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LEGO Accessories For Sale: Fun And Useful Lego Gadgets

Updated on August 3, 2013

Come See The Huge Variety Of Lego Accessories

Welcome Lego fans, if you are looking for Lego Accessories For Sale then you have surely come to the right place.

There are currently hundreds of different Lego Accessories To Buy some are cute some are useful and others are just down right silly but funny.

Some of these Lego Accessories For Sale would make ideal Gifts For that Lego Geek you know and they are a great way to express your love for Lego Toys. Below you will find Our Favorite Lego Accessories For Sale that we think you might also enjoy.

Lego Camera

This Lego Digital Camera is probably one of my favorite Lego Accessories For Sale at the moment. This camera is actually a fully functional Digital Camera and not just for fun. Now you don`t actually build this camera from Lego Bricks, but it is a camera that is engineered into a real digital camera from genuine Lego Blocks and really looks like it was built completely from LEGO bricks, just remember you can not take it apart. You can however add Lego Bricks to the top and the bottom so kids who are Lego Fanatics will adore this and can integrate it into their building creations.

This Lego Digital Camera is NOT A TOY and is in actual fact a fully functioning camera.


* 1.5" LCD screen

* built-in flash

* fixed focus and digital zoom.

You can store up to 80 photos and easily hooks up to a usb cable so you can upload your photos to any computer.

This is a cool Lego Accessory and one of my favorites. Great Gift for Kids.

Lego Nintendo DSi Accessory Kit

The Nintendo DSi seems to be one of the most popular handheld gaming devices now days with almost every kid owning one or wanting one. So The Lego Group have come up with this neat Lego Accessory For Nintendo DSi. Now any child, or adult who owns this device can show off their passion for Lego. It`s a cool little kit with unique features. You get Lego Brick cases for your nintendo games, and you can actually add original Lego Bricks to these cases, a Lego Style Touch Screen Pen and a Lego Brck Design Armour Case to protect your Nintendo Dsi.

Product Features:

* Cool Lego Brick Game Cases That Can Be Interlocked Such As Lego bricks.

* Unique Lego Nintendo DSi Touch Screen Pen

* Lego Brick Design Armour Case To Store And Protect Your Nintendo DSi

Lego Computer Accessories

Building Block 2GB USB Flash Drive - Black
Building Block 2GB USB Flash Drive - Black

2 gigs of Memory On this unique Lego Style USB Stick is a lot of space for just storing data, photos and music on. You might be laughed at in the office but you will feel cool once you pull this nifty storage device out.

4GB Portable Lego Design MP3 Player with USB 2.0 and TF Card Slot(Blue)
4GB Portable Lego Design MP3 Player with USB 2.0 and TF Card Slot(Blue)

Now you can listen to music on the go with this stylish little Lego Design Mini MP3 Player. This would match up nicely with the Lego Brick Earphones below.

Sundries Playbrick Headphones - White
Sundries Playbrick Headphones - White

I Love These - I just Love Lego Accessories and show off my passion for the building anytime i can. These are not endorsed by the Lego Company itself but they do look like real Lego blocks in your ears. GREAT SOUND!

Lego Minifigure 4GB USB Flash Drive
Lego Minifigure 4GB USB Flash Drive

A Minifigure data storage keychain that`s exactly the same size of a real Lego Minifig. This is made by the Lego Company itself so you are Guaranteed a quality Product if you purchase this. Make and ideal Inexpensive gift for the Lego Fan.


LEGO Watch - Time Keeping Lego Accessory

As a fan of Lego I must admit I love this watch! The Build & Create Lego Watch is a neat little watch and looks cool.

You don`t build the whole watch but you do have to piece together the wrist straps which i think is a cool feature. This particular Lego Watch is unisex and for adults but there are Lego Build & Create Watches For kids and there is a huge range of themes and styles to collect.

Product Features:

* Nickel and PVC free

* 2 year warranty

* Scratch resistant mineral lens

* Trusted trademark

* Water-resistant to 165 feet (50 M)

Lego Cups, Glasses, Mugs and other Drinking Accessories

Cool LEGO Calendar

Spend a whole year with LEGO blocks! Make the schedule you require with brilliant blocks named with the days of the week, months and numbers 1-31. Follow the building guidelines to modify the Brick Calendar each month! Makes a great gift for any LEGO enthusiast!

Product Features:

* Combines 2 minifigures.

* Offers named LEGO logbook blocks: 12 months, 7 days and numbers 1-31

* Modify each month!

iphone Game App Lego Accessory

Lego Bedroom Accessories

LEGO Brick Light (Colors May Vary)
LEGO Brick Light (Colors May Vary)

Light up your room in style with the Lego Style Brick Light great idea to add to a Lego Themed Bedroom For kids.

Lego Storage Unit with Trundle Bin
Lego Storage Unit with Trundle Bin

The cutest Lego Storage Unit i`ve seen yet this would be very neat in a kids bedroom, Great way to keep Lego bricks neat and tidy.


If You Have Any Favorite Lego Accessories Feel Free To List The Here - If you enjoyed this page please consider liking us at the top of page

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    • Linda Pogue profile image

      Linda Pogue 6 years ago from Missouri

      The Lego Walkie Talkies and Lego Alarm clock are pretty cool, too.