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Lego Minifigures

Updated on September 29, 2013

How to get LOTS of LEGO Minifigures

If there's one thing you can say about most LEGO sets, it's that they don't have enough LEGO minifigures in them. It used to be that to get enough minifigs to populate your LEGO City or town, you had to buy lots and lots of sets, or buy single minifigs on Bricklink or eBay.

Nowadays though, it's much easier to get a whole lot of minifigures of many different kinds. This page shows you a variety of options for buying many figures at once, or individual special figures if that's what you're looking for.

The photo? That's a custom LEGO minifig that I've used as my avatar for many years. Custom figs are easy once you have a good selection of bodies, legs, heads and headwear: you just mix and match until you get the look you want. Sometimes you have to do a little tweaking: I had to remove some of the facial hair on this fig's head to give the goatee look that I wanted. You can even use special stickers or paint to get totally custom bodies for your minifigures.

LEGO Community Minifigure Set

Here's a way to get useful people from everyday life in the community: policemen, a postman, hospital staff, a mechanic and many more. Includes 22 minifigures, plus a variety of accessories, such as food, animals, a laptop, a bicycle and a backpack.

LEGO minifig pilot
LEGO minifig pilot

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LEGO Community Workers set

Your city needs police, firefighters, and rescue workers, along with crossing guards, mechanics, chefs, and photographers! These LEGO® mini-figures at work will populate your town with folks doing all kids of everyday tasks. Includes 31 unique minifigs to help bring towns to life, as well as a variety of bikes, motorcycles, helmets, and other accessories. For ages 4+.

LEGO Fairy Tale Historic Miniature Figures set 9349

This set includes pirates, a witch and wizard, a king and queen, mine workers, a mermaid and merman and many more! Provides 22 mini figures and great accessories for each set of figures too. If your LEGO tastes run to Castles and other historic or fictional scenes, this is a great buy.

All the multi-minifigure sets

As well as the "community" figure sets, there are smaller sets of 5 or 6 themed figures... and then there are the collectible series.

While you can only buy the collectible figs one at a time in the store, and the poly bags are opaque so you can't see what you're getting, some enterprising folks buy LOTS of the polybags, open them, and make up sets of all the minifigures in a series - then sell them on Amazon. You can even gets sets from the series that have been discontinued, though the supply has to be limited.

Individual Minifigures

There are hundreds of individual minifigures available for sale. Many of them are from the collectible series: some come from larger sets: some indeed are custom assembled, stickered, and even painted. There are far too many to make a complete list here! Below you can see the results of a search for "lego minifigure" on Amazon: go ahead and fine tune the search so that it brings up what you're looking for.

LEGO Minifigures featured on video

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Best Christmas gift for young artists - Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

The Melissa and Doug deluxe standing easel is an evergreen gift and will be a favorite toy for years to come. This kids easel is sturdily made, double sided, comes with blackboard and dry erase surfaces and a paper roll holder for paper, folds for storage, and will keep your young artist(s) happy for hours.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Make your child the coolest - and the happiest - in the neighborhood when you give them this Razor electric scooter for Christmas. Reliable, quiet electric motor, choice of cool colors, and classic scooter styling in miniature makes this a bestselling item.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT - the next generation in robot kits

NXT is the new generation of LEGO Mindstorms robot kits, a great Xmas gift for the "builders" on your list. Works with existing LEGO Technic pieces too! Build whatever your imagination can come up with, then program it yourself to make it come to "life".

LEGO Advent Calendar 2011 provides 24 days of family fun.

With a tiny set or a minifigure behind every window from Dec 1st to Dec 24th, the LEGO Advent calendar is fun for the whole family, and after the holidays your kids can add the pieces and figures to their existing LEGO for even more long-lasting play value. This year there's a selection of different LEGO Advent Calendars!

LEGO Republic Gunship

The LEGO Republic Gunship is a great LEGO Star Wars model with lots of playability and interesting construction for hours of fun.

LEGO Death Star - huge Star Wars model kit

Who doesn't remember the Death Star? Here it is in all its huge (over 3400 pieces) looming glory, with super laser and enough weapons and defences to make any Star Wars fan happy.

LEGO building instructions on the Kindle

I've added several of my small LEGO instructions to the Amazon Kindle store. Did you know that you can read Kindle books on your computer, iPad, or other non-Kindle device? Yep, you can download free Kindle reading software from Amazon that allows you to read Kindle books on just about anything.

Do you have enough LEGO minifigs?

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