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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: OTR: Case 8

Updated on June 18, 2012

You said it Frank! He has been working his tail off to ensure the truth gets out there. He has:
Survived The Outbreak, Killed A Co-Conspirator, Confronted TK, Stopped His Bank Heists, Silenced The Annoying Twins, Captured TK, and Salvaged The Rescue. Yet his work still isn't finished. With only one solid lead remaining, it is time to unveil the true culprits behind this outbreak.

Case 8-1, After Case 7. After watching one of my favorite cutscenes where TK begs for Zombrex, you watch a newsreport saying that the military found everyone dead in the Safe House before contact was lost on their way out of the city. The Firebombing Order has been given and will incinerate everything(and everyone) in Fortune City. Looking at Rebecca's camera, the gas came from underground and after a new scene with Frank and Rebecca, you're off to the underground.

Dead Rising 2 Case Walkthrough

Case 8-2. There are not many major changes from the original Dead Rising 2. The Firebombing will still happen on Day 5, 7:00 AM if you don't complete The Facts before then. TK still needs Zombrex before The Facts to get Overtime. Gas Zombies are still a part of the game until you've won or game over.

What has changed is there are no longer Gas Zombies in the first room upon leaving the Safe House. There are no Gas Zombie Traps, only regular zombies are allowed to be traps. The last change I'll get to in a moment.

The way you enter the Underground is up to you. Though it is easier with the SUV, you can head through the same entrance as you did to get to Sgt. Boykin, just south of the Yucatan Casino Entrance on the Silver Strip. If you go this way, turn right and head down the corridor. This is where we arrive at the last major change for this Case File. Mercenaries have set up sandbag fortifications with fiber glass segments here and there in many parts of the Underground by the bulkhead door. Also, there are two mercs on each small platform along the walls.

Either dodge roll, SUV or driving cart your way to the fortification to the right of the giant bulkhead door where the switch is, DO NOT just run up the whole way. If you have the SUV, you can park it in front of said place and dodge roll behind the vehicle, having it act like a wall. The best way to get inside is the open spot adjacent to the wall, kill the two mercs, and push the button.

After a few cutscenes, you will be fighting against four mercs. Remember to keep your health high. Head to the left side of the room from where you are, you can climb up two small platforms to get to the raised platform where they are or go left around the corner and use the stairs. Once the four mercs are dealt with, grab one of their rifles, and proceed to the back of the room. Enter the hall there and press the keypad at the end of this hall to start a cutscene.

Two scientists talk about their work and its result before they spot Frank. Head back into the hall to take cover. Using the merc rifle, go in-and-out of hiding, taking your shots as they come. It only takes 3-4 hits to kill them. Once they're dead, a cutscene plays. Frank gets ahold of their laptop, satellite phone, Lab Key Card, and he shuts down the air vents.

Case 8-3. With the Key Card, you can use the elevator across from the room to end up on the west side of the Palisades Mall. This case is simply getting back to the Safe House and entering the Security Room to complete it, I prefer taking the shortcut in "Brand New U" for it is the quickest.

But first on a major note. Before completing this Case File, you must have everything you need for The Facts. We're talking weapons, food, juices, everything. The only magazines you should have are Juice Boost (If you use Juices) and Driving(If you use the SUV). Fill up all available inventory slots because you will need each one, trust me.

Once you have everything you need and are ready, enter the Safe House and go to the Security Room. The new cutscene is like the original with two big changes: Rebecca gets shot in the stomach rather than the head, and Stacey is the traitor. Yeah, big twist. She kills Sullivan before running off with the phone and laptop. And her hair was actually a wig, which to me made no sense story-wise because "Oh, she has a wig..."

With those two dead on the floor, it is up to Frank to stop her and it is also the end of this Case File. Next Time, OTR The Facts and Overtime.


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