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LEGO Space Shuttle Sets

Updated on September 29, 2013

No More NASA Space Shuttle: But You Can Own Your Own LEGO Space Shuttle

With NASA putting the space shuttle into retirement the LEGO space shuttle sets will make a great memorial for any LEGO enthusiast. There are several recent sets to choose from, along with older sets that are now selling for higher prices.

LEGO Space Shuttle sets come in various sizes and levels of difficulty. There's everything from a 3" long mini shuttle that comes with the 7467 International Space Station set, to the giant 8480 Technic Space Shuttle from1996 (I owned that one but recently sold it).

Read on to find your perfect LEGO Space Shuttle set.

LEGO Shuttle Adventure 10213

This is the current large LEGO Space Shuttle set, 17" tall and 10" across the wings. According to reviewers, the set builds well and can be handled by kids a few years younger than the 16 years marked on the box, as long as they have a bit of adult help.

LEGO Shuttle Expedition 10231

Here's an interesting thing - the LEGO company took note that younger kids were building 10213 Shuttle Adventure even though it was designed for older builders. They decided to rework the set to make it more kid-friendly and sturdy to hold up to play as well as building... and the result is 10231 Shuttle Expedition, with 1230 pieces and many strengthened and reinforced sections. How about that for paying attention to the customer!

LEGO Space Shuttle 3367

Here's a rather smaller (and much less expensive) rendering of the Space Shuttle in LEGO. This set gives you just the Shuttle, without the fuel tanks, but it does include an opening cargo bay, and a model of the Hubble Space Telescope as cargo, along with one astronaut. I'd call this a very nice set for the price, and very suitable as a display model as well as having good playability. Swoosh!

Older LEGO Space Shuttle Sets - Discontinued, Expensive, but Worth It? You Decide!

What's Your Thought On The Retirement Of The NASA Space Shuttle.?

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Why Do You Think NASA Retired The Space Shuttle?

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Lego Space Shuttle sets on eBay

eBay is often cheaper for older LEGO sets than Amazon.

Other Lego Space Sets Available On Amazon

While the Shuttle is fantastic and you have a good choice of sets, there are many other space-related LEGO models available too. Here we'll focus on models of real spaceships and other space hardware, not fantasy or sci-fi themes.

My Custom LEGO Instructions - now available for the Kindle

I've added several of my small LEGO instructions to the Amazon Kindle store. Did you know that you can read Kindle books on your computer, iPad, or other non-Kindle device? Yep, you can download free Kindle reading software from Amazon that allows you to read Kindle books on just about anything.

LEGO Space Center 3368

Here's a space rocket and launch station set all in one, complete with astronauts and support crew, a satellite, and everything needed for a successful launch!

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      LegoLegoLego 6 years ago

      Cooooooooooooool Lens Love it The Lego Space Shuttle Looks so realistic I want it!