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What is some advice for grandparents or other relatives who are raising their te

  1. Stephanie Henkel profile image97
    Stephanie Henkelposted 6 years ago

    What is some advice for grandparents or other relatives who are raising their teenage grandchildren?

    So many grandparents are raising their grandchildren these days. What is some good advice for grandparents or other relatives who are raising teenagers?

  2. Anne Pettit profile image72
    Anne Pettitposted 6 years ago

    Give them tasks that require competence such as properly pruning bushes, painting a room, cooking, or basic home repairs.  A teen that feels capable will be more able to hold his/her own under peer pressure.  Also, it wouldn't hurt for someone to have these sorts of skills around the house.

  3. Rusti Mccollum profile image75
    Rusti Mccollumposted 6 years ago

    I'd run as fast and go as far away I could. lol Seriously, I have a 15 year old. I think going places they'd like to go.LISTEN to them. Compromise with then. I gave all the kids rides we they wanted to go.Cell phones  are great for texting.
    Drill into your teenager that whatever party they go to,where there may be alcohol.Tell them it's okay to call home, You won't be angry and no questions asked. then you know your child is safe and going home, and not getting into a vehicle where there's a driver that has been drinking.Tell them you really don't want them to go to parties. Ask your self would you rather be the one that picks and may a friend or 2, and be safe. I would rather my son call me and not be dead in a wreck,  at these types of activity's.  I learned to not always say no.A teenagers all about trying to get away with something.

    If the child does something illegal, they are going to jail and I'm taking him. I have a great son.He hangs out with me on the computers and his friends talk to me too. When you say NO teens take that as tough I'm doing it. I'm not saying let them run all over. They MUST follow the house rules. Always call or text them then give them 15minutes to respond. You would be surprised what happens when you talk to ta teen and don't school. Tell that child no matter what they do even wrong, talk to them, be interested in their day. Take the child to pizza and a movie with a  friend or two. Be a part of their life. I wish you well, and hope this helps .Best wishes.

  4. LailaK profile image76
    LailaKposted 6 years ago

    I am a teen myself and what I would love my grandparents to do is to listen to me when I talk. I would like them to acknowledge that being happy and cheerful all the time is something that no one does every minute of their lives. Finally, I would like them not to use "when I was your age..." as much because it makes feel me worthless to not be able to do as much as they did. This is a wonderful question, Stephanie! Thanks smile

  5. stephhicks68 profile image86
    stephhicks68posted 6 years ago

    I lived with my grandparents (both sets lived in the same town) for 2 separate summers as a teen and a young adult.  It was a great experience, although quite different than at my home.

    I remember feeling like they would not discipline me as harshly because they usually "spoiled" me, and so frequently tested my boundaries.  A grandparent stepping into the role of parent to a teen grandchild will have to establish themselves differently with clear expectations and firm consequences.

    As a teen, I learned that my grandparents had concerns about raising me that differed from my parents.  For example, my grandfather was really upset about me going for early morning exercise runs because he believed it was not safe.  My grandmother lived through the Depression and had values based strongly on "waste not, want not."  We all had some adjusting to do!

    This is a fantastic question - you may have inspired me to write a hub!  Cheers, Steph