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Dungeon Crackers, Chapter 6: Madelyn

Updated on June 30, 2010

I hadn’t seen Madelyn for years, even though Phoebe’s power of a glamour always made me see her everyday. I had learned to stop staring a long time ago. I picked it up really quick.

“You really are the dungeon cracker.”

I wanted to embrace her, but I had lost her a long time ago. I choose the life that I live a long time ago, and I knew that meant she would be left behind. Now that I had been doing this for years, I didn’t want her to be a part of it. It took everything within me to just hold still.

“Yes, this is what I do now. Okay, what did they tell you?”

“Who should have told me anything? What are you talking about?”

“Bitane’s school. Did the Headmaster tell you that I was expelled?”

“No. Was it…”

“It wasn’t because I was trying to visit you that one night, no. It was the excuse that they needed, though. When they caught me outside my quarters, they assumed I was going to go practice magic.”

It was nine years ago, back when the Magic Wars were supposedly declared over with humans as the victor. On that day, Headmaster Bitane announced without any joy or sadness that the school of magic was about to become a school of architecture. Instead of learning how to harness the power of magical stones and talismans, we would now be creating buildings that would keep magic items away from everyone, even wizards. Every student was told to relinquish any and all magical items, but I didn’t.

“Were you?”

“Yes. I had a fairy whistle, and I was going to take you out so you and I could see if it really worked. It would have been a great night…anyway, Bitane’s boys caught me, and they took me straight to the Headmaster. I was expelled…and why don’t you know any of this?”

“I figured that you had just left.”

“Why would I leave you like that?”

“Because you did. You obviously never tried to come back to me. I wondered where you were.”

“So, what did they tell you?”

“The Headmaster didn’t remember your name.”

“And you believed him?”

“There were a lot of people who were upset by the end of the magic wars, and ended up leaving the school. I simply assumed that you were one of them. After all, you told me that just wanted to practice magic. I saw you crying on the day they took it away. Don’t deny it. You never wanted to be an architect. You took what you learned in your short time and used it to get magic into the hands of anyone who wanted it.”

I always admired Madelyn for her mind, and she had just got smarter over the years. I am also not dumb, and know exactly what would happen if I got involved with her again.

“Listen, Madelyn, if this is about getting back together…”

“Why the hell would it be about you and me? You could have sent me a message all this time. You could have broken into the school if you wanted to see me again. Clearly, you didn’t, so like most of the wizarding school, I moved on, just like you did, apparently.”

“What I wanted to do was illegal. It was not your life. I kept you out of it.”

“Well, I want into it. The work, I mean. I want you to do this job for me. It is one that you are going to want. I will pay you one million.”

“One million in gold? Where did you get that money?”

“I am assistant headmaster to the school now.”

“You work for Bitane?”

“He pays me very handsomely. I designed some of the best dungeons.”

“I’ve problems broken into a few. All right, what is the item?”

“The Porovo Talisman.”

“Okay, anything that is worth one million should be something very powerful, and I have never heard of that.”

“Let’s put it this way. Do you know how every wizard must draw their power from some magic item, and every magic item, stone, whatever, has that unknown element that we simply cannot replicate?”

“It is lesson one at magic school. I was there for that…”

“Let’s put it this way, the Porova Talisman could be the source of it all. This is just a theory, and that is all I can say about it until I actually have it myself.”

“Why do you want it? You were always the one who told me that I should just give magic up, and that life is about moving on.”

“That is my business. Not only that, it is highly unprofessional of you to ask that question. Now, do you want this job or not?”

So, is Tiran and his band going to accept the job?  Find out in the next chapter here


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