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Poems by Mastergreen

Updated on July 18, 2015
Copyright reserved.
Copyright reserved. | Source

Hi there! Welcome to Poems by Mastergreen.

This is the starting page for all my poems. From here, you can get links for all the poems I have written over the years. I hope you enjoy them. I like writing poems on anything. Romantic poems, funny poems, serious poems, positive poems, happy poems, good poems, and maybe great poems too.

Poems about so many topics such as exams, class, school, comedy, tragedy, friendship, sadness, bad situations, good and evil, light and darkness, mistakes, problems, disappointments, failure, emptiness, pain, philosophy, experience, education, courage, sleeping, night, day, time, thought, wind, moon, sun, heart, hurt, loneliness, love, life, luck, escape, enjoying, music, happiness, strength, peace, hope, fight, battle, war, victory, warrior, honour, redemption, greatness, etc., etc., etc. You name it, I have written about it. Or at least I will be writing about it later. Anything is a good topic. Because everything is art. Really anything is a good enough subject for writing poems.

Poetry is a neglected art form these days. Though we may not necessarily think poems are needed every day, it is necessary to acknowledge that poems, both writing and reading them, are a good way to spend time. It enriches the mind, rejuvenates the spirit and makes life even more beautiful. So why not enjoy life a little bit more. Read these poems and feel better more. Feel more. Think more and live more happier, brighter and better. Yes it is definitely possible. It's very easy to see that poetry is a wonderful addition to your life. Because poems can make anything beautiful, and by anything I mean everything. It has been a wonderful journey so far, and a wonderful life, and I think it will continue to be so. So to you I say, enjoy poems and thank you for spending time here and hope you will keep coming back for more. So yeah, all the best, keep going and just enjoy! Because there are always poems everywhere that are waiting for you.

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