Favorite breakfast foods for a hangover

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  1. Mark Knowles profile image59
    Mark Knowlesposted 10 years ago

    What is everyone's favorite breakfast hangover cure?

    I ask because I had a famous hangover this AM after watching England beat France in the six nations rugby series.

    My breakfast of choice - Biscuits and sausage gravy.

    Alton Brown's biscuit recipe and my own sausage gravy made with "Chipolatas aux herbes"

    living in France, I have to make my own buttermilk, but hmmmmm.

  2. RFox profile image70
    RFoxposted 10 years ago

    Vegemite toast. I am still an Aussie at heart. wink

  3. Misha profile image71
    Mishaposted 10 years ago

    pickle with a glass of pickle brine and a shot of cold vodka big_smile

  4. Mark Knowles profile image59
    Mark Knowlesposted 10 years ago

    RFox - I have tried vegemite, it's just not the same as Marmite - but for a hangover? smile

    Misha - I can see how that might work, but I'm not sure it counts as food smile

  5. RFox profile image70
    RFoxposted 10 years ago

    Well I boycott Marmite because they put carrots and onions in it! yuk!

    Vegemite is full of vitamin B which will pick you up and give you energy when you're feeling hungover. Of course the Canadian perspective is that it tastes so bad it causes you to throw up which in turn makes you feel better. Lol big_smile

  6. Lissie profile image78
    Lissieposted 10 years ago

    A gin? Failing that a full English Breakfast

  7. Marisa Wright profile image96
    Marisa Wrightposted 10 years ago

    All these suggestions make me feel like throwing up, with or without a hangover! (except for the gin and the English breakfast).

    I'm sure you know that if you drink several big glasses of water before you go to bed, the hangover won't be anything like as bad.  I guess that assumes you are still conscious...

    Dehydration is what's causing the hangover, which isn't just lack of water but also lack of salts, so the best thing is really Gatorade or something similar.  However I usually can't face that, so I'll settle for fruit juice, a couple of bananas and some aspirin.

  8. Mark Knowles profile image59
    Mark Knowlesposted 10 years ago

    If I'd remembered the water thing, I would have been OK. it was a famous victory though. big_smile

  9. Kenny Wordsmith profile image78
    Kenny Wordsmithposted 10 years ago

    I take a lot of soup and sweat the damn hangover out.
    If I can't get soup, then fruits and water, but definitely nothing oily.

  10. profile image0
    simcoposted 10 years ago

    Full English especially when Wales beat England ....

    Mind you that is only one full English in 20yrs..... No wonder I am so thin....

    Mark..... Scotland  V  England on Saturday need I ask Who you want to win !!!???  smile

  11. Mark Knowles profile image59
    Mark Knowlesposted 10 years ago

    No need to ask LOL

  12. Gimar profile image51
    Gimarposted 10 years ago

    Absolutely bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll from my favorite local deli.

    And a bloody mary to go along never hurt.

  13. profile image48
    Knowledge Spongeposted 10 years ago

    If you're having a hard time holding stuff down that morning I stumbled across a wonderful breakfast.  Hard Tack, also known as ships bread, sailor's bread, sea biscuit and a plethera of other names.  Hard Tack is simple stuff, possibly with neolithic origins.  Due to the fact that it has pretty much zero flavor, it's easy to hold down.  Some friends of mine and I jokingly call it a "pretzel from hell"... if that gives you any idea of what it tastes like and how hard it is.  You should have plenty of water with it, on account of how dry it is.  Hard tack should have salt in it already, so you don't have to worry about that factor as much.

  14. tjmum profile image54
    tjmumposted 10 years ago

    Full English is supposed to be excellent - especially lots of orange juice because it tastes the same coming up as going down! I think I used to go for eggs or beans on toast - it's been so long since I got drunk I really can't remember!!

  15. ArtCantHurtU profile image72
    ArtCantHurtUposted 10 years ago

    Ok it has been a while since I had a doosie hangover but here is my remedy

    Pour 4 glasses of water
    pour one glass of OJ or other juice
    add 2-3 teaspoons of a super green powder
    ( yes - it will turn your juice very green )
    drink two glasses of water

    then down the juice and super green
    then drink the other two glasses of water
    You can  also eat some salteens or toast

    in 3 hours repeat the same thing

    In fact if you do this routine BEFORE you go to bed - it will cut down on the hangover

    and you won't care about drinking green OJ



  16. profile image41
    an7posted 10 years ago

    I take a lot of soup to recover from a hangover...
    And a i prepare for my self  a cold juices like a orange juice..
    or to have also a American breakfast,,I really loved beans..
    <snipped promotional info--will ban if link again>


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