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Updated on April 20, 2010

Depression is most common human disorder. Every human being has been depressed, at certain periods of his/her life. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, anxiety, worthlessness, melancholy,discouragement are normal part of human life path. It is hardly possible to avoid them completely. Some people are more able to cope with those feelings (so called "negative") and know that they will just pass by and the life will go on, some people know how to transform them into positive ones, and the others have tendency to go more deeply into the "blue" emotions, and they just hook on them for longer period of time.

Depression is basically very heal-able, although healing completely depends of person´s decision to find very own, natural ways, how to create optimistic attitude towards the life itself. And not to give up the trust in oneself.

Depression is deeply connected with the mental-emotional attitude towards the essence of life, that is the reason is so sensitive and not easy to deal with. It is connected with negativity towards living, heavy memories, not seeing the bright light on the end of the dark tunnel of negative thoughts and emotions. Pessimism & scepticism lead to the depression, because one cannot see the good points of living. Lack of trust in oneself (no self esteem) fears, loneliness, self-pity, all sorts of guilt, guilt of punishment, fear of God, fear of life, losing the loved ones, struggling because of money, losing the job, lack of harmony in the family...can make good foundation for chronic depression. It looks like being in the hell, for everybody who is in that state of mind, without seeing the way out. But, the point is, the way out always exist. It is within us, it is battle with ourselves each of us has to fight with, to learn to cope with our dark side, to learn how to transform negativity, to learn how to find myriads of small reasons to live, to learn how to be marry, joyful, how to give ourselves tenderness and love. And never give up, no matter how darkness is dark, the root of everything is always light & love.

Causes of Depression:

1.low energy in body & aura

2.serotonin deficiency

3. anemia

4. vitamin/mineral deficiency

5.hormonal imbalance

6.stressful life, major changes in the life, taking "wrong" course in the life

7.unsolved life-problems

8.alcohol or substance abuse

9.many medicament can cause depression: birth control pills, hormones, corticosteroids, antidepressants


Mountain Velebit, Velika Paklenica Canyon, Croatia
Mountain Velebit, Velika Paklenica Canyon, Croatia

Importance of healthy diet (macrobiotic diet)

Healthy diet is of extreme importance for good mood. What people eat in modern world today, it would be very difficult to classified as healthy food.

The result is imbalance in body and mind.

Healthy food grows in the gardens or fields, is fresh, and full of vital energy: whole grains, oats, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, salads...

Meats, diary products and eggs are fool of hormones for fast grow of the animals: such food kills our immune system and creates hormonal imbalance, water retention, colon diseases, and all sorts of mood and mental disorders, when is eaten on regularly basis.

The most balanced diet is macrobiotic diet. It is so effective that it beats cancer and radioactive disease. Because is effect is alkaline, people feel perfect after eating their meals and in good mood.

The main points of that diet is not to eat acid forming food, to avoid highly processed and refined food. Whole grains typically make up 50 to 60% of each meal: brown rice, whole wheat berries, barley, millet, rye, corn, buckwheat etc. Rolled oats, noodles, pasta, bread, baked goods, and other flour products can be eaten occasionally. One to two cups or bowls of vegetable soup per day. Vegetables typically make up 25 to 30% of the daily food intake. Raw salads included.Beans make up 10% of the daily food intake. Nuts, sesame seeds...alga's (for minerals)..It is necessary to be actively involved in the process of cooking. When we cook our meals, (avoid microwaves!), we energize the food with stirring, positive thoughts, our love...

Do not eat too much for one meal. 15 minutes after meal I eat, I can run: the point is to eat more often, and not to overload stomach.

Food has to give us energy, not to take it away.

Alcohol increases depression.

Island Ugljan, Croatia
Island Ugljan, Croatia

Seasonal depression or lack-of-outdoor-activities depression

From my point of view, depression is not mental illness: it is just temporary state of mind & emotions: Dark night of the soul, which has to pass by. Primary is connected with low energy in the body & aura, when someone does not have enough life-energy, depression is quite normal. Our bodies do not have perpetuum mobile type of energy, we have to collect it from outside sources: sunlight is the most important source of our joy and balanced health and one of the best mood-transformers. Sunlight activates pineal gland (epiphysis) in our brain, which is producing hormone of joy, serotonin during the day and melatonin (which is important for regeneration of cells and organs) during the night.

