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Lego Sets 2013

Updated on September 29, 2013

New LEGO sets 2013 are out now!

You have come to the right place if you are looking for new lego sets for 2013! Find out what they are here, plus get insider information on what to expect from LEGO throughout the year.

On this page I will present the latest and newest LEGO sets for 2013. LEGO is in great form at the moment, releasing cool, realistic themed LEGO sets.

New Star Wars LEGO, Space LEGO and new LEGO City sets 2013 are available NOW! With lots more to be released throughout the year.

Photo credit: antoivo. Used with permission.

LEGO 2013 Super Heroes sets

The LEGO Super Heroes theme gives you a whole lineup of super heroes to enjoy, with sets for everyone featuring your favorites - Batman, Superman, Wolverine, and more!

What do you think of LEGO toys?

Custom LEGO stadium model by kevinw1
Custom LEGO stadium model by kevinw1

Is Lego One Of The Best Toys In The World?

See results

Who invented LEGO?

Mr. Ole Kirk Christiansen invented LEGO.

Star Wars LEGO sets for 2013

Let's start with the new Star Wars LEGO sets for 2013.

LEGO star wars has been a very very popular lego theme for many years now: if you have watched the star wars movies then you will quickly realize that nearly everything you see in the movies is available in LEGO sets.

These sets look cool and very close to the original Star Wars Toys that were made back in the 70`s! Below are the newest Star Wars LEGO sets for 2013.

Star Wars 2013 Lego Sets Reviews

Another LEGO fast fact:

LEGO Was Invented In 1934

LEGO Friends in 2013

LEGO Friends is a series of sets for girls, featuring a variety of characters and scenarios which cover a range of topics, some not at all traditionally "girly". There are loads of new colors, a selection of new parts, and new character figures in these sets which should have wide appeal.

Let's not forget that many girls already play with traditional LEGO and that the basic LEGO pieces and colors are not gender-specific or reserved for boys. But these sets make a nice change from car chases, Star Wars, and firefighters on the one hand, or sparkly princesses and fairies on the other.

More to know about LEGO!

Lego was invented in Billund, Denmark.

2013 Lego City Sets: Video Reviews - Videos of the great new LEGO City sets

Lego Space 2013 Sets Video Reviews

Now you get to answer a LEGO question...

Yellow LEGO truck - click for instructions!
Yellow LEGO truck - click for instructions!

Did you have LEGO as a child?

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New 2013 Harry Potter LEGO sets

LEGO has been creating Harry Potter sets for years now (I've lost count of how many versions of Hogwarts Castle have been released) and we have some great new ones released in 2013.

Look At Some Amazing LEGO Displays - Absolutely amazing, can you see why I love LEGO?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
From the Nathan Sawaya Exhibit go vist the web site at
From the Nathan Sawaya Exhibit go vist the web site at
From the Nathan Sawaya Exhibit go vist the web site at

HOW many?!?!?!

More than 400 billion LEGO pieces made since 1949

Does Your Love For Lego Brush Off On Your Kids?

Do Your Children Have Any Lego Sets?

See results
Click Me To Get Your Fun Pack Now
Click Me To Get Your Fun Pack Now

Is Your Kids Birthday Party Coming Up Soon?

Put a smile on all the little faces with a LEGO birthday party :)

This is a great idea for a kids birthday party. Give your guests the gift of building with lego long after the party ends, with the LEGO® Fun Favor Pack!

This is a fantastic idea for a party goodie bag. The party kit includes buildable favors and LEGO Club memberships for 8 guests.

.......Click On Picture To Get The Fun Favor Pack!......


* Includes 4 LEGO Creator Airplanes, 4 LEGO Creator 4x4 trucks, 8 LEGO Club memberships and 8 LEGOLAND or LEGOLAND Discovery Center admission tickets (with paid adult admission)

* The perfect complement to any LEGO themed party in one fun kit.

My LEGO City with our cat Zanda
My LEGO City with our cat Zanda

Tell us about the LEGO you had as a child, and whether you think these new LEGO sets are better or not so good!

We didn't have sets that built specific models when I was a kid, so all our LEGO was basic pieces which we built our own creations from. I like the new sets - especially the really big elaborate ones - but I still end up taking them apart to use the pieces in my own models!

Do you love LEGO?

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    • Blackspaniel1 profile image

      Blackspaniel1 3 years ago

      Quite a collection of some nice sets among these.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 5 years ago

      LEGO is the best of all.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Fab lens- love lego!

    • MGuberti profile image

      MGuberti 6 years ago

      I collected the simple robot legos first. Now, I collect various Legos based on Lego Cities. I have the Lego Sets on landmarks too, including the Lego Eiffel Tower.

    • profile image

      LegoLegoLego 6 years ago

      Great Lens... I aced your Lego Quiz :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      What fun and interesting lens, my grandbabies enjoy Lego sets and it's nice to see them play with the same type of toys as when I was a kid. Excellent lens, and the quiz was fun too!

    • profile image

      sabinamiller 7 years ago

      I love this lego sets... Nice timepass...


      Modern Furniture

    • JeremiahStanghini profile image

      JeremiahStanghini 7 years ago

      I used to love playing lego as a kid!

      With Love and Gratitude,


    • greetingcardsinfo profile image

      greetingcardsinfo 7 years ago

      Really good lens I used to play with Lego when I was a kid now kids want to play computer games sad really.

