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Healing PETS with Homeopathy and Reiki

Updated on July 28, 2010


Animals have been always my best patients. They easily respond on many ways of natural healing: especially on:

  • homeopathy,
  • energy healing (as Reiki and therapy with gems).
  • with herbal remedies one needs to be careful, because some combinations of herbs are not always acceptable for animals, altough animals react great on right chosen herbal remedies as well.

But certainly homeopathy  (especially in combination with energy healing) is the best possible option for animals: it works usually very quickly, without side-effects and very tenderly. ( I always prepare mixtures of homeopathic remedies, according to the dyagnosis, symptomes and needs of the body), so on that way, if given in proper time, therapy must work.


It is easier to heal animals then people on natural way


Animals are certainly more conscious then people think they are. And much more intelligent then many people assume, just they express their intelligence on completely another way then people.

Usually, it is much easier to heal animals then people. Why is that?

  • their minds do not complicate things (they nor exaggurate neither hide their symptomes, like many people usually do)
  • animals are not sceptics, so they cannot spoil their own healing while imagining the worst (like many people do)
  • animals do not read medical reports about certain diseases, so they do not get frightened because of their health problems (people are so often ill just because they believe that their health conditions are not cureable)
  • they do not compromise with their health on the way people often do - if animals want to get healed, they just use the cure and if cure (remedy) is OK, they simply get healed in appropriate time (they do not have aggravations of symptoms, emotional cleansing in the process of healing, return of old symptomes and they do not develop new symptoms like many people do in the process of healing).
  • They have clear focus towards their goals, much more then humans, so if they want to be healthy, they just get healed easily and smootly (of course, chronic conditions require much more effort and time).



Healing the pets


Pets are deeply connected with people, they are members of family, and they strongly emotionally respond on prevalent good or bad vibes in family where they live. In many cases their health condition have roots in some emotional or existential problems and tensions that are caused by their human companions: if any of negative emotions, lack of harmony is prevalent in family, pets can also develop various health problems because of exposure to constant stress that pets cannot understand and cannot cope with . Intensity and complexity of human problems and emotions are certainly different then that ones in animal kingdom and can affect health of pets, especially that ones who are all the time with their human family.

Pets who can go out freely (f.E. in the garden etc) have part of life on their own, much more freedom and they are much less affected by human behaviour and due to that, they are usually much more healthier then ones who cannot go out.

Various electrical and electronic equipment we use in our life can also negatively influence health of pets - who are far more sensitive then we are.

Health problems that usually occur as a product of stressful life with people can be -

  • nervousness and oversensitivity,
  • various levels of fear,
  • various behavioural problems,
  • aggressiveness,
  • epilepsy,
  • lack of vital energy,
  • various autoimmune disorders,
  • various hormonal problems
  • some pets develop even tumors / cancers if they are constantly exposed to human negative emotions and our human traumas....etc.

Many pets are also so energetically connected with people, that they "pick up" completely same health problems like their human companions... because they are more sensitive, symptoms of their health problems can even be obvious earlier then that ones of people who with they live.

In the process of healing, pets, as well as people need love, tenderness and as much attention they ask for although sometimes they prefer to be left alone on some quiet place where they can regenerate in peace. Because they are so sensitive and respond on human emotions, try to be as positive as you can and help your pet with love (please if your pet has health problem, do not panic and do not tremble from fear - too strong negative emotions do not help to ill animal, on the contrary, they just disturb natural process of healing).


Pets need touch with the nature - my happy cat in the garden
Pets need touch with the nature - my happy cat in the garden

Neutering and spaying of pets and impact of that procedure on health


Pets are usually sterilized what can also cause various health problems over the time . Inspite sterilization, problems are not always seen immediately: for some time body produces needed hormones even if sex-organs are removed - especially if some part of tissue of that organs is saved. Sex hormones build whole body and lack of them can cause many troubles to the pet over the years, because without sex hormones body cells cannot properly regenerate. It is good to know that these sex hormones can be also naturally replaced by certain homeopathics. I prepare homeopathics for exactly that purpose, so if you are interested to order them from me, please contact me on . I am sending them worldwide, and I also prepare various combinations of homeopathics according to the needs and illnessess of people and pets. They work quickly,tenderly and they are highly effective. Price for each remedy is 30 US$.

If you need online (e-mail) health consultation, please consider that the price for that service is 50 US$.


Reiki and Long Distance Treatments of Pets (Animals)


All animals very easily respond on Reiki healing treatments that help them to replace missing vital energy and activate process of self-healing. So often animals are able and willing to accept much higher vibrations then many people. As animals have telepathic abilities more developed then people, they easily, quickly and very positevely react on long-distance healing treatmants (I am providing them for many years and so often ). It is also interesting to mention that during the long distance healing healer is able to send much more healing energy then during the direct contact. Price of each treatment is 30 US$ for 30-40 minutes of sending healing energy.

In many cases it is best to combine homeopathy and Reiki.

My cat and turtle in the garden
My cat and turtle in the garden



As well as people, pets need a lot of love and respect, regular touch with nature, time on their own, a lot of fun, enough of sleep on the quiet place as well as vitamins/minerals to be completely happy and healthy so we can share together the most special moments of our companionship.


Tatjana Mihaela Pribic

Healer, Homeopath and Reiki Teacher



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