What would be an ideal character description for a fallen angel?

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  1. WTAnderton profile image56
    WTAndertonposted 9 years ago

    What would be an ideal character description for a fallen angel?

    I would appreciate details such as appearance, attitude towards situations, opinions on mortals, styles of weapon or magic combat, and (most important) why the angel "fell". Further details can be given such as what the angel's relation with the gods was before (s)he fell, and if the angel seeks redemption or not. Check part one of my "Fallen" series to find the character I am seeking suggestions for.

  2. adamstandingtree profile image61
    adamstandingtreeposted 9 years ago

    Well, if it involves falling, then you know the hombre has gotta have burn scars from the re-entry into earth's atmosphere, innit...?

  3. profile image51
    The Fallen Loveposted 9 years ago

    Think of how you want the story to go, that can always help with beggining discriptions.  But I would try something like this.

    An angel of misery.  That would best describe -insert name here-.  Not that he himself is miserable, but because he brings darkness and pain to those he loves.  Exiled from heaven and sent to earth, all because of one slip.  The gods loved him no more, nor would they ever.  It wan't that he had spoken out against them, he hardly spoke at all, or that he openly challanged them; he was not fighter either, but because he was a knowledge seeker.  He draws upon words which others so flippiantly discard, caring for them until they pass over their unbound secrets to him.  But he had sought to much.  He did not seek power, nor did he seek wealth.  He simply sought to learn all that he could.  He knew the secret loves and quiet romances, the unbound hatreds that clashed among the Gods, great or small.  He kept them all and stored them away, but the Gods searched him out and demanded he forget all that he knew or become one of the Fallen.  He chose his exile and his pain, but kept his knowledge and keeps it still.  They are locked behind his silver eyes which lie behind his midnight locks.  But be not fooled for he will not give them up easily, and perhaps may never, until his saving grace saves him from himself.

  4. Angelladywriter profile image53
    Angelladywriterposted 9 years ago

    The main character description of a fallen angel is satan the devil. His description was given in the Bible at Ezekiel 28:13-15,17 "In Eden, the garden of God, you proved to be. Every precious stone was your covering, ruby, topaz and jasper; chrysolite, onyx and jade; sapphire... In the day of your being created they were made ready. You are the anointed cherub that is covering, and I have set you. On the holy mountain of God you proved to be. In the midst of fiery stones you walked about. You were faultless in your ways from the day of your being created until unrighteousness was found in you. Your heart became haughty because of your beauty. You brought your wisdom to ruin on account of your beaming splendor. Onto the earth I will throw you." Yes, satan was created as a beautiful creature until he wanted to be like God. He wanted God's creatures to serve him. Satan put that thought into the minds and hearts of Adam and Eve causing the downfall of all mankind. Satan was truly beautiful but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. From God's standpoint satan is very ugly due to his haughtiness but from man's point of view, if you took the best looking man you have ever seen and multipy his beauty tenfold, this is what satan would look like. Satan made himself ugly because of his disobedience and desire to be worshipped which only God deserved as our creator.

  5. Jarn profile image78
    Jarnposted 8 years ago

    Wait a minute. Why on earth am I expected to do your homework for you? Laaaazy.

    Anyway, if we're talking Christian or Hebrew angels, there's just the one God. Two possibly reasons why an angel falls traditionally: he participated in the rebellion against God or chose to be a concientious objector. This means there are three possible mindsets. 1. That of the frothing and unrepentant rebel who believes God made the first offense by giving glory to Man instead of Angel (the Luciferian concept). 2. The angel who gave his all in the Long War, has found Lucifer to be a charlatan, and now either seeks redemption (anti-hero trying to be good) or sees both Heaven and Hell as two equal factions who only want the absolute obedience of their members (Freelance mercenary. chaotic neutral) 3. The concientious objector who felt wronged because he wanted nothing to do with the rebellion. As such, he'll form his own little haven (recluse).

    There, you've 4 backgrounds and character profiles with which to build on, ranging the gamit between good, neutral, pacifist, and evil.

    You might want to look up the work of Joy At Home here on Hubpages, who puts forth the theory that angels are born in a neutral state and must make the choice between Heaven and Hell as they grow up. That might be different.


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