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Is it normal to be as nervous as I am about my daughter starting Kindergarten?

  1. Vanessa Anderson profile image61
    Vanessa Andersonposted 6 years ago

    Is it normal to be as nervous as I am about my daughter starting Kindergarten?

    I am a first time Mom and my daughter starts Kindergarten next week.  While I'm sure all parents go through some nervousness, I have to ask...is it normal to be really nervous to the point of being nauseous at the thought of the whole thing?

  2. Cari Jean profile image95
    Cari Jeanposted 6 years ago

    I think it's normal. My daughter has special needs on top of everything else when she started kindergarten. My husband and I only sent her half-days which was more than enough for her at the time. I don't know all the reasons why but it is very hard on the mom when their child starts kindergarten. I'm still nervous for this year and she's going into 2nd grade - maybe that feeling never really goes away!

  3. bwhite062007 profile image86
    bwhite062007posted 6 years ago

    Don't worry, I think it is very normal. With my daughter only being four and getting ready to start Pre-K, I am having the same anxiety. Will she be ok? Is she going to miss me too much? Will she make friends? It is a very hard transistion but it is all a part of life. It sometimes helps to think of yourself. I am sure your mother had the same nervousness when you were a child but most of us made it ok and unscathed.

  4. Nspeel profile image75
    Nspeelposted 6 years ago

    I am not a father yet. We out expecting in January although children have always been in my life i have been changing diapers sense i was about six years old and it hasn't stopped yet. I think about these things all the time now that i am going to be a father. I can totally see where you would be nervous about your child leaving home for hours on end. In someone else's hands that you hardly know. Although it is a part of life much like the puppy missing you while you leave him in the cage and take your daughter to school. It is separation anxiety and it is very natural you will get use to it after some time. This is good also because your kids are going to grow up eventually. Sometimes after in there teen years not seeing them for even weeks. Great question though hope i could help.

  5. ktrapp profile image96
    ktrappposted 6 years ago

    This is absolutely normal, just don't let your nervousness show to your daughter. I went in the house and cried on the first day of kindergarten for both of my children. This week I am bringing my son to college and I think the tears are going to far surpass the kindergarten ones. Try to enjoy the day and make it special for her as she reaches this milestone!

  6. onegoodwoman profile image75
    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    YES..............it is........

    In my experience, as the mother of 3 daughters..........

    Their lives revolve around you, until they start school, kindergarten, head start............etc........

    Then their world expands.................

    Though I do not like beer, and my hubby rarely drinks it............we DO keep it on hand to offer to our guests.........

    My 5 year old daughter came home from kindergarten.....telling me, that I was an "alcholoic" because I had beer in the cooler.

    I am not, and this is NOT the point the teacher wanted to make..................but it what my young child heard............

    Yes, it is scary!

    You are releasing your babe into the thoughts, views, and influence of another..................YES, it is scary...........but you can deal with it............just keep your patience and your communications open.

    I have your back, young mom!

  7. Lisa HW profile image72
    Lisa HWposted 6 years ago

    I was exciting when each of my three children (now grown) were starting kindergarten, but I can't say I was nervous.  I don't think I've ever been nervous (even about other things) to the point of feeling nauseous.  (Any chance your daughter has a new baby brother or sister on the way???   smile  )

    Personally, I can't say whether or not it's "normal".  Just because I wasn't all that nervous, it doesn't mean I'm not the one who's "not normal".   LOL   I can't help but wonder if you're either a very young mother, or else if you had any bad experiences with schools.  It's not my business.  It's just that I do think it's a little on the extreme side (even if it is normal). 

    My thing, right before they started school, was to try to make sure they saw school as a "nice thing"  and a "nice chance to be with other little kids".  I think I was so busy trying to make sure each of them was so prepared and so looking forward to school, that maybe I was more worried about how they perceived the upcoming event than anything else.

    However, having said that, there are those times when we just don't remain "cool".  My youngest child (and only daughter, now 26) sent me an e.mail to ask if I'll go with her to see wedding gowns Saturday.  She's been engaged for months, but the picture of a gown and the reality of it hit me - and I got goose-bumps.  (For goodness sake, the wedding is still a year away!).

    I guess, when all is said and done, once each child comes along there will be nervousness, goose-bumps, sentimental tears, and worries like you wouldn't believe - pretty much forever.

  8. jkselections profile image58
    jkselectionsposted 6 years ago

    Yes it's normal and okay to be nervous.  But you know what, she will be just fine.  She probably will love being with the other children and will have plenty to tell you about when she returns from school each day.  So take a deep breath and relax.

  9. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    Yes, absolutely.  This is the time that they begin to realize that other people, other families differently than you might at home.  Onegoodwoman had the perfect example.