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What to Serve at Your Super Bowl Party

Updated on March 15, 2011

As the NFL playoffs get ready to swing into high gear, it's a good time to think about planning a great super bowl party. If you're a true fan of professional football, you'll be excited about the Super Bowl no matter who ends up playing in the big game. Of course, it will be even better if your favorite team has an opportunity to take the field. However, you can enjoy partying during the big game no matter what.


Of course, the central activity of a Super Bowl party has to be the game itself. Many people choose to supplement the action by holding football pools that provide participants with an opportunity to win cash and prizes during the game. Even people who aren't particularly interested in the outcome of the game are often drawn in by the excitement of having an opportunity to win the football pool.


When you are the host of a Super Bowl party, you get to choose the menu. You also get to decide whether or not you want to provide all the food yourself, or if you want to ask the guests to bring goodies with them to share.

When choosing recipes for a Super Bowl party, you want to be sure to select items that everyone is likely to enjoy. To make things easy on you during the event, it's best to prepare foods that can be served at room temperature, or directly from a Crock Pot, fondue pot, or other appliance that keeps the food at the proper temperature.

The easiest way to organize snacks for a Super Bowl party is to put everything out before the game, and then let the guests munch as they please throughout the event.

Some popular Super Bowl party recipe ideas include:

Main Dishes:


Boiled Shrimp

Deep Fried Turkey

Gumbo (Great for any Super Bowl, this dish will be a must when the New Orleans Saints finally make the big show!!!)


Roast Turkey

Sloppy Joes


Dip Recipes:

Bean Dips

Crab Dip

Cream Cheese Dip Recipes

Crock Pot Dips

Sour Cream Dip Recipes

Other Appetizer and Side Dish Ideas:

Barbecue Beans

Cheese Balls

Cheese and Crackers

Corn Chips

Pita Chips

Potato Chips

Tortilla Rollups

Veggie Tray



Hot Toddy Cocktails


Spiked Punch

Various Cocktails

Keep it Simple!

Don't try to make all these recipes for your Super Bowl party. Pick a few that are likely to appeal to all, or most, of the people who plan to attend, and get ready to enjoy a delicious feast for the Big Game!


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  • MrMarmalade profile image

    MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

    Your food make ups make feel I should invite my self New Years Eve.

    Thank you they said there was no room at the Inn