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Different Gift Ideas for Dad - Birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day

Updated on June 10, 2011

Gifts for Dad

Some people are lucky enough to enjoy shopping for gifts but many (like me) find it difficult to come up with a fresh idea year after year for both birthdays and Christmas.

It is extremely difficult to come up with new and exciting gifts on a regular basis.

In the event you struggle for ideas, there are a few rules you should follow.

1) Choose a gift relevant to the recipient.

What are their interests and hobbies. Rather than just getting a new golf club each year for your golfing dad, think of other pastimes he used to like but maybe hasn't had the opportunity to do for a while. Did he used to like fishing? Chances are he still does.

2) Dads like practical things.

Sometimes a gift that makes an tedious task less so is just as appreciated as gifts designed purely for entertainment. Making Dad's life a little easier is always appreciated.

A Few Ideas to Help you Choose a Gift for Dad

 Below are some examples of gifts that may not be the most glamorous but can be very well received.

They have been broken up into categories as not every Dad has the same interests. Hopefully you will find a little inspiration and get a smile when the wrapping comes off.

By thinking outside the box, at least the gift will be a surprise.


Gifts for the Outdoor Dad

If your Dad loves the great outdoors, have a look at his gear and see if any of these simple yet useful items are missing.

What does he use for lighting? A LED headlamp or LED flashlight use much less power than traditional bulbs and are more reliable.

For long hiking trips, a set of trekking poles is very useful and they help support any knees that are getting a little older.

Water purification has come a long way from the old tablets that chemically treated dubious water. A modern portable water filter will ensure he stays well on the trail.

Another simple, cheap but effective piece of equipment is a dry bag. This will keep all of his expensive gadgets safe and clothes and sleeping gear dry when around water.

Another small stocking filler is a firesteel. Sparking even when wet they are practical and have emergency uses. A less glamorous gift is a folding shovel. These military style tools have many uses at a camp site.

Gifts for use around the house

If Dad fancies himself as a bit of a handyman, then one of the most useful tools is a Rotary Tool. These small devices can cut, grind, polish, sharpen and clean just about anything.They used to be more expensive but now can be picked up with plenty of accessories for less than $100. If Dad already has one, a Rotary Tool Accessory pack can greatly increase the uses of the tool and is a good stocking filler.

Making Dad's most hated job a little more comfortable is also a great way to score with a gift. Something like a Snowblower Cab can make Dad come back and thank you every winter. Just think about any job he complains about and see if there is something out there to make it easier.

Another gift in this category is a solar battery maintainer. Ideal for car and boat batteries, it helps ensure the charge remains in batteries that are used infrequently. Nothing is more frustrating that being ready to go only to find you can't start up the car or boat.

Give Dad the gift of exercise

 Just like previous hobbies, previous sporting activities are also good area to look when choosing a gift. Not only a way to keep fit, revisiting old activities is like a trip down memory lane.

Getting him some equipment and following it up by encouraging him to use it is a great way to impress with a gift.

A Tennis racket can be an introduction to social activities, setting up a speedbag platform out the back may remind him of some happy memories. Think outside the box, look to the past for gift ideas.

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