Would you rather live a life that is "boring" but serene, or exciting but frough

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  1. stanwshura profile image71
    stanwshuraposted 9 years ago

    Would you rather live a life that is "boring" but serene, or exciting but frought with risk?

    Would you rather have certainty, calm and peace - or excitement, adventure and danger?

  2. Renee Abbott profile image81
    Renee Abbottposted 9 years ago

    I have always been a risk taker. I don't wish to know any other way.

  3. rebekahELLE profile image86
    rebekahELLEposted 9 years ago

    I rather enjoy falling through the rabbit hole at times.  There is so much we miss if we don't take those steps into the unknown and travel the paths that are less traveled.  I've lived both a calm, serene life and one filled with adventure and risks.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm always ready for the next part of the journey.  Each day is new.

  4. ChristinS profile image40
    ChristinSposted 9 years ago

    I think neither one is preferable, there is a time and place for each. For example serenity and calm is lovely, but it can lead to apathy and complacency, not pushing oneself to reach higher.  Excitement and thrills are fun, but they can cause people to miss out on the simple pleasures in life.  I prefer a bit of each smile.  I strive for peace and harmony in my daily life, but I also love an adventure and I try to push myself to do things that scare me or move me out of my comfort zone a bit. 

    If I had to choose one over the other I don't think that I could.  smile

  5. connorj profile image72
    connorjposted 9 years ago


    I prefer a roller-coaster ride to a flat-line anytime. After all life is like a roller-coaster anyways; it has its ups and downs; however, when you pass on you will have to first, "flat-line" before you get to the other side... I will conclude with this wisdom, Ideally one should be calm/serene and somewhat peaceful as they ride the roller-coaster of life... There are few things more exhilerating or exciting then surviving after great risk and your survival will be more certain if you face it calmly/serenely and with significant confidence and if I may add, astute senses not unlike a Belgian Malinois...

  6. Abby Campbell profile image77
    Abby Campbellposted 9 years ago

    I would rather live a life that is serene yet not boring. My nature likes life when it is peaceful and without the throws of chaos. However, I know that is not reality. LOL. I do love excitement and adventure as well but in a serene way (if that makes sense). Maybe I like it when it's planned, but sometimes opportunities are brought forth in a sudden way and we must jump at them for growth. However, I don't believe those opportunities have to be filled with danger.

  7. Savio Dawson profile image91
    Savio Dawsonposted 9 years ago

    I would love to be calm and collected in a dangerous and adventurous situation. I am sorry, I thought a combination of both sides is more interesting to me.

    In a dangerous or adventurous situation, we are high on adrenaline and therefore, can't think straight. The fun is to be in the middle of adventure and hold our nerves. I am sure all great athletes would be having this trait, and that is what I would like to have.

  8. ThompsonPen profile image66
    ThompsonPenposted 9 years ago

    You know, I recently came across a man who was French. He was in the midst of traveling down the West coast of the US, and stopped in the tea room I work in. He was a holistic practitioner, ate only raw food, was strict on organic only, filtered water, and so on. He lived a very healthy and happy life. We looked out the window and saw hang gliders coming to land. We awed at what they were doing, and I said that some day I would like to do that, it was on my to-do list. He said, "no no, that is too dangerous."
    "But surely that's part of the fun?"
    "No, I prefer to stay out of danger's way, and live long."
    I walked away feeling let down by the gentleman who had just moments before inspired me. What is the point of being at the height of health if you can't live life?

  9. profile image0
    lisasuniquevoiceposted 9 years ago

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