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Christmas Molds For Candy Making -- Christmas Chocolate Molds

Updated on March 30, 2012

Making Christmas Candies And Christmas Chocolates

What would Christmas be without holiday candies or holiday chocolates? It just wouldn't be as much fun, right? I always look forward to this time of year because I love chocolate so much. I especially love it when it's in different shapes. Maybe it's just me, but I believe that Chocolate christmas trees taste differently than chocolate snowmen or chocolate stockings.

Though you can buy chocolates almost anywhere, there's just nothing that compares to making your own Christmas confections. With candy molds, it's really easy and fun to make chocolate lollipops, chocolate candies, caramels and marzipans. You can enjoy these homemade treats yourself, add them to your holiday dessert table or even give them out as gifts. Imagine how much your friends, family members and co-workers would appreciate getting a gift basket from you filled with homemade chocolates and homemade Christmas candies. They'd be delighted -- and you'd save a lot of money by making the candy yourself.

Even if you've never made chocolates before, it's easy and once you start, you'll be addicted. So get ready to enjoy a relaxing time as you prepare these Christmas candies and think about how great your holiday is going to be this year.

Candy Molds Shaped Like Christmas Trees

If you're going to be serving or giving out Christmas chocolates, then you just have to include some Christmas tree shaped candies! Like the holiday itself, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without a tree to go along with everything.

Christmas tree molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can make a large chocolate tree, tiny trees or even do a combination of many Christmas trees. One great idea is to make a bunch of smaller trees and then put a big tree in the middle as the centerpiece!

For a different sort of Christmas candy, you can purchase a chocolate pretzel making kit. These colorful trees are adorable to look at and give you that perfect sweet and salty combination. With all of these Christmas candies, your holiday dessert tables is sure to be the best you've ever had.

Christmas Chocolate Molds Shaped Like Santa

Making Christmas candies or Christmas chocolates shaped like Santa is a surefire way to get your holiday party going! Santa molds come in all shapes and sizes; there are even some molds of Santa in action as he delivers gifts!

There are Santa lollipop molds, which are so much fun and easy to make. Kids love making chocolate lollipops, which you can dress up in the end by tying colorful bows around the sticks. Meantime, you can make giant Santa heads, which will liven up any candy plate. One great idea is to use white chocolate and then use edible food dye to make his hat red.

The Santa going down the chimney mold is a whimsical way to celebrate Santa's generosity in bringing gifts. You can even make some of these fun chocolates for the big guy himself and leave them out along with his milk and cookies. He'll definitely appreciate it!

Christmas Chocolate Molds Shaped Like Christmas Stockings

Everyone loves stocking stuffers at Christmas. You can play on that idea by stuffing your family's stockings with Christmas chocolates in the shape of stockings!

The Paderno World Cuisine stocking mold is more like several tools in one. Made of the highest quality candy making materials, you can use it to mold chocolates, caramels and even marizpan. With it, you can make a variety of stocking shaped candies.

As for the chocolate molds, there are ordinary stocking shapes available, as well as fun molds with mice and puppies in the stockings. Talk about a true stocking stuffer!

Just as you add many different ornaments to your tree, adding different shapes to your dessert platter will only make your table more festive.

Christmas Candy Molds Shaped Like Snowmen

Frosty The Snowman might have melted when the weather turned warm, but these snowman candies and snowman chocolates are sure to melt in your mouth. They're not only delicious, but fun and easy to make with these molds.

With the Old World Christmas Snowman, you can make a large snowman shaped chocolate and then present it in the colorful box it comes with. Meantime, you can make chocolate lollipops shaped like snowmen, snowman candy canes or Christmas hard candies. Think of how colorful your table will look with all of these holiday shapes!

If you really want to make a statement, you can even make a Christmas snowman cake using the cake mold. Frost it with vanilla icing and add some holiday sprinkles and you'll create a centerpiece dessert that everyone will be talking about for years to come.


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    • NaomiR profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New York

      I like Hershey's but sometimes I'll melt a more expensive bar like Ghiradelli. The trick is to melt it slowly over low-heat so the chocolate doesn't burn, and then stir to keep it even.

    • dfelker profile image


      10 years ago

      I'm curious what kind of chocolate do you use? I've tried the Wilton melts but my kids prefer melted Hershey bars.

    • HarperSmith profile image


      10 years ago

      I had Christmas cookies and pies, of course, but I never even heard of Christmas Candies before. Sounds delious!

      Thanks for the new ideas.

    • debugs profile image


      10 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris

      Great tips you have here.. Merry Christmas!


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