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Surrogate Pregnancies

Updated on August 29, 2014

Surrogate Pregnancies

Have you heard about surrogate pregnancies or surrogate mothers? Maybe you have heard about old women who helped their daughters have babies and they agree to carry a baby for their daughters. Yes, in the recent past there is an increasing trend of families and couples who avail of surrogate parenthood, thus the increase in surrogate pregnancies. Usually surrogate pregnancies are related to infertility problems. In some cases also, there are issues involved in surrogate pregnancies like its commercial use to some women..

Some people take the opportunity to have children once they cant have the capability to have one through surrogate pregnancies. Technological developments aid families and couple to extend their families through the technique of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or at other times a woman may have biological children and after giving birth she will give the baby to the "other parents". In this hub, I will try to look at what are the different issues and circumstances plus example of surrogate pregnancies. In short I will discuss about the options of surrogacy and surrogate pregnancies.

Surrogate Pregnancies

Surrogate Pregnancies

The term surrogacy is a way whereby a woman agree to become pregnant and deliver a baby because she was contracted to do so. It maybe the case that she is the biological mother or though In vitro fertilization -- implantation of embryo.

Kinds of Surrogate Pregnancies

  • majority of the cases of surrogate pregnancies are ones in which the woman agree to carry her own biological child and then give the "other parent" the baby after it was born
  • The other case is that there is an implantation embryo in the woman's womb, the fertilized egg is donated or in some cases it is the other parent or the one who is contracting the surrogate is the one who donate the egg and sperm.

Who are availing of this surrogate pregnancies?

  1. Usually a couple who cant have the capability to have a baby, cases of infertility
  2. Single woman or man who just want to have a baby
  3. Gay couple who cant have babies

Issues in Surrogate Pregnancies -- Things to Consider in Surrogate Pregnancies

  1. is it legal in every state or area. In terms of the contract between the two parties, how is it binding etc, terms of contract
  2. Amount of money involved or cost of surrogacy
  3. How near and far is the surrogate mother to the one who is contracting them
  4. Success rate if it is in vitro fertilization
  5. Emotional and psychological consequences or readiness of both the contracting and the surrogate parent
  6. Other moral and religious issues

Surrogate Pregnancies

Forms of Surrogacy

  • Commercial purposes- paying the woman to become a surrogate mother
  • Non commercial purposes or out of love-- these are usually loved ones who volunteer to help the one who cant give birth on their own, usually relatives, mother of the woman etc.


  1. In surrogate pregnancies, I think that both the surrogate mother and other party should be emotionally and psychologically ready to have the procedure and responsibility of making it sure that they can face the outcome of the procedure. I mean it is difficult if for example the contracted woman changed her mind after seeing the baby or the other party changed their mind.
  2. The commercial use of surrogacy is tie to the issue of body, women's rights and legality of surrogacy to some places
  3. One area is that sometimes a daughter will choose her mother to carry a baby for her, the long time consequences of carrying a baby due to an old woman is another case in point.
  4. Another one is the moral issue involved in surrogate pregnancies, the environment of the child, how they are going to explain to the child growing up etc.


Surrogate Pregnancies


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    • Chaotic Chica profile image

      Chaotic Chica 7 years ago

      You did a fair job of reporting some of the basic information on this sometimes sticky topic. I was raised that one's best friends are just as close as family. When a couple of my long time best friends decided they wanted to have a child, they knew she might not be able to as per health complications. They gave themselves one year to conceive on their own, if they could not, they asked me to be a surrogate for them. I thought it over, discussed it with my husband and them at great length and said yes. It would be his sperm and her egg, just my body. They knew my medical history and how I care for myself on a day-to-day basis as well as while pregnant and my kids reffered to them as aunt and uncle already anyway. We talked to our insurance companies and got the go ahead. At the one year check up to start procedures, we all cried tears of joy at finding out she had in fact just conceived! She was so overjoyed at being able to carry her own child and our relationship is only that much stronger for knowing without question that I would truly do anything for them. We have a happy ending and I don't discourage others from this practice. I do agree that this decision is not to be made lightly or quickly, we mulled it over for a month and talked to proffesionals. There are a lot of details to discuss and it does take a certain amount of mental clarity and personal strength on all ends but it can be done in a positive, loving manner. Thank you for this hub.

    • profile image

      "Quill" 7 years ago

      Great Hub and filled with much information but if I were to question this procedure it would be the after effects which would turn up several years later. The tie and the bound between mother and child or "soul tie".

      What will the child be feeling later in life as the bound would be very similar to an orphaned child.


    • rprcarz50 profile image

      rprcarz50 7 years ago

      Great content ! Very nice layout . I think there must be allot of people who could use this method.

      Thank you for this fine Hub!


      As Always Also a2z50