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LEGO Blacktron: The First Lego Space Theme

Updated on July 5, 2013

Blacktron Was First Released In 1987

This was the first ever "named" space theme to be released by the Lego Group. Although "Classic Space" existed before, it was not a named theme. The Blacktron theme featured black with yellow trim, and red and yellow transparent pieces. The minifigures sported black jumpsuits quite like the real military pilots of today.

Blacktron Lego was a huge advance on the design of Lego Classic Space sets and is widely accepted to be the "bad guys" of the two themes. Within the theme exists a large spacecraft called the Renegade, which set the foundation of all future big Lego Ships that split into smaller segments, including a container for smaller ground vehicles.

First Ever Lego Blacktron 1987 Sets

Invader, Battrax & Renegade

These segments could be reused not just with each other, but could also be combined with modules from the rest of vehicles within the theme too, especially the Blacktron Invader and the Battrax. This unique interchangeability with Legos has been a staple of LEGO Space Sets ever since.

Theme Prototype 1985

Theme Prototype 1985
Theme Prototype 1985

Lego Blacktron 1988 Sets

Alienator & Message-Intercept Base & 1990 Meteor Monitor

Lego Blacktron in reality should be called Blacktron I and is often referred to as such by fans because the LEGO GROUP released a sub-theme called Blacktron II (or Future Generation) in 1991. The Lego Group officially ceased manufacturing the theme in 1988, but the Blacktron Meteor Monitor was then released in 1990.

Vote for your favorite Blacktron set - Available on Amazon

Considering Future Generation's slightly different color appearance, the Meteor Monitor could be considered as being an upgrade from the Original Lego Blacktron Era which only lasted a year. The Blacktron minifigures also featured as prisoners in the Lego Space Police I sets.

Blacktron Minifigures Later Featured In some Lego Space Police Sets

Space Police Sets With Blacktron Minifigures:

6781 SP-Striker (1989)

6886 Galactic Peace Keeper (1989)

6895 Spy-Trak I (1989)

6955 Space Lock-Up Isolation Base (1989)

6986 Mission Commander (1989)

Other Apperances:

6703 Space Mini-Figures (1988), included two Blacktron minifigures

6704 Space Mini Figures (1991), included one Blacktron minifigure

KC45 Blacktron I Key Chain (?), a key chain of a Blacktron Astronaut

Below Are The Newer Updated Lego Space Police Sets

Please tell us what you think of the Blacktron Theme - Did you ever own any of these sets back in the 80`s

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    • tomthiessen lm profile image

      tomthiessen lm 5 years ago

      I never realized these were the "bad guys." I just thought they were cool, because they were the first non-city sets I ever got, and I loved the black.

    • profile image

      LegoLegoLego 5 years ago

      I will absolutely drop by your Lego Survey lens thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment its appreciated

    • profile image

      dannystaple 5 years ago

      I loved this theme, but perhaps not as much as the M-tron theme with the magnets. This is definitely a great lens. The segmented ships with miniships and other vehicles were truly awesome - and the large spaceship MOC's I created with friends after that often used the same style. I've a Squidoo Lego Survey - I'd be very happy if you came and answered some of the poll's.