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Dungeon Crackers, Chapter 14: To Destroy the Magic

Updated on June 30, 2010

The worst part of setting my best friend aflame was not seeing it. Instead of actually being there for the event that I had no right not to see, I was in a vault and safe from him.

I knew that I would not be safe for long, and that the fire I started to stop him was going to eventually spread more and more, and this metal box I was in would be like an oven.

I decided to wait until he stopped pounding, and then I opened the door. I could see and smell my friend’s seething carcass, but I dared not look at it. I used the sling I had just made to cover my mouth and quickly ran down the steps. I knew that I was being slowly burned, and it would just be a matter of time before it became painful.

I thought that I would be safe when I made it to the stairs, but it was only the beginning of my problems. Grayon had demolished them when he came to get me, and so I tripped. I tried to shield my broken leg and arm, but I’m pretty certain that I had just broken them in several more places. The pain was intense, and I could help but yell.

The ceiling suddenly burst into flame, and the only thing that kept me from laying down and dying was the prospect of a very painful death.

I crawled out the door, and as far away from the burning building as possible. I then saw Phoebe’s foot. I looked up and she had a crossbow pointed in my face. It was the same one Rolf had taken from Bitane earlier. Bitane stood right beside her, holding the talisman.

“He couldn’t do it, could he?”

I nodded. I then decided that my last action would be arising to my feet. If Phoebe felt a need to end my life while I was standing, then so be it.

“Okay, Phoebe. I just literally killed my best friend. You killed the only woman that I have ever loved. I am in more pain than I can ever remember. If you wish to end it right now, then I won’t stop you.”

Phoebe held up the crossbow to my heart.

I turned to Bitane. “This is where it ends.”

“Wait,” said Bitane.

“For wait?” Phoebe smiled.


Bitane threw the talisman into the burning administration building.

“No!” Phoebe shot the headmaster with the crossbow, and I tried hard to move him out of place. I only succeeded in grabbing the bolt. I didn’t catch it, and it impaled me in the hand. Just when I had thought I couldn’t experience more pain.

Phoebe wanted to run in after the talisman, but the building was completely on fire. You could not get within several feet of it, due to the heat. She then ran back to me, and grabbed me by the lapels.

“Bitane was with you all along.”

“I wouldn’t say all along, but yeah, he’s with me. You’ve got your betraying friends, I’ve got mine.”

Phoebe was angry, and took my impaled hand and made the damage worse by stepping on it.

“You fool! The talisman is a thing of magic. It will take more than that to destroy it.”

“You mean like this?”

I pulled out the pack of gunpowder that I still had not used yet. I threw it at Bitane, who hurled it in the exact same place where he threw the talisman.

There was a mammoth explosion.

Is this the end?  Well, the next chapter is.  Find out what happens here. 


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