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How do you handle stress?

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    sharcondesposted 5 years ago

    My answer during job interviews when ask how I handle stress is proper time management and knowing my priorities. But most of the time, when the work load is too much, it becomes hard to stick to these two rules!

    My queston is, how do you really handle stress?

    1. CrescentSkies profile image86
      CrescentSkiesposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Video games. Kind of weird I know but something about killing blue aliens with a chainsaw gun helps me relieve my stress (and some of my more violent urges).

    2. SidKemp profile image96
      SidKempposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      At the most basic level, we can handle stress by breathing deeply, and making a habit of never letting anything that happens interfere with our deep, relaxed breathing. Whatever our life situation and emotional condition, we can manage the physical stress that comes with it with mindful, natural breathing and a straight spine, and conscious relaxation.

    3. Sage in a Cage profile image80
      Sage in a Cageposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I have a very strange, and unproductive, tendency to get exhausted nearly to the point of involuntary sleep when I'm stressed. It's embarrassing sometimes. I think my brain evaluates a situation as highly stressful and, if I can't see a way to fix it relatively quickly, it decides hibernation is the only solution!

    4. Jesus was a hippy profile image61
      Jesus was a hippyposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      As a pilot, you have to remember your priorities. Memorised and practised procedures are fantastic at getting you through stressfull situations.

      If the workload is too high, simply relax and go through the procedures one by one, in order of importance.

  2. Danette Watt profile image85
    Danette Wattposted 5 years ago

    why not move this over to the Questions page and see what kind of response you get there. I think that would be a more appropriate place for your question. And someone might be inspired to write a hub about it.

  3. MissUgly profile image59
    MissUglyposted 5 years ago

    * Listen to relaxing music
    * talking to friends about your stress
    * taking herbal remedy's
    * green tea

    there's lots of way each person handles stress to be honest x

  4. wilderness profile image97
    wildernessposted 5 years ago

    As my boss often says, "We'll eat this elephant one bite at a time".  Then he goes on a rampage because we're falling behind! smile

    There is truth there, though - take it one piece at a time and accept that the rest will have to wait for a while.  "Accept" being the key word.

  5. Express10 profile image89
    Express10posted 5 years ago

    While working, I try to work steadily towards a goal and do not try to accomplish milestones or complete entire projects in spurts. That causes burn out. I try to make sure that I get a lot of exercise outside of working as it helps everyone deal with stress more effectively.

  6. profile image0
    klarawieckposted 5 years ago

    I smash an entire garlic head with my chopping knife - one clove at a time... yikes

  7. Arielqiao profile image59
    Arielqiaoposted 5 years ago

    First, I will make clear what makes me stress. Is it because that the job is too hard to handle or is it because there are too much things need me to deal with? Then I will try my best to solve the problem. Or I will put all matters away first and do nothing. Just do anything that can relax me, such as listening to the music, playing games or going shopping,etc.Everything can be solved. I will tell myself like this.

  8. Disturbia profile image59
    Disturbiaposted 5 years ago

    I don't.

  9. jennzie profile image83
    jennzieposted 5 years ago

    I try to deal with stress by taking a nice long hot shower, writing, watching cute or funny videos on Youtube, and playing and cuddling with my pets.

  10. janesix profile image60
    janesixposted 5 years ago

    Cleaning, walking, xanax if im really stressed

  11. Shanna11 profile image93
    Shanna11posted 5 years ago

    I don't. Honestly, I NEVER get stressed during the day. Even during a stressful task. I go on autopilot, and somehow power my way through it.

    However, then at night that stress comes out and I sleepwalk and relive my day sleepwalking. And that's stressful, because I'm up all night, halfway cognizant that I'm sleepwalking, and the other half is convincing me that I have to redo whatever stressed me out. It's rather strange.

  12. Bedbugabscond profile image97
    Bedbugabscondposted 5 years ago

    This might sound weird, but my current method of coping with stress is by reading my college psychology book. My degree will be in radiography, but we were required to take the class. More specifically, I like to read the chapter about stress and how to cope with it. As it turns out, I was never good at coping with stress. Now I am testing out all of the different coping techniques.  Somehow getting educated on stress and coping methods releases my stress!

  13. Jenna Pope profile image61
    Jenna Popeposted 5 years ago

    I used to look at all the people who were driving me crazy and say to myself:
    "These people were put here for my entertainment!" This would change my perspective.

  14. fplix profile image54
    fplixposted 5 years ago

    Deep breathing.

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    mts1098posted 5 years ago

    the deflect and filter method...deflect the stress that has to do with the past and filter the stress you cannot control

  16. iefox5 profile image58
    iefox5posted 5 years ago

    Watching comedy movie is effective, feel like everything is gone after a comedy.