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Buy Baby's First Christmas Clothes -- Baby's First Christmas Apparel

Updated on October 6, 2012

Make Your Baby's First Christmas Extra Special

Christmas is a magical holiday to begin with, but it becomes even more special when you celebrate with your friends, family and loved ones. When a new baby joins the family, that makes the holiday season especially memorable. It's so much different seeing the holiday through a child's eyes as he or she sees a Christmas tree or Christmas lights for the first time.

A great way to commemorate your baby's first Christmas is to dress your child in Baby's First Christmas clothes. Some of the cute baby's first Christmas apparel available include bibs, onesies, rompers and even Baby's First Christmas hats! This way, you will always remember how great the day was when you look back at family photos or videos. Though your baby is so young, there's no reason why you can't get your boy or girl into the holiday spirit!

Baby's First Christmas apparel also makes great Christmas gifts for someone you know who's just had a baby or is about to have a baby -- or even for a new grandchild. A Baby's First Christmas bib or onesie is not only a practical gift, but a fun present that's appropriate for the holiday season.

My First Christmas Rompers And Onesies

Imagine how adorable a tiny little girl or boy would look in one of these Baby's First Christmas onesies or rompers? I think that they'd give Santa's elves a run for their money when it comes to cuteness!

My First Christmas onesies come in a variety of designs and colors, though most are red in order to fit in with the holiday season. The Baby's First Christmas long-sleeve bodysuit is bright and colorful and will also keep a child warm. Meanwhile, I really love the sweet red baby girls' Christmas dress -- what a great way to truly dress up a child for the holiday! And again, they're made of a material that is not only beautiful, but warm, which is important when you're dressing a baby for the winter.

The red My First Christmas onesie is simple, but will look beautiful on any little girl and the Christmas gift-inspired pajamas offer a cozy look for the Christmas season.

Whichever outfit a baby is dressed in for a first Christmas -- he or she is sure to be noticed and be the talk of the family!

My First Christmas Bibs

When baby enjoys his first Christmas dinner this holiday season, what better way to keep him clean and drool-free than by covering him with a Baby's First Christmas bib?

Adorable My First Christmas bibs comes in dozens of designs and make great stocking stuffers because they are small and inexpensive. They also make great gifts to give a friend or a co-worker who has a young child. One way to make a Baby's First Christmas bib an extra special gift is to get it personalized and put the child's name on it. The child and family then have a memorable keepsake for years to come.

My First Christmas bibs come in dozens of designs from bibs with Christmas trees on them to bibs with snowmen to bibs with Christmas ornaments. Since bibs have to be washed so often, consider getting a few different ones to last throughout the holiday.

Baby's First Christmas Hats

Baby's First Christmas hats also make excellent stocking stuffers, baby shower gifts or as a small, additional gift to give along with a Christmas outfit. However, aside from these hats being cute, they're also quite practical because babies need to keep their heads warm -- especially in places where it's cold in December. With these hats, Baby will be staying healthy in style.

But even if it's not cold, I know plenty of people who enjoy wearing Christmas-themed hats, anyway. Imagine what a great family photo you'd have if everyone -- including the baby -- wore their Santa hats in front of the tree!

You can get a My First Christmas hat that looks like a Santa cap or one that is pink or blue, for a girl or boy baby. There are also knit caps that will stay tight over an infant's head, assuring that the cold won't get to them. I personally love the deep red baby Christmas outfit that comes complete with a hat and romper. Baby will stay warm and looks as pretty as any Christmas decoration!


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