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Buy Inflatable Christmas Lawn Ornaments -- Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Updated on November 27, 2012

Inflatable Christmas Yard Art Lawn Decorations

A Christmas celebration just wouldn't be the same without putting up some sort of Christmas decorations. As a kid, I used to love driving around different neighborhoods so I could look at the Christmas lights, and as an adult, I still enjoy seeing how everyone shows off their style during the holiday season. Christmas decorations and Christmas lights gives you a chance to be creative and put your own spin on the traditional holiday celebration.

One great type of decoration to add to your holiday list are inflatable lawn ornaments. These large Christmas decorations come in many shapes and sizes, such as giant Santas, colorful snowmen, penguins and Christmas trees. Most light up and some even move and play music! But all are eye-catching. After all, it's hard to miss a giant inflatable Christmas sleigh or huge waving Santa! Whenever my husband and I take a walk to look at Christmas lights, it's these inflatable Christmas decorations that catch our eye.

Inflatable Snowman Yard Art

What would Christmas be without a jolly snowman joining in on the festivities? Even if you don't have a white Christmas or live in an area where it's warm in December, you can still turn your yard into a winter wonderland. A great way to do this is buy adding an inflatable snowman to your Christmas décor. It will set the mood and make visitors to your home remember your place during the holidays. You can be sure that all of your neighbors will be talking about your house as everyone compares decorations.

You can certainly get some attention with the adorable snowman head or handsome four-foot snowman, which is pretty big to start with. But if you want to make a REAL Christmas statement, you can go for the lit up eight-foot snowman. Talk about going all out! That snowman is taller than all of the men whom I know!

But if you really want to get into the holiday spirit, you can get the snowman and his friends in a sleigh or the musical snowman. Yes, they're both pretty dramatic, but you can never go too over-the-top when it comes to celebrating Christmas, right?

Whichever snowman you choose, you'll make your lawn look great for the holidays. Watch out, Frosty -- you're not the only game in town this year!

Inflatable Santa Lawn Ornaments

What would Christmas be without Santa Claus? If you're going to decorate your yard with a memorable holiday display, you definitely have to include the big guy somewhere in the festivities. Here are a few cool Santas to choose from.

You can go with a simple waving Santa. He, of course, has a big smile because he is, after all, a jolly old elf. These lawn ornaments are a great way to make guests and passers-by feel welcome and will help anyone get into the holiday spirit.

If you want to get even more whimsical, you can get a themed Santa lawn ornament. I love the Santa Claus that's in the fishing boat. It's a little different from your typical Santa display and is the perfect decoration to put out if you have an uncle or grandfather, or someone else in your family who loves to fish.

The Santa in a tractor is also a lot of fun, as is the Santa in the sled. Sledding Santa may be more typical, but if you live on a farm, you may be more likely to see Santa in a tractor.

If you're a Disney fan, then the Mickey Santa snowglobe lawn ornament is the one for you! I love how beautiful and intricate this Christmas decoration is; it'll really make your lawn stand out on your block. It would look especially nice in an area where it doesn't often snow; this decoration would make your yard look a bit more like a holiday Winter Wonderland.

Christmas Tree Lawn Decorations

If you celebrate Christmas, you probably have a Christmas tree on display. But what if you want to show one off on your lawn? Decorating outdoor trees can be tricky sometimes, especially if the tree is really tall. We could never decorate the oaks that were in our yard because the lowest branches were about 15 feet up.

But you can put out a Christmas tree lawn ornament and make your yard look very colorful and festive. Here are a few beautiful examples of inflatable Christmas tree decorations.

Some are very simple and just feature a green, decorated tree. But if you're going for an elegant, understated look, this is the tree for you. I personally love minimalist décor; in my neighborhood, my favorite display consisted of nothing but white lights. These trees would go perfectly with such a display.

If you're looking for a display that's a little more elaborate, you can get the tree that has Santa popping out of the top. How fun is that? Little kids would definitely love that one. I also like the hanging Santa Christmas tree lawn ornament. It's silly and whimsical -- ideal for a holiday that's all about family and fun.

Christmas Penguin Decorations

I love penguins! I just think that they're so cute. I especially enjoy visiting the penguin sanctuary at the Central Park Zoo, where dozens of penguins frolic and splash in the water.

Penguins also make me smile because they remind of my friend Christopher, who is a penguin addict. He has literally hundreds of penguin decorations, most of which he displays for Christmas. Last year, I helped him arrange them around his home and it looked like we'd visited the Antarctic!

Penguins make a great addition to your holiday décor and these penguin lawn ornaments are just so adorable. I love the penguin and polar bear ornament; I mean, I know they'd never be friends in real life, but it's a nice fantasy, right? The trio of lit up penguins is really cute, too. Imagine how beautiful they'd look on your lawn along with your other Christmas lights.


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