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I am wanting to know, what in your oppinion is the correct age to start a family

  1. Mrs Hurst1909 profile image59
    Mrs Hurst1909posted 6 years ago

    I am wanting to know, what in your oppinion is the correct age to start a family?

    I am wanting to know what is the correct age to start a family? Is it really the age that matters? I am in my 20's and married. I have been baby sitting, watching, and even raising kids since I was a little girl myself. So I believe its more of a maturity than age. What is your opinion?

  2. Peter Leeper profile image82
    Peter Leeperposted 6 years ago

    There is no correct age in my opinion as long the age is legal on the younger side and not too close to the "end" on the older side.

    Whether someone is able to produce children on their own to start a family or choose to adopt, any time is a good time as long as you are ready to take on the full responsibility it takes to be a parent.  This means the nightlife is likely over for the most part, as are most instances of recreational
    drinking or acting in other less than flatterting and sometimes dangerous behavior.

    Make sure your heart is full of love and ready to share it with another human being.  The will and should be all that matters to you going forward.

  3. Mrs Hurst1909 profile image59
    Mrs Hurst1909posted 6 years ago

    Thank You, Yes I know everything it takes. I have been doing it for years. & I don't have a "party life" to begin with. I just figured with as many kids I raised it should be my turn.

  4. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 6 years ago

    My opinion actually is offered in the form of "advice"....as a mother of 4 adults as well as Grandmother of 9.  I have a bit of wisdom under my belt.....just so you know I'm not an inexperienced individual.  Since you have married young, it's good that you are mature enough to give having children some serious consideration before just jumping in to parenthood.  Smart woman.  You're correct in thinking that "age" is probably not as much an issue as many other aspects when considering having children.
    An important thing to keep in mind, is that you have at LEAST 20 years ahead in which you can have a baby at any time.  So, it's not as though you need to be in a hurry to beat the biological clock. 
    It would be my hope, that you and your husband take your time...as long as you are in the position to do so.....and you ARE.  Take enough time with each other to adjust to married life, establish yourselves with at least some of the things you both want in life.  Start READING in advance, all you can get your hands on.  Read up on Pregnancy (I would recommend a great book called, "What to Expect While You're Expecting.")   Both you and your husband, btw.....because like it or not, he'll be pregnant with you!   Also, child-rearing books, parenting..etc.  Get a good view of the big picture. 
    If you're both working.....spend at least a couple more years to advance your career or even go back to scool if you'd like.....build your life together and enjoy just being a "couple" for awhile.  You really owe that to yourself.  Take time to research some statistics ...on marriage....children and marriages.....that sort of thing.  I believe you'll find that there's a higher percentage of successful relationships between husband and wife who waited a while before bringing another human being into the mix...........Best of Luck & Happiness to you!

  5. Marcy Goodfleisch profile image95
    Marcy Goodfleischposted 6 years ago

    When you're mature enough to think of others first, but not be an enabler. I guess the number (age) can vary from person to person - I've known kids who had it together but weren't old enough to marry, and I've known adults who shouldn't have ever had families.

  6. profile image55
    shorty72posted 6 years ago

    Well this might help or not my son was 17 when his girlfriend and him started their family. He is taking it in leaps an bounds. It is up to the individual  involved and if you are ready I think.

  7. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 6 years ago

    I believe that the best time to have children is when one is financially stable and have a variety of life experiences.  In other words, one should start having a family when one is in his/her 30s.  By that time, one should hopefully obtain all the prerequisite education that they could, be established and on track in their careers, and have enough life experiences not to express regret for what could have been.   People in their 30s are usually more settled than those in their 20s who are searching regarding relationships and are starting their respective careers.   Furthermore, parents in their 30s are more relaxed and patient with their children in those in their 20s who have a lot of fires to extinquish so to speak.

  8. IJR112 profile image61
    IJR112posted 6 years ago

    Late 30's.  Hopefully by then you will be very mature, have a stable career, and have the capacity to raise the children correctly.