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Why we need to give a second thought before acting

Updated on November 28, 2018
jacobkuttyta profile image

A freelance writer since 2011 and has been graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, India

Small deeds Big consequences

It was shocking to hear the train accident at Sainthia which killed more than 60 people on 19th July 2010 when Sealdah-bound Uttar Banga Express rammed into the Vananchal Express from behind. It was midnight and passengers were sleeping many of them woke up to injuries and pains and some never woke up. As per the latest report, the drivers of the train was drugged by an unknown local tea vendor minutes before the accident where they stopped for the signal.

The incident made me think about the people who were traveling on that train.

Are you running on the track at the allowed speed.

We, humans, are also like an engine of the train. When the engine made by the engineers, it was designed perfectly well. The engineers designed it to pull the coaches and it is very useful for many people. It was doing its duty faithfully until it rammed into another train. Many passengers were happy with the engine and reached their destination when it was working perfectly alright. The power which was used to operate the engine was also useful. When it derailed and fall into a pit, we cannot blame the engine or its fuel for the fault. When it rammed into another train, We cannot blame the engine or the power with which the engine work. Whether it is electric power or diesel or coal power, it is perfectly good. The engine was good and useful till the time it was running on the track as per the signals. When it goes off the track or jump the signal, it creates damage for itself as well as others.

When God created each one of us, He created us perfectly well. We were designed to run on the track at a limited speed. When someone goes off the track, the damage is sure. When we jump the signals, it is dangerous. There is a spirit placed in each one of us which give us warning from time to time. It tells us do not steal, do not tell lies, do not do evil things etc. But very often we tempt to ignore the warning and go ahead with our plan. Remember, if we ignore these warnings the damage is sure not only for the person who ignores the warning but also for the others those who are around them. Remember that there are other people on the same track. If you speed up, there are chances to collide with them who are traveling on the same track. Behind you also people traveling on the track. So do not slow down. people behind you may hit you from the back.

If you hit or go off the track and fall into the pit, you cannot blame the engineer. Your engineer is God. You cannot blame God for the mishappening. You are off the track and falling into the pit. You cannot blame the fuel also which make you run. Many times we forget about the truth and blame God for the failures in our life. God created all the people in a perfect manner. Without fault. You cannot blame God for creating you. He created you for a good purpose. When you turn away from your purpose, you may damage yourself. You may damage others too by your deeds.

Make sure you are running on the track at the allowed speed. The passage will be smooth and the end will be happier. Do not ram into others. Do not slow down and stop others from going ahead. Keep running. When you get the signal to stop, stop there. When you get the green signal start again. Travel at the designed speed and the designated track. Be careful to watch the signals. These signals are placed within you. Identify and try to read the signals.

Your actions can affect many innocent lives.

As per the report, the drivers of the Uttar Banga Express was drugged by an unknown local tea vendor minutes before the accident where they stopped for the signal. Now the question is who is driving us. Is the driver drugged one? or Is he in a good sense? Many times we are driven by drugged drivers. These drugs could be the lust of money, fame, or sex. It could be anything which pulls you off the track. Beware of drugs. The lust and greed can pull you off the track. Let God drive you in your life. Do not allow the surroundings to drive you. Money and status will pass away. You cannot take them with you. You have to leave all the wealth here in this world. Remember the words of Job. Naked you come to this world and naked you will go away from here. So why all these troubles and temptations to achieve many things in this short life. The wisest man lived on the earth "King Solomon" told us that all these things are meaningless. Meaningless, meaningless, utterly meaningless. All the toil on the earth is meaningless. Now you know what is meaningless and what is meaningful. Follow the meaningful one.

The person who deliberately sold the drugged tea to the train drivers was off the track. The consequence of his act was severe. Many people were affected by his deed. Many died on the spot. Hundreds were hospitalized. Many lost there legs and hands. Many lost their sight. Many were in critical condition and damaged their organs. It is not sure whether they are able to lead a normal life and work again. Many have to stay at the hospital for months. Many lost their loved ones. Many families lost their breadwinners. See the damage of the act of one man who got off the track.

With our wrong deeds, we are also making damages to people surrounding us. The degree of the damage may vary. The people who are affected could be your parents, children, colleague, friends, spouse or neighbor. Today's world there are lots of terrorist attacks happening. I don't know whether they are aware of the consequences of their actions. We are not going to gain something out of terrorism. But we lose a lot by its results.

The question is why we are off the track and damage the lives of innocent people? Small mistakes can create long and serious damage to people. For a moments pleasure, people damage the lives of young girls. For short-term pleasure, we damage our environment. So think about the consequences before you act.

Be on the track. May God Bless you.


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