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Dungeon Crackers, Chapter 1: Entering the Dungeon

Updated on June 30, 2010

This was always the worst part: making a back door when there is no back door.

Like always, Grayon’s magical gauntlets allowed me to swim through rock like it was mud. Very thick mud. Almost had a panic attack the first time that I did it. I kept having this paranoid fear that the gauntlets were going to come off, and then all the rock around me will crush me on all sides. Worse yet, that I would be stuck in the rock in a space exactly my volume, and then not be able to move as I died for lack of oxygen. I even took this last theory further and conceived a notion that I could actually breathe in the rock, and would slowly die of starvation. The hydra stone in my mouth kept me breathing now, and if I accidentally spit it out…

I quickly stayed focused on my goal. I still haven’t overcame this fear of swimming through rock like I overcame swimming through water. After all, it was like swimming blindfolded in a pool full of glue. At least it was warm.

There were times where I wondered if it was just easier to go though the main entrance, go past all the traps and creatures, and obtain the treasure the heroic and valiant way. These are the stories that children like to hear, not what I do, just to get money.

I then felt the cold, reassuring air at my fingertips, and stepped out into a dark cave. I feel along my belt for the airtight pouch and let Rolf out. The fairy illuminated and flew up to my shoulder as I spat out the hydra stone, putting it where my partner was.

I looked around and saw that I was in the labyrinth part of this dungeon.

Rolf leaned on my neck gasped in the dank air. He was in his usual foul mood.

“You took your sweet time with that swim. I almost ran out of air in there.”

“You have an hour’s worth.”

“I suppose you want to test that out?”

I braced himself for one of Rolf’s it’s-hard-to-be-a male-fairy speeches. I decided that I would rather talk to my favorite troll and put his magical blue tooth in my ear.

“Grayon, it’s Tiran. I’m in.”

“Tell me where you are.”

“I’m in the Labyrinth section.”

“That doesn’t exactly narrow it down.”

“Okay, there is a left in front of me, and down the hall, another left.”

“Oh for pixie’s sake.” Rolf took off in a trail of glowing dust. He was back in a minute and snatched the magic scroll from Tiran’s holster. He unfolded it on the ground, with his own natural luminescence as a reading light. Tiran knew better than to disturb him.

The map of the dungeon magnified until a maze could be seen.

“Ah-hah,” said Rolf, as he flew up to my ear to talk to Grayon. It was like a big mosquito at my lobe.

“We’re in Grid 4A.”

“Geez, Rolf, you don’t have to yell.”

“Quit trying to swat me.”

“If you two would quit bickering, I can easily guide both of you to the treasure room entrance.”

“That would be great, thanks.”

I imagined Grayon in his study with three magic scrolls hanging on horizontal rods in front of him. No doubt he was looking at more information on his crystal cube, which was connected to all the crystal balls in the world.

“If you go down the eastern hall, and take your second right, the door to the treasure room will be right there.”

I took out his compass, and Rolf shed some of his interior light on it. As I started to walk toward the direction Grayon wanted me to walk, Rolf flew right in my face with a palms up “halt” sign. He and I worked long enough together so it became my second nature to stop whenever he did that.

As a fairy, Rolf was one with his surroundings. He could tell what was happening around him via sixth sense, and he could easily sense when things were not right. He was excellent to have around when there were traps. Sometimes they weren’t on the map, but he could still detect them. Occasionally, he would spring the trap, but he didn’t do so this time.

“We need to go around.” He then took our the scroll and found a different path. I relayed to Grayon what our new plans were. He seemed okay with it.

As we passed the second left, we also passed someone or something very big, and very burly. I quickly ducked out of the way and cursed. Rolf flew into my pouch, and his light was out.

“What is it?” Grayon obviously detected that something was wrong.

“Minotaur guarding the entrance to the treasure room. Why didn’t you tell me? I don’t like surprises.”

“I wouldn’t have left something like that out. I take it he hasn’t seen you yet.”

Suddenly, the minotaur’s head peaked around the corner, and snorted angrily.

So, will Tiran and Rolf take down the minotaur?  Find out in the next chapter, here


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