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Halo Reach Ban System

Updated on September 2, 2011

Halo Reach Ban System

Bungie made a system where you can get banned from playing matchmaking if you leave the game. They are trying to balance the game and punish players who quit. Quitting a certain number of times in a 24 hour period can get you banned for 15 minutes. The system could be modified so it could change. I agree with the system to some extent, but some problems can occur. Getting banned for accidentally team killing, xbox freezing, and internet problems are not your fault. It was not your intention to leave the game if those occur.

For players that have internet problems, this can be a punishment to them. If their internet issues are consistent then they will eventually get banned from Halo Reach matchmaking. This is where the problem lies in the system. Unintentionally leaving the games should not be punished.This also goes for players who have their xbox freeze. We all know xbox 360s have problems with the infamous red ring of death. This is another underlying problem in the ban system. These players should not be banned from Halo Reach matchmaking when it was not their intention to leave the game.

Bungie's idea to make a ban system is good and bad. There are many players that quit out because they get mad or just want to piss off other players. I completely agree that these players should be banned for a period of time if their actions continue. If everyone quits games then this makes the online experience bad. Imagine you starting a game and your whole team quits. Another scenario is when half the enemy team leaves. This leaves you with fewer players to kill which makes the online experience sour. The ban system in Halo Reach is fine for the players who intentionally quit for stupid reasons. I do however, believe that the system does not work for players who have problems with there internet or other issues. A ban system can be a smart move, but needs to fixed for players that get punished for something they did not do.

Halo Reach Ban System - Get rid of or keep?

Many players will have different opinions on this system. Its hard to say whether or not Bungie will acknowledge them or not. The ban system itself is not a huge punishment even if you do get banned. Its not for a very long time or anything, but you can get banned a lot if you quit consistently. (Regardless if you are leaving on your own will or due to internet issues.) The system has potential cause players leaving games is a problem. This occurs in call of duty, gears of war, and many other games. It is good that the Bungie is trying to make a balance in the matchmaking system, but has also made more problems. Its a tipping scale that punishes good players and bad players alike. The system has potential, but is not perfect by any means. As long as you do not have internet or other issues then you will not get punished for being a good player. As for the bad players in matchmaking they will. The system should be kept, but most definitely needs to be updated to be better....


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    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      People PAY for the online features. I'm sorry if leaving early ruins it for others but that is just the way it goes sometimes. If you pay for something you should be able to enjoy it how you want to. If newer players get into games against veterans who run the score up it is equally bad for those players as leaving is for others. Who wants to be nothing but target practice for someone else? That's no one's idea of a good time. Of course you can say well then just get better-- but there are casual players who play less and still want to enjoy it as much as the kids who can sit on the game all day getting better and the ability to quit a one-sided game is their choice if they choose to do so. They are paying for the online service after all. And there is nothing in the xbox live agreement saying they can have their paid service taken away from them just because they leave a game early.

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      I think this banning thing is a bit holier than thou. I have experienced several matches lately where half or more of my team quits, so I'm left alone against up to 8 people( I like BTB) for ten minutes or up to 90 deaths or so. Why should I be forced to sit through that and get my ass handed to me when my team bailed? I don't, I bail on those matches because I am paying for this service and I intend to enjoy it. I don't "rage quit", if I am getting my ass kicked but it's apparent that I'm just not as good as the other guys, I stay to do my best against them. I hate quitters, but it's not fair to make people sit in a match that they aren't enjoying. I could see it if this were a free service but we pay for it. The real problem is the matchmaking system is pitiful. Even if it were moderately competent at pitting equal skilled people against eachother, the trolls out there would simply create a "noob" account so they could keep owning people. I've about had it with most gamers, they are just kids with nothing better to do.

    • profile image

      union 6 years ago

      why in the hell did i get banned for earning credits

    • Galaxies profile image

      Galaxies 6 years ago from a far far away place.......

      David, I believe people who don't wear headsets should be punished!!!

    • profile image

      omdgda 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Sean 6 years ago

      Accidental betrayals happen. Special with slower firing weapons like spartan laser. Lined up taking out a revenant and right as it fires blamo. A warthog racing across the screen with two teamates. The never knew what hit them. It was a one in a million shot. That I had no idea was coming being zoomed in.

      That said I think a 15min ban isnt to much to suffer through. But I've been locked into games when I just missed the opputunity to leave in the intermission

    • profile image

      kitana 6 years ago

      i got credit banned wtf i didnt even do anything i just turned forrunner sighhh.....

    • profile image

      Ghost 6 years ago

      how about instead of a punishment system, create a can not leave without turning off the game system. if you want to leave you would have to quit the entire game by turning off your 360 or just go to the 360's dash board in either case it should mostly prevent or at lest discourage people from leaving on a constant basis.

      As for other problems no one like a laggy game but nothing a company will do to lose sales over.

