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Christmas Cookie Cutters -- Holiday Cookie Cutters

Updated on June 23, 2011

Making Christmas Cookies

Almost everyone I know who celebrates Christmas loves making Christmas cookies. My best friend is an avid baker and is always saying the making Christmas cookies is his favorite part of the holiday (though eating his homemade cookies is MY favorite part!).

While your homemade drop cookies or sugar cookies are sure to be scrumptious, why not get even more into the Christmas spirit by using Christmas cookie cutters to cut your treats into holiday shapes. Kids will love cutting them into little snowflakes or angels or snowmen and having holiday themed cookies on the dessert table will only make things more festive.

When it comes to holiday cookie cutters, every shape imaginable is available. There are Christmas tree cookie cutters, angel cookie cutters, snowmen cookie cutters... the sky is the limit! So choose your favorite shape -- or shapes, as the more, the merrier in this case -- and get ready to make the most beautiful holiday cookies ever!

Cookie Cutters In Classic Holiday Shapes

Classic Christmas Shape Cookie Cutters

A great way to get a Christmas party going is to get a variety pack of holiday shaped cookie cutters and then make all different types of Christmas cookies.

These Christmas cookie cutters include candy cane shapes, as well as bells, stockings, stars and gingerbread men. If you're not a baker yourself, they make great gifts for those in your life who do like to bake, especially since the cookie cutters are so colorful and adorable themselves.

Kids usually love making cookies and letting them use these cookie cutters to cut out shapes is a great way to let them help out around the kitchen. This way, they won't be near any of the dangerous equipment like the stove or mixer. After the shapes are all cut out, you can frost them and really make the cookies look like snowmen or gingerbread men. Either way, though, your guests are sure to appreciate holiday themed cookies. 

Cookie Cutters Shaped Like Snowflakes

Snowflakes are one of the most beautiful natural creations. They're also amazing because every single one is different. Now you can make your own snowflakes for the holidays in the form of cookies. Picture how amazing your Christmas dinner table will look if you have a large platter of snowflake cookies placed amidst the other goodies. Your guests will love them so much, they might end up having a snowball fight!

The beauty about snowflake cookie cutters is that because they're such a simple shape, they're very easy to decorate -- especially for kids. And as is the case with real snowflakes, each decorated cookie will be different and special. That's definitely something worth celebrating this holiday season.

Cookie Cutters Shaped Like Angels

No doubt there are Christmas angels watching over you. Let your friends and families know that they're also being watched over with beautiful angel cookies.

These heavenly cookie cutters are gorgeous to look at, even before the cookies have been made! Angel cookie cutters come in all shapes and sizes, many of which show the angels in movement. There are angels dancing, angels in flight and even angels blowing horns.

One great way to serve your angel cookies is to frost them and then sprinkle edible glitter on them to make them shine. Your cookies are sure to be as beautiful as they are delicious.

Cookie Cutters Shaped Like Snowmen

Growing up in New York, snowmen were always a huge part of the holiday season. The first winter snows usually came around Christmas and all of the kids in our neighborhood would build snow forts and snowpeople. Whenever I had Christmas cookies, I liked the snowman shapes the best. My friends and I would eat the heads first and then enjoy the rest!

But even if you live in a warmer climate, you can still celebrate the legend of Frosty The Snowman with these snowman cookie cutters. They'll bring a little bit of that winter wonderland into your home and make your holiday feel like a classic white Christmas.

Snowman cookies look great as plain sugar cookies or with icing on them. When you frost your snowman cookies, make sure you don't forget to add eyes and a tiny, carrot nose!

Cookie Cutters Shaped Like Christmas Trees

One of the most classic shapes to cut cookies into on Christmas is a Christmas tree. You can then decorate your trees with green icing and multi-colored sprinkles to represent the lights.

Another fun idea is to buy a cookie-making kit that allows you to build a three-dimensional Christmas tree out of cookies! Imagine how much your guests will love seeing this edible masterpiece in the center of your dessert table!

Christmas tree cookie cutters, of course, make great gifts. One idea is to give cookie cutters filled with chocolate; after the chocolate is eaten, the cookie cutters are left over and can be used. It's like giving two gifts in one and is perfect as a stocking stuffer or in a gift exchange.


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    • Journey * profile image

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 6 years ago from USA

      I've honestly never baked cookies using cookie cutters before but I am going to start doing so because I think my young son would love them.