Sunlight is necessary for healing the depression. In the winter, there is no enough sunlight, and people tend to be depressed much more, pineal gland becomes imbalanced, especially if we try to be as active as during the springtime or summer. Winter is meant to be for taking much more rest, due to the lack of sunlight: humans are only living beings who try to be completely active and work during the season where there is time for recuperation. Unfortunately, majority of human jobs and need for earning the money does not allow us to take necessary rest, and completely slow down and regenerate ourselves during the winter days. We force our bodies and mind to the complete exhaustion (good basis for depression, chronic fatigue, mood swings, and all sorts of health disorder etc.)

Last year I lived in the continental area of Croatia (Zagreb) and during the wintertime, we did not see the sunshine for more than 1 month. Everybody was "blue", "down", tired and depressed (seasonal depression). Then I started to send SMS messages to all my "blue" friends like "I wish you all the best on this beautiful springtime day, when sun is shining, and birds tenderly singing, I can hear song which river sing, and see golden light on its surface, little waves are carrying brilliance of that light, the air is fool of sweet, seducing fragrances, the sky is deeply blue, and shining... " After first shock ("is Tatjana mad? Outside is gray, cold and horrible"), they understood my point and started to reply with the similar messages about warm sunny days, LIGHT; warm winds, nature sounds, flower fragrances and warm colours of spring or summer...In less then an hour, everyone was happy and content. These mighty pictures of sunny days, which fulfill us with happiness are stored in our memory. When we remember them, our pineal gland also becomes active and we start to feel content.

Meditation (on light, f.E. candlelight) and Yoga exercises, conscious breathing, Reiki/bioenergy treatment, also activates natural flow of the energies through the body...but without sunlight, we cannot live and be healthy and happy.

If there is no enough sunshine days, and we MUST work & earn money for living, using the lamps - Sun simulators can be of great help: and are highly recommended for healing seasonal depression

You can by Sunshine Simulators through the link now:

Physical activity- outdoors

Regular physical activity, especially outdoors, is of main importance. Physical activity transforms the mental and emotional negativity. After that, you can be tired and sleep like a baby, but never depressed. Walking, exersizing, riding the bike, hiking, swimming...everything is recommended to fight bad mood. It works like a miracle.

Hiking is great way to fight can be completely physicaly exhausted...even fall asleep on the path, like me, but never depressed.
Hiking is great way to fight can be completely physicaly exhausted...even fall asleep on the path, like me, but never depressed.

Depression, natural cure

Using medicaments as depressants to heal depression, especially fo many months and years is not healing. In longterm, they make a lot of harm to body & mind, the worst is that they destroy normal brain circulation, and do not deal with cause of the illness at all. They are many natural herbs and remedies which succesfully deal with depression, I will mention here just few of them.

If you need alternative help to find the cause of your depression, and recommendation of proper natural remedies (herbal or homeopathics) which would be the most suitable for you, you can contact me through my e-mail: .(My consultations are not free, this is my full time job, but they are inexpensive as well). After 13 years of experience, I can guarantee that improvement and healing will occur resonably quickly.

For very successful natural cure of depression, there are the following herbs and remedies:

Ashwaganda, Withania somnifiera
Ashwaganda, Withania somnifiera

Ashwaganda herb

Ashwaganda (indian Ginseng, Winter Cherry)

This plant  has over 4,000 years of traditional use in  India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is a Medharasayan which is the Ayurvedic category of foods and nutrients that promote learning and memory retrieval.. The translation of Ashwagandha is roughly, “the smell and strength of a horse”, alluding to its aphrodisiac properties.  Ashwagandha rejuvenates the entire system, especially the endocrine and immune systems. Ashwaganda helps the body adapt to stress, but it also rebuilds the nervous system without stimulating it. The proof that ashwaganda is not a stimulant is that it is a wonderful sleep tonic. It helps give the body the energy it needs at night to put itself to sleep. In the daytime, it helps build the immune system and musculoskeletal systems, both of which are negatively impacted by stress.

