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Dungeon Crackers, Chapter 15: Epilogue

Updated on June 30, 2010

The shockwaves threw me, Phoebe, and Bitane far from the administration building.  Chunks of shrapnel landed all about us, and several had struck the other buildings at the wizard’s school.  The entire school was now on fire.  I was glad that Bitane had evacuated the school. 

            I check on Bitane, and he appeared to be breathing.  It was in small gasps, though. 

            I then remembered Phoebe, and I wondered if she was going to try and kill us.  I then saw that there was a blank carcass nearby.  I don’t know how to describe it better than that honestly.  I always knew that Phoebe’s ability as a glamour affected the mind, and that it had to be magical.  What I suddenly realized is that unlike Grayon or Rolf, removing the magic from Phoebe is removing her life itself. 

            I then realized is that Phoebe is a true creature of magic, who may have been the only one of her type.  Whatever magician who created her must have been proud. 

            Even though I could not see it, I imagined that the people of Moraden were discovering that the Gem of Abulon was just an ordinary gem now.  If they would have any fear of the undead returning to haunt them, they needn’t be.  The undead were only that way by magic, and all the magic, good and bad, was good.  

            I had killed it all. 

            All I could do now was sleep. 

            I awoke to find that I was face to foot again, but it wasn’t Phoebe’s.  It was a leader in the king’s army, and he wanted to know what happened.  He had someone nearby who was going to take the crossbow bolt out of my hand.  That is, yank it out while I bit down on a strap. 

            Bitane came up to me while I was recovering. 

            “It would appear that you are going to be just fine.”

            “If you mean that I will survive, then yes.”   

Bitane seemed to be in good spirits, in spite of all that happened to him.

            “What will you do now?”

            “I suppose I will restart the school.”

            “Another school for architecture?  There is no need to create any more dungeons.  There are no more magic items to guard anymore.  In fact, I just destroyed all magic.  No one will ever practice it, ever.”

            “You see an end, my friend, but I see a beginning.”

            “A beginning.  Of what?”

            “An age where magic is but a memory, and we must rely on something more.”

            “And what is that?”

            “Faith.  This is a dawn of an age of faith.”


            “Tiran, you believe that you did a terrible thing for the world when you destroyed this magic.  However, what if it was supposed to die at this time?  What if something else was supposed to arise now?”

            I looked at the hole in my hand.  I was still in a lot of pain, and I began to realize that this is probably the summary of life itself.  We get hurt, we heal, and then we get hurt again.  The problem is that even when we heal, there is a scar.  Eventually, we get hurt so bad that we never heal, but that hadn’t happen to me yet.


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