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Runescape 99 Smithing Guide

Updated on March 9, 2013


99 Smithing is a pretty fast skill to obtain level 99 in if you have a large amount of money, otherwise it can be a very good money maker if you don't mind taking your time. A good anvil to use is the one next to Varrock west bank, and the best furnace to use would be the one next to edgeville.


Level 1-33 - Bronze Items

From level 1-33 you will want to go to Varrock west bank with a hammer and some bars and you can begin making random bronze and low level iron items. You want to get to iron platebodies at level 33, but to get there it will take almost no time at all, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time describing that. If you wish to complete the quest "The Knight's Sword", you will go from level 1-29 meaning you will be already very close to your 33 goal.

Level 33-48 - Iron Platebodies

From level 33 until 48, you will want some iron bars and you will be making iron platebodies in Varrock west bank at the anvil to the south of the bank. Each platebody requires 5 iron bars, so it will not take long to smith these and your experience rate will be very high since you can only make 5 platebodies per trip.

Level 48-68 - Steel Platebodies

Once you have reached level 48, you will swap your iron bars for steel bars, and begin the same process, but with steel platebodies. If you are shorter on cash, some people choose to make Steel Platebodies all the way to level 99 since the experience rate is still very high and only takes around 100 hours to achieve level 99, but with a much lower cost than switching to mithril and then adamant. So depending on your budget, you can choose to do whichever.

Level 68-88 - Mithril Platebodies

Now that you have reached level 68, you are able to make mithril platebodies, so you can trade in your steel bars for mithril if you choose to, and you can begin making these platebodies instead. The experience rates that you achieve per hour for the different platebodies are listed below, and since as you move up the cost increases, you may choose to stick to steel.

Level 88-99 - Adamant Platebodies

Now that you can make adamant platebodies, this is very fast experience per hour, so if you have the money for it, you should switch to adamant bars and begin making these platebodies. You will be leveling up very quickly, and be on pace to get level 99 in no time!

Experience Rates

Iron Platebodies: 90k xp/hr

Steel Platebodies: 140k xp/hr

Mithril Platebodies: 170k xp/hr

Adamant Platebodies: 210k xp/hr

Money Making Method

If you are wanting to make money while getting 99 smithing, you may choose to make cannonballs. After completing the Dwarf Cannon quest, you are given a cannonball mould and are able to make cannonballs out of steel bars. These cannonballs require you to go to a furnace, so are best made in edgeville. The experience rate per hour is very low with cannonballs though, so you may choose to make some cannonballs in order to fund making platebodies later on.

So the money making method is only recommended if you either have a lot of time to get level 99, or you do not have the money to spend in order to get level 99, but really want it.


Regardless of if you chose to take the fastest method to 99 by making platebodies, or if you chose to do the money making method and make cannonballs, you have now made it to level 99! I would personally reccomend a mixture of making some cannonballs in order to make money, and investing that money into platebodies for the average person who does not have 200m+ to use in getting level 99. But congratulations, smithing is a very expensive skill to get level 99 in, which is why it is one of the skill capes that fewer people hold!

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