Licorice Root

 Licorice root contains many anti-depressant compounds and is an excellent alternative to St. John's Wort.It is indicated for depression, chronic fatigue sindrome, improving immunity, improving resistance to physical & emotional stress.

This amazing herb is also used for:Addison's disease, allergic rhinitis, arthritis, athlete's foot, baldness, bronchitis, bursitis, canker sores, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, colds, colitis and intestinal infections, conjunctivitis, constipation, coughs, dandruff, duodenal-ulcers, emphysema, exhaustion, fibromyalgia, flu, fungal infections, gastritis, gingivitis and tooth decay, gout, hayfever, heartburn, hepatitis, inflamed gallbladder, liver disease, Lyme disease, menopause, prostate enlargement, psoriasis, shingles, sore throat, spleen disorders, tendinitis, throat problems, tuberculosis, ulcers, viral infections, yeast infections. Reducing stomach acid and relieving heartburn and indigestion. Increasing bile flow and lowering cholesterol. 


Ginseng is a herbal plant that contains many vitamins and minerals to help keep the body balanced and energized. It is well known for increasing energy, stamina, and supporting the central nervous system and circulatory system.

Benefits of ginseng

  • Helps stimulate physical and mental activity in individuals that are tired and weak.
  • Very effective at boosting physical energy and also known to enhance sexual ability in men and women.
  • Helps maintain normal blood pressure.
  • Helps reduce stress, enhance memory, and stimulate the immune system.
  • Increase performance and keeps the body in balance, mentally and physically.
  • Help the body resist viral infections.


SAMe and Lithium Orotate

There are also many other interesting remedies to fight depression, like:

  • SAMe

SAMe influences brain chemicals by helping to convert the feel-good neurotransmitters norepinephrine into epinephrine, and serotonin into melatonin. It is also involved in the formation of myelin, the white sheath that surrounds nerve cells, what is very important for health of the nerves. It can improve brain-cell membrane fluidity.

SAMe is a natural substance produced in every living organism on the planet. Our bodies produce about eight grams of SAMe per day. SAME is involved in over 40 biological reactions in the body, and succesfully treats depression, helps to heal liver deseases and osteoarthritis as well.

You can check it and buy it through this link here:

For people, who have Bipolar disorder depression, and who decided to take Lithium, there is very good option, to use it, without side effects:

  • The Symmetry, LITHIUM OROTATE in nasal spray, (combined with GABA and Albumin)

It is stabilizing mood swings, mania and depression.

Los Angeles Times, September 17th, 2003
JAMA (The Journal of American Medical Association-- Lithium, an inexpensive drug for bipolar disorder. Lithium is one of the most common elements used for stabilizing mood swings, mania and depression. Lithium orotate is a highly bioavailable form of lithium that is available without a prescription. Because of its superior bioavailability, (20 times more bio-active than other lithium salts) lower doses of lithium orotate (Rather than lithium carbonate or lithium citrate) may be used to achieve therapeutic brain lithium concentrations and relatively stable serum concentrations. (1,2) while greatly reducing the likelihood and severity of potential side effects

Usualy people cannot tolerate high doses of Lithium, because they cause poisoning, and the doses given are near-lethal. For the difference, there is no side effects while using low doses of lithium orotate, it requires no blood tests and it is non-prescription and even at lower doses is just as effective as much higher doses of the prescription forms of lithium.

You can check ii and buy it through this link here:

Olive tree on Island Ugljan, Croatia
Olive tree on Island Ugljan, Croatia
Island Ugljan, Croatia
Island Ugljan, Croatia

Wish to you all - the best mood and health!


Alternative Healer and Reiki Master-Teacher

If you need alternative help to find the cause of your depression, and recommendation of proper natural remedies (herbal or homeopathics) which would be the most suitable for you, you can contact me through my e-mail: .(My consultations are not free, this is my full time job, but they are inexpensive as well). After 13 years of experience, I can guarantee that improvement and healing will occur resonably quickly.




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