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Dungeon Crackers, Chapter 12: Making a Stand

Updated on June 30, 2010

Bitane evacuated the school. Most of them were eager to leave, since the school was about to be attacked by the same troll and fairy that startled them the other day. Some of them packed like they were not coming back, and no one seemed to worry about when the school would open again.

One of these students was sent a message to deliver to the king, requesting aid for this. I knew the help would never arrive in time.

Even though the front gate had almost been repaired, I asked Bitane to leave it as is. I knew that this would be a battle that would not be won if the gates remained firm. No, I wanted Phoebe and Grayon to come through the front door, so I could face them head-on.

Bitane did not like the plan that I had in mind, but he seemed to go along. He was going to stay behind with me, in order to defend the talisman. Even though I resented Bitane for expelling me a long time ago, I admire his willingness to tough out this situation.

I told Bitane to lock himself in the vault with the talisman. I also gave him the invisibility cloak and told him that if the worst should happen, he should use it to get out of here.

I then had Bitane outfit me in a sword and shield, and I asked him to enchant them with the talisman. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to use the magic in them.

Night began to fall, and I knew that nothing would stop Grayon and Phoebe now. In what seemed no time at all, the loud footsteps could be heard coming around the corner, and Grayon appeared at the gate, with Phoebe.

She still looked like Madelyn, and I hated her for that.

“I’m guessing that you’ve found Madelyn.”

“I have. I’m guessing you know what comes next.”

“I do, and I don’t want it to end it that way. You see, I still need a wizard to use the talisman. I would rather it be you, but it’s too late for that. All I am trying to do is make certain that the magic gets back.”

“They won’t let you keep it.”

“I want things back the way they used to be.”


I turned and saw Bitane, and he came out from the cloak of invisibility. He was holding the talisman.

“What are you doing here? Go back to the vault.”

He didn’t pay attention, but yelled to Phoebe.

“Is that what you need? You want a human wizard to help you with the talisman?”

“Yes. We want to use it to turn the whole earth magical.”

“You know, that actually sounds pretty good.”

“Bitane, what are you doing?”

“Tiran, I’ve been serving non-magic people for years, and all I can say is…it’s not any better world with them in charge. Maybe it is time for a change.”

“Don’t do it, Bitane. I’m really getting sick of people betraying me. I’m…”

I then felt all the magic in my sword and shield, as well as everything else I was expecting to fight with, get sucked out and into the talisman. I no longer had the big advantage that I thought I had.

I still had an ordinary sword, and I came at Bitane with it.

“That does it.” I was hit in the back by Grayon.

Oh no! This sounds like the end for Tiran. Check out the next chapter here.


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