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Angelladywriter profile image

Claudette Coleman Carter (Angelladywriter)

Joined 8 years ago from Media, Pennsylvania




I enjoy creating intense characters that provide answers to real life problems which people struggle with daily. My ariticles reach thousands of readers daily through facebook, twitter, Linkedin, instagram and numerous other sites.

Clarity evolves in my life, when I am able to help others enhance their perspective in life. I have spent numerous years in television, creative writing for corporations, community and political leaders or inspirational articles on individuals. Writing positive things about individuals which inspire them to become the best person they can be, have given me so much joy. The world is filled with enough negativity. That is why it is my determination to focus on positive, encouraging information as a writer.

I try to judiciously research any information included within my articles, so that it will not be deceptive or misleading. After careful research, I enjoy finding answers that just make sense. I then take these answers and create characters, articles and stories around them. It is my hope and prayer that this information I compile, will provide tremendous hope for the future of all mankind.

My identical twin sister and I previously published a book entitled, Nephilims:Children of the Fallen Angels. The original manuscript was written in the early nineties and was sent to various agents and producers. Later, numerous movies, books and ideas flooded the market concerning nephilims and fallen angels. We then decided to publish the book which explained how these spirit creatures, along with satan, causes so much wickedness in the world today. These were the same volent, angelic creatures that caused chaos in the earth before the flood of Noah's day, which inspired Almighty God to bring on the flood. Although the Nephilim were destroyed in the flood, their demonic fathers as well as Satan the Devil, still have an effect on mankind today. It is my determination to reveal the detriment of these powerful wicked forces in this system because I genuinely care about people of all races.

As a writer, I also have a passion for God's beautiful creations whether animals, flowers, trees or plants. The appearance of our precious babies as well as, dogs, cats and birds just make me smile. When I think about how powerful Almighty God is, I find it amazing to see that he has such a unique sense of humor regarding his creations. I love my Grand Creator, Jehovah God and it brings me joy to write about the creativity and talent of individuals, given to them by God. Each of us have a story that needs to be told. I enjoy being one of the tools utilized, to tell these stories.

I previously wrote an article entitled, How Does Greed Effect Us Today? It has been read by thousands of people, who clearly see the effects of greed that exist within the banking institutions, political leaders, wall street and our lives daily. That is why Jesus taught us to pray for a kingdom that would rid the world of this type of problem. Due to our imperfection, we make mistakes and even sometimes bad decisions. That is why it is so vital, we must look to God's word the Bible for direction. This will provide us with the tools we need to get through these difficult times we are all confronted with. It is my prayer that each of us will become, "the very best person we can be."

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