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Different Ways of Giving Birth and How To Choose the Best Option

Updated on August 29, 2014

Different Ways of Giving Birth and How To Choose the Best Option

Different Ways of Giving Birth and How To Choose the Best Option. I think now that after writing hubs about the different ways of giving birth, I can share and give a good choices about the ways of giving birth to women and couple who are extending their families. Women in so many ways can surpassed the pain of childbirth as they are strong and they are made by God to transcend and endure the pain. I experienced giving birth and every time I see my baby, all aches and painsare gone and I feel I can endure what life has to offer. Every parents want the best for their children and it starts with the proper ways of giving birth to ensure a good health between mother and the baby. I gave birth and the reason why i am so interested in sharing a lot of topics about pregnancy is that I want to ease the worries pain and help in my own ways. I experienced both painless (epidural) and natural ways of giving birth that is why I have the confidence to share with you about the ways of giving birth. The natural ways of giving birth is always preferred It is a pleasure to share the different ways of giving birth and hoping you can choose the best one for you.

And now here is the synthesis of the different ways of giving birth which I have discussed in my past hubs.

Different Ways of Giving Birth and How To Choose the Best Option

Natural Ways of Giving Birth

The following are the natural ways of giving birth: Usually, these methods require an education class with the husband in tow. It is ideal to do that anyway, but if the husband is working or not available a good support from a friend is good.

  1. Alexander Technique In Giving Birth Naturally: This technique helps women to discover their own way with themselves and to understand their own ways of walking, sitting and moving with their own posture. Usually you need tot attend a class and the objective for the pregnant women is to help her go smoothly with labor and giving birth naturally by moving and having the technique to monitor your own labor and dilate the cervix for the smooth delivery of the baby. This technique is also helpful among all people who are interested to have a good posture and way of doing things in a relaxed manner.

Look at this hub and sites for further information about this technique : Introducing the Alexander Technique In Giving Birth Naturally or and

2. Yoga For Pregnant Women

  • Yoga is used as a form of exercise for prenatal women, mind and body coordination although you need to consult a teacher, yoga teacher for this and be assured that your yoga steps are safe for you. Yoga is good for prenatal exercise as when you do the exercise when you are pregnant, your legs and body, back and the abdomen is ready for the labor pains plus it is helpful when you give birth. When you also do the meditation technique your mind is concentrated and then you can easily go with the pain pf labor and more attuned with yourself, yoga and meditation is good for the power of mind to ease labor pains.

Look at this hub for this method of giving birth -- techniques in reducing labor pains Is Yoga Safe for Pregnant Women? and Meditation To Ease Labor Pains.

Different Ways of Giving Birth and How To Choose the Best Option

3. Feeling at Ease with Water Birth Technique of Giving Birth The Natural Way

  • The water birth technique goes with the principle that the baby in the womb is used to have a comfortable and safe warm water environment, so when you give birth to the water it gives the same environment to the baby. Women also in general feel at ease when they are in water, and they are more relax as the eater gives them relaxation and with the help and assistance of the husband women are able to give birth naturally in the water environment this can be done in the house or a birthing facility.

Read this hub for more information : Feeling at Ease With Water Birth Technique Plus Amazing Videos

4. Childbirth with Hypnosis -- Hypnosis Technique in Giving Birth

  • You can do self hypnosis to help yourself or a hypnotists to guide you in reducing labor pains and to shorten the labor. Some of the variations are discussed in details in this the link I provided below of this paragraph. This technique is good both for the mother and the newly born as it helps to reduce the length of labor and children which are born due to this technique are more calmer and can sleep very well.

A full discussion of this technique is found in this hub ; Childbirth with Hypnosis -- Hypnosis Techniques In Giving Birth Plus Amazing Videos

5 . Now we go to the next technique which is the Lamaze method of Giving Birth the Natural Way

  • This method is a good example of education classes method of childbirth wherein all you need to do is to consult your health provider about this method if you want to use it as they will provide and give reference to you to attend childbirthing classes. The main idea of Lamaze method is giving yourself the natural way of giving birth through discovering yourself and how to manage the pain by helping you to learn the ways of technique in labor pains, The fun thing here is that tor partner is also there to guide you and assist you while you are having the labor and delivery of the baby.

Read this hub for more information : Give Birth the Natural Way By Lamaze Method : Cost and Where to Avail of Services

6 . The Bradley method of giving birth is almost the same as the Lamaze method of giving birth. You need to attend classes and the principle here is that you need to feel at ease with yourself. The topics in the class include : excellent nutrition and exercise; relaxation techniques to manage pain. It also involved husband coaching and partnership when one is giving birth.

Read this hub for more information :The Bradley Method of Giiving Birth : Hubby, Where Are You

How to Choose the Best Birthing Options or Ways of Giving Birth

  • This is obvious, consult with your partner and hubby about the cost -- insurance, time availability for classes and your personal circumstances specially finances and emotional readiness for the coming baby
  • Choose and study the options for education classes under each category by following the links I have provided in each topic.
  • Research and read the articles and the links provided here
  • Ask people -- your loved ones, friends and learn from their experiences
  • Balance you options by always thinking about the health of your baby and the mother of course.
  • Make time to study the options by consulting your health provider
  • Consult with your health provider always so that you can check which is helpful for you and your baby
  • Choose which one is best for you. I suggest that the natural way of giving birth is the best as this is beneficial in the long run.
  • If your pregnancy is with risk, then an intensive consultation with the health provider is necessary. For pregnancy risks check my hub about this -- The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks.


The best way to give birth if you don't have pregnancy risk is the natural way of giving birth and I specified what are the different ways of giving birth here in this hub. In your journey of pregnancy, take care of your self because when the mother is healthy, the baby is also healthy.

I hope this hub -- Different Ways of Giving Birth and How To Choose the Best Option is helpful in your journey of pregnancy.


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