and without “human kindness.” A mother is a term some note with “loving kindness” but just because you have the capacity to have a child does not mean you should. Nature is not nurture. There is only one queen bee not because she was the only one female to be born. Some humans do not act any different than wild animals do when it comes to their children and those weaker. The “Circle of Violence” goes from generation to generation infecting everyone who touches the illness.

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    spiceyfoodposted 8 years ago

    It's a circal of abuse. I beleive it is part of everything, some people just think kids never grow up so it's all about control. It has alot to do has a person is mentelly. My mom had depression most of her life and she was raised in a orphenage, they were really hard on her, and some of those treats came with her when she truned in to a mom. I beleive people neeed to take mental stress test before they have kids. If they don't pass it them they should made to work on them beofore having kids. Kids are angels from god. Every person who is going to become a parent they need to get enrolled into and eduaction class just for there sanity. I was never a perfect mom but I learned that kids are people to. After learning about who my mom was and how come she did what she did was because she was never taught anything differnt. Schizaphrenia is a well known disorder. Everyone should go get tested. I mean some moms hear voices to tell them to kill the kids. We get to be mos because we want to be. Kids bring so much and I love mine. I raised in a mean inverment and i proimised never to be that way if i was ever to be a mom. I did keep my word but since I have grown and see the things that grown ups do to kids and being a mom and dad isn't easy. PMS and baby blues are a factor to. God is speaking to all of us. We are here to protect the kids and that is what I do, when I see something not right i step in and take the kids for awhile until mom may feel better. Like god said there are some things in the world we don't have answers for but the things we do see and know we can speack and even save a child. Life is like a vapor and we all should take a stand and just help if you see a problem who knows you might save alife. Melinda Bocook.

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    Liz Bposted 8 years ago

    Mothers abusing their children is, sadly, more common than not and has been going on for centuries.  The role of women throughout history certainly has contributed to women who have been abused and know only this for their daughters and sons.  Or maybe the sex of the child does not matter.  A child may simply, sadly be an object for a parent/parents.
    Another category is the narcissistic mother who looks in the mirror and sees her beauty only but not her childrens beauty.  This is the shallow variety narcissist who may show reasonable levels of adaptation to family life but lacks the empathy and internal resources to manage the demands of children who are experiencing normal developmental challenges. 
    Parents who have not learned how to parent will parent by control which is a low form of power; it does not take much time or thought.  Parent's who do not understand themselves are not going to understand their children.  They may be adaptive and mimic parenting skills, but the authenticity is absent.
    The lack of authenticity cannot anticipate spontaneous joys in a child's development and it becomes a drain on their ego or sense of self as less than perfect.
    Semeasy, you are correct in stating that some people can't control themselves--we learn self-control at a very early age.  If we are forced to learn self-control, we may always be looking for someone or something outside of ourselves to control us or release us from the responsibility.  Discipline is important but it needs to be delivered with love--and a fist has no place in any relationship.  We can't choose our family but we can choose our friends.  Be careful to choose friends who will respect and appreciate you.

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    sonya eatonposted 8 years ago

    I think that mothers that abuse there children need help! Some do it because as a child the were abused so they rationalize as being okay sence there parents got away with it. Some do it because they want to and think that if there kids fear them then they will listen and obey what is said to them. I being a mom to 6 kids know that using love is more productive and benifical to all to get things done with out the abuse being done.

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    susanlangposted 8 years ago

    I think for women it could be post partum depression or maybe more than that. But, im not a doctor so ask one. I do know there are many more men who are abusing children then women. Go do the research.. if you like..get back to me on that. Hope this helped answer your question.

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    My Tainted Bloodposted 7 years ago

    It's because of their upbringing, largely considering that our parents or grandparents were spanked and sometimes punished severely in the 20th century and further. It was legal to neglect and abuse children. Even adopted ones. Adoption agencies didn't have critera to judge and check their client's kid's welfare. Along with this is a very simple lack of ignorance. Yes father's do it too. But in my early days I saw it all. How can any person not know they are hurting a child physically and psychologically? It's not possible. So they are aware of what they are doing but they are missing the logic. Hurt the kids, demoralize them, sent them to bed without supper, ignore them, fail to groom them for adult life and you have kids with knives and kids in jail. Pampered kids, those who are given guidance and love, fair better and a slapping hitting mom should not have to read it to know it. If I ripped a leg off a frog do I not know I'm doing wrong? If I smash my child's hand with a hard wooden spoon over and over again, do I not know what I'm doing is wrong? If you say "no," you also then display the same ignorance men and women had yesteryear you should never have kids. Check child abuse and neglect laws today. In fact, in Sweden, if a parent touches a child in anger, that person automatically goes to jail. Or was that Holland? Well, you get the point.