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If you couldn't conceive naturally would you go IVF or adopt?

  1. danajconnelly profile image70
    danajconnellyposted 6 years ago

    If you couldn't conceive naturally would you go IVF or adopt?

  2. profile image45
    Eclectic Amandaposted 6 years ago

    I would definitely adopt. There are so many children in need of stable homes. Once that family bond is forged, I don't think blood ties are any different.

  3. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    I would not have the money to have done IVF, and we were finishing up the adoption process when I got pregnant for the first time.   I would adopt if the circumstances were right.

  4. danajconnelly profile image70
    danajconnellyposted 6 years ago

    Thanks for the comment Eclectic Amanda.  I would adopt as well.  I have noticed a trend of not only multiple births but also an increase in developmental delays or chronic health issues in children that are conceived via IVF.

  5. aethelthryth profile image93
    aethelthrythposted 6 years ago

    Depending on the policies of the particular clinic, there can be many moral issues of right and wrong with IVF.  A few of them would be deciding what happens to the "extra" babies kept as embryos, or the "extra" ones in the womb when more survive implantation than expected.  And, in cases of sperm or egg donation, it could be a very serious question where the sperm or egg came from and whether that means the child is genetically related to others out there and could potentially have children by an unrecognized sibling.

    Adoption gives a child a home, which is unquestionably a good thing.

  6. Seeker7 profile image97
    Seeker7posted 6 years ago

    Personally I would say yes. But in Scotland there are a number of schemes running that allow IVF treatment on the National Health Service so money is not a problem. My oldest sister and her husband had IVF many years ago and thankfully it took first time. They had a lovely baby boy. Well that 'baby boy' is now a young man of 17 years and none of us can imagine life without him, he's an absolute gem!

    Adoption is of course always an option. But in the UK at least, many couples are put off by the length of time the process takes and the,at times, un-necessary standards and stipulations they put on couples who want to adopt. Most of these couples would make excellent parents, and while I agree that the child's safety should be paramount when going through adoption, the scrutiny can border on the ridiculous and many couples withdraw. Result - unhappy would-be parents and another child without a Mum and Dad.

  7. profile image0
    jasper420posted 6 years ago

    Pearsonly I dont want to have childern I would rather adopt so many children out there need good homes and a chance to be loved