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 7 years ago

      What a great informative and nicely done lens about fascinates me to see what can be built with Lego's

    • Kevin Wilson 2 profile image

      Kevin Wilson 2 7 years ago

      Very well done lens - any LEGO fan is a friend of mine :)

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 7 years ago

      Just featured you in the right sidebar of my 'Squidoo people with a good heart,' and this lens of yours. I find your commentary on my lenses very encouraging indeed. Sure hope it helps bring you more traffic. Take care, Rose

    • ravi551854 profile image

      ravi551854 7 years ago

      i love this lens as well Lego. I had played with Lego in the childhood a lot. You definitely refreshed my old memories . thanks

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 7 years ago

      Lensrolled this fabulous lens to my: Healthy Gifts for 2011...Yay!, Healthy Gifts for Pets and People you Adore and Helpful Tips for Raising Children lenses. Thank you.

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 7 years ago

      Oh the classic toys are some of the best (and most economical too) LEGO for sure (same as marbles - only $2 a set). I feel this toy has helped shaped some fabulous architecture too. Wonder how many architects would say LEGO was their number one influence? Great lens, very educational.

    • DogToys LM profile image

      DogToys LM 7 years ago

      Best toy ever.

    • lilymom24 profile image

      lilymom24 7 years ago

      My boys play with legos every day and they LOVE them.

    • Linda Pogue profile image

      Linda Pogue 7 years ago from Missouri

      LEGOs are simply the best toy for creativity! Visit my Lego lenses, too!

    • sidther lm profile image

      sidther lm 7 years ago

      I love LEGO! I recently found my 1984 spacetrain set!!!! My son is loving it and using it all with his star wars sets! Thanks for the Great Lens!

    • profile image

      NoaT 7 years ago

      love LEGO's and love you lens, thank you!

    • eclecticeducati1 profile image

      eclecticeducati1 7 years ago

      Legos are my oldest son's favorite toys. There are great for creativity!!! Great lens. Blessed by an Angel.

    • GonnaFly profile image

      Jeanette 7 years ago from Australia

      Oooh yeah! Such a popular and creative toy.

    • MamaBelle profile image

      Francis Luxford 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Lego is fantastic. Nice lens, great job!

    • dismantlerepair profile image

      dismantlerepair 7 years ago

      Love it! great photos above. You might like my LEGO Art lens aswell (

    • antoivo lm profile image

      antoivo lm 7 years ago

      @mariaamoroso: That`s right a cool expression for a cool toy!

    • choosehappy profile image

      Vikki 7 years ago from US

      *blessed* by a squid angel;)

    • mariaamoroso profile image

      irenemaria 7 years ago from Sweden

      Lego is slang for the Danish expression: Play good. (my translation)

    • antoivo lm profile image

      antoivo lm 7 years ago

      Yep they surely have "EXPANDED" your only short of buying a real Lego car in the shops (lol:) thanks for stopping by everyone I appreciate your comments and ratings...

    • Ramkitten2000 profile image

      Deb Kingsbury 7 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

      I used to play with Legos when I was a kid ... but as far as I know, it was just the basic Lego blocks back then. Wow, have things expanded!

    • stephenteacher profile image

      Stephen Carr 7 years ago from Corona, CA

      Enjoyed the lens! I live legos.

    • MatCauthon profile image

      MatCauthon 7 years ago

      Lego... Lego of me... you just revived nostalgic kid memories

    • BrandonJames926 profile image

      BrandonJames926 7 years ago

      I loved LEGOs as a kid. Great idea for a lens as it seems like they're just as popular as ever these days!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Amazing collections of Lego.

    • antoivo lm profile image

      antoivo lm 7 years ago

      I Appreciate All The Feedback.. Thankyou Squidoo Friends For All The Likes I will Pay Your Kindness Back

    • JanieceTobey profile image

      JanieceTobey 7 years ago

      Legos are a hit in our house! All the neighborhood kids love them too!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      LEGOs ROCK! This is a great lens - love it. =D

    • Asinka profile image

      Asinka Fields 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      nice one ..

    • antoivo lm profile image

      antoivo lm 7 years ago

      cool thanks for letting our readers know

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Lego is the best puzzle toy. Lego 2011 sets have arrived at especially the hard to find or big sets

    • george185 lm profile image

      george185 lm 7 years ago

      I've liked Legos since I was a kid, and now my kids like them. Great choices.

    • Asinka profile image

      Asinka Fields 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Nice lens. I love Lego toys. These pictures bring back memories of childhood :).Thanks for visiting my lens and leaving a comment and liking it ...

    • antoivo lm profile image

      antoivo lm 7 years ago

      Thanks for that info AkitaJitsu I allways appreciate usefull comments, his work is outstanding! The website is well worth the visit He is very artistic. Unreal what people can create with lego. Nathan Sawaya has proved there is no limits to what can be built using LEGOS.

    • Akitajitsu profile image

      Jen 7 years ago from California

      Love the pics of the amazing displays. I recently went to an exhibit of Nathan Sawaya - his Lego sculptures are incredible. Here's his website if anyone is interested -

    • Linda Pogue profile image

      Linda Pogue 7 years ago from Missouri

      Legos are great toys!

    • FencingNet profile image

      FencingNet 7 years ago

      Huge lens. Nicely done.

    • profile image

      jgelien 7 years ago

      Lego just keeps getting better and better. Great lens.

    • reflectionhaiku profile image

      reflectionhaiku 7 years ago

      I am very fascinated by Lego and so is my son. Thanks for building this very informative lens.

    • KokoTravel profile image

      KokoTravel 7 years ago

      My kids loved Legos and now my grandsons do too!

    • BestMakeup LM profile image

      BestMakeup LM 7 years ago

      Aww well im getting My Husband LEGO for christmas he collects it too so your not on your own lovely lens..

    • antoivo lm profile image

      antoivo lm 7 years ago

      Well I`m a 28yr old man and im getting LEGO for Christmas I love it so i collect it :) Hppy Christmas All...........

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 7 years ago

      My nephew loves Legos and Star Wars. Would be a great Christmas gift for him!