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Do you ever recover from the sudden death of a parent?

  1. COCOBEWARE profile image56
    COCOBEWAREposted 8 years ago

    Do you ever recover from the sudden death of a parent?

    Especially when you lost the first one at a young age.

  2. suziecat7 profile image90
    suziecat7posted 8 years ago

    It's hard - I'm not sure you ever get over it. It just becomes easier to bear as time goes on. I still miss my Mom and she's been gone for over 15 years.

  3. Absolutely Elle profile image49
    Absolutely Elleposted 8 years ago

    I agree with what suziecat7 said. My dad passed away almost 10 years ago and while I miss him every day, I know I'm not as much of a mess now. It took me 8 years to be able to talk about him without breaking down into tears, but it's easier now. Also, depending on how the parent died, maybe talking to a therapist would help.

  4. aravindhaksha profile image57
    aravindhakshaposted 8 years ago

    It depends on how independent you have become. When my father died suddenly, I could take it because I had become an adult myself. Life slowly weans away from the grief.

  5. carolegalassi profile image60
    carolegalassiposted 8 years ago

    It really varies on the individual but I'm inclined to say, you never get over the missing and memories of a sudden death of a parent but you can recover. Time allows the hurt to lessen a bit but you will always miss them in your heart.

    I don't think anyone really recovers from any type of sudden death. It's hard enough to deal with a death you know is eminent but when it is sudden, the initial emotion is shock and then grieving. Whereas in a death of a parent who has been sick or ill, there is no shock emotion, but initially grieving.

  6. Ruchira profile image78
    Ruchiraposted 7 years ago

    Any sad news which comes all of a sudden can be devastating. Hearing about the loss of your parent can be extremely difficult to handle but, then this is one thing the Almighty has still got control of...the birth of man and the death of man.

    So, we just have to bow down to him and ask him for peace.

  7. Happyboomernurse profile image85
    Happyboomernurseposted 7 years ago

    Hopefully by now, you've gotten past the raw pain of your loss. I believe that while one never fully recovers from the death of a beloved parent, we do heal as time passes, especially if we can find a way to honor their memory. You may find my recent hub, "Live As Though You Were To Die Tomorrow," helpful. In it, I tell how my dear departed friend's daughter honored her mother at the funeral and gave all the mourners present, a way to do the same.

  8. Shahid Bukhari profile image60
    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    Its very hard indeed ... the loss of a loving, and caring, Parent ... it took me a while ... but I did, recover ... so will you ... in time.

    Remember ... Death is a Separation, till we die.

  9. Maria Cecilia profile image84
    Maria Ceciliaposted 7 years ago

    well even if you loss them at a very mature age and their death was not sudden you can't get over instantly but you move on....

    I guess it's true with the kids too, but it's a different story if both parents died at a very young age, because thier is the so called after effects like who's going to take care of them, or adopt them.... that would be very difficult for the child, that's why they should be entrusted to someone who can take care of them like their own

  10. toknowinfo profile image89
    toknowinfoposted 7 years ago

    It is very difficult to grieve. I lost my father when I was 14 years old, over 30 years ago and I just lost my mother 7 weeks ago. Both were unexpected. My father's was hard because I was so young and not having him at the dinner table was one of the many things that made losing him hard. Over time it was like a soft scab. The sore is always there and it can come off and hurt, but it doesn't hurt all the time. Losing my Mom feels worse right now because it is so fresh. She was my Mother, my friend, and I grew to become her caretaker and protector. Right now it is hard for me to imagine feeling okay with not having her. Time is a great healer, and so I have to trust in time. That is part of my advice to everyone who is grieving. Grieving is a process and if done properly, time will help us all. I wrote a very well received hub about grieving. You can find it on my profile page, I hope it helps you get through the grieving process.

  11. Keri Machin profile image60
    Keri Machinposted 4 years ago

    no. you will keep them in your heart forever. you must accept and move on while not forgetting them. its ok to grieve.