      As for the bad betrayers there should be a voting system to boot then from the game for an hour.

      Nothing should be done about the good ones because mistakes are mistakes and comes with playing with other people online if you not like it go find a single person game that there bots to play with like unreal tournament 3.

    • profile image

      TheAnimeWarrior 6 years ago

      Another thing i dislike is when people betray you just bcuz you got either a shotgun, sniper, or just a reliant then not giving you the ability to boot them. Those are the type of people that i can't stand and those are the ones that needs to get banned.

    • profile image

      looch 6 years ago

      in theory, it makes sense. however, if you've ever played halo you know that there are playlists, and each playlist consists of a handful of game-types. each round consists of voting. but you're not only voting for map, but a shuffle of game-types. you only get 3 options to vote for each game. there's a none of the above vote once, then you get 3 options and that's it. what that means is, you want to play regular slayer game-type, so you go to the team slayer playlist. now you have to hope that a) you get a normal slayer option for voting b) that everyone wants to play the same game-type as you.

      so now you're voting, and guess what, you have to play a game-type you didn't want to play. guess what else, you paid for the game, you pay for xbox live, and now you AREN'T ALLOWED TO LEAVE A GAME YOU DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY IN THE FIRST PLACE.

      I hear people want it to become more harsh? That's crazy. You don't get banned from Call of Duty or Battlefield for quitting a game, because they have a logical multiplayer format. The real issue isn't that people quit to piss other people off (though it does happen, and "rage quitting" happens too), it's that there's no custom game options, you can't pick exactly what type of game you want to play. it locks in "x" amount of people for a game, and that's it. CoD and Battlefield, are second and third when it comes to fave games, halo being first. that being said, there's a serious issue when a fan of your game, is contemplating selling it. I'm tired of this new age of video games, where enough people complain so they update and change the game. it's not even the same game you purchased in some cases after that fact.

      I really hope 343i makes a huge overhaul on the multiplayer system. if it were like cod or bf, where you can pop in and out of games in progress, there wouldn't be a need for quit banning. it's honestly just stupid. there's no other word for it. have some logic people, we paid for the game and for your online features, how dare you tell me i can't stop playing, whenever i want, without being penalized. keep it up 343, i'm not picking up halo anniversary, because i can't support what i don't believe in. on top of which, i'm not going anywhere near halo 4 with a 10 ft pole even, unless i find out after the fact they've drastically FIXED the halo problem.

    • profile image

      XBox 3$56 6 years ago

      I think it suck a flipping idiots who jump in to your plasma grenades jump in front of u ghost or get luckily killed by 1 in a million grenade kick you -__- i got i got banned 3 times bcuz of jammy betrays

    • profile image

      bulldogchimpmunk 6 years ago

      i dont know if it is the net, or something else? its been 2or3 hours and i want to play, and im not playin to get no credits, what speed should the net be to play right. yours truly bulldogchimpmunk

    • profile image

      Chuck Norris 7 years ago

      They should change it because I got banned for accidentally betraying and got booted :(

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Nicely said.

    • profile image

      BLD 7 years ago

      I also agree that people who quit early should be banned. But I also agree that if your internet sucks soo bad that you are dropping out this much to get banned, what gives you the right to be ruining the experience for others. I live in an area where my internet really sucks, and can not play on xbox live without much lag or drop outs. Why should others suffer... just so you can try to get online. Sometimes life is not fair... Being banned is not a punishment for the poor internet people... it is just maintaining a certin standard. Really Xbox Live should put these standards in place... if your internet is not good enough... you can go on-line. Not to punsh you... but to maintain a standard for others.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      I am somewhat neutral on the issue. I believe people who quit intentionally consistently should be punished. As for good players, I do not want them to be punished for other problems that they did not incur.

    • christoss1959 profile image

      christoss1959 7 years ago from Manchester

      Although not a big fan of the HALO franchise I agree 100% with banning users! I used to play multiplayer games all the time until I moved to console gaming from PC gaming.

      Playing online on a console has no penalties for dropping connections and for having a slow connection and messing everyone elses gaming experience..

      Although you seem to disagree I agree 100% and I am really suprised that Microsoft (the saddest excuse for a company ever!) is the company who takes the first step in fixing console online gameplay

    • josh xD profile image

      josh xD 7 years ago from London

      zzron, you should really get a xbox 360 or playstation three when you can. Ps2's and old school, and although they are quite good in some ways, the gameplay is no where near of an good expirience as the higher priced consoles are.

      This hub however is interesting, i enjoyed reading it, and i have to say its better than the one i posted on my profile about the same topic around 1 month ago. You should check it out, its cool to compare other people hubs on the same topic to your own :) thanks

    • zzron profile image

      zzron 7 years ago from Houston, TX.

      Great info, I really don't know anything about Halo but I have a PlayStation two that I really like. My favorite game is Ratchet and Clank.


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