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Please share your poetry with us!

  1. Mighty Mom profile image84
    Mighty Momposted 8 years ago

    Please share your poetry with us!

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    darlingdisastersposted 8 years ago

    this is something I wrote while it was slow at work the other night.  it's nothing special:


    Spinning, spinning, spinning.
    Can't stop these circles,
    Can't stop this racing.

    Heart is pounding.
    Breath is ragged.
    Time is fleeting.
    Butterflies are beating.

    New and lovely.
    The feeling is blossoming.
    It's like fresh air,
    Or a new lightbulb;
    The same, but not quite.
    It's a blood rush
    And a fleeing of pain.

  3. Quilligrapher profile image87
    Quilligrapherposted 8 years ago

    My Dad's Place

    Each day I drive past my dad's place.
    My respects I never stop to pay.
    Life drives me past at such a hectic pace,
    Like there's never enough time in the day.

    It's a beautiful site for a manor:
    Green lawns roll for as far as eye can see;
    Wrought iron stretches between brick pillars;
    Arches, gates, asphalt roads inviting me.

    The shrubs are all shaped, neatly trimmed and green.
    No signs of clutter, no trace of debris.
    As tidy and peaceful as ever I've seen:
    No disorder, not a leaf from a tree.

    I recall, last time we parted, he smiled.
    Between us there was never much to say.
    Now I regret that. Even as a child
    Seems like never enough time in the day.

    So now, each day, I drive past my dad's place.
    I see row after row of white granite.
    And I know as the tears stream down my face,
    One of those stones has his name on it.


  4. _cheryl_ profile image82
    _cheryl_posted 8 years ago

    I wrote this poem called This Love....

    Empowers me, moves me

    Cool fresh ocean breeze

    Like calmness of raindrops

    Sweet honey in tea

    Further than the horizon

    Your love breathes

    Warm scent of vanilla

    Smooth soft velvet touch

    Your soul dances through me

    In one glance you’re my crush

    My comfort, companion

    Equivalent of me

    Robust and resilient

    Thrives successfully

    This love

    Constantly mounting to higher degrees

    Completely unparallel of anyones dreams

    A connection within

    Strong union is shared

    Affluent with pleasure

    Incredibly rare

    Undeniably grateful

    Incomplete paths have crossed

    Souls intertwined deeply

    Without love would be lost

    by Cheryl

  5. H.C Porter profile image82
    H.C Porterposted 8 years ago

    The tears flow from the eyes of depression
    A deep red purple stains the ground
    The world becomes dark and heart becomes cold
    She tries to find a light in the darkness, but she only sees her shadow
    She remembers when she stood in the light and tries to recall when she fell
    But she can’t.
    She is exhausted by her thoughts and has lost any will to figure them out.
    Her sadness floats around like a lost drifting soul
    Misery is her companion, one which has no need to speak
    She no longer sees color,
    No longer hears laughter.
    She no longer tries to feel anyone or anything
    The tears are empty now-the world is a tranquilizing calm

    Nobody sees what she holds in her mind
    Nobody sees her curled up in the corner
    Nobody heard her cry.
    Nobody heard her beg.
    Nobody noticed when she stopped showing up, or checking in or following through

    What sadness it is to lose a life, it is so personal when it is your own
    She no longer wants the answers to the questions she once asked.
    She no longer believes in hope or in dreams
    She sits alone now in her eternal hell, never knowing, never realizing that the world is more that the shades of dust and gray.

    I see her sitting, as tears flow and deep red purple stains the ground.
    I helped her up from the corner
    I now know what she held in her mind
    Hold out my hand, hear her cry, feel her sadness in my soul.
    She no longer needs misery-I will help her speak

    Please don’t cry those empty tears
    I want to help you see.
    The world is a wind storm, of more than shades of dust and gray
    There is light on the darkest of days,
    Take my hand I will walk with you until you are able to find your own way.

    She no longer sits alone in an eternal hell.
    She sees color in the deepest shades of dust and gray.
    She feels her thoughts and sees her dreams, and I can hear her speak.
    -HC Porter

  6. Janie Zavala profile image61
    Janie Zavalaposted 8 years ago

    I'd like to share one of my poems. I'm a writer, I have a website www.janiepoetry.com
    This is Faith

    Faith don't desert me in my darkest hour
    Faith pick me up, for hope has abandoned me
    Faith come back to me, for I am in need
    I wish you to come to me in effortless fancy
    Swiftly and quietly, hurry I beg....
    For I fear that doubt surrounds me
    I have tried to do right and it has given me a broken heart
    So where do I start?
    I know I must pick up
    I know I must get dressed
    I know I must go on
    I am so tired, yet I can not sleep
    I am heart broken, yet I can not cry
    I give my troubles to you
    and I will wait for you
    to turn them into joy and light

    Written by
    Janie Zavala

  7. LeonJane profile image87
    LeonJaneposted 8 years ago

    Answer your question with a hub?
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  8. Telynisblessed profile image59
    Telynisblessedposted 8 years ago

    Out of touch with the world...
    Trying to hide inside so I don't hurt.
    The little girl inside me with her mouth wide open
    screaming with grief and heartache.
    A soundless scream full of pain, broken dreams
    a house blown away by the storm.
    She's crying out to you. Why don't you hear her…see her…hold her.
    You don't want to look beyond your need, you left
    her behind.
    Who was there to teach her, her worth? Who told her
    she was special to them? Who showed her what
    a strong woman she would be?
    She looked to herself as she grew to be me.
    In spite of you I found my own worth. In spite
    of you I became special to someone. In spite of
    you I learned to be a strong woman.
    But, no matter the moments between then and now..
    that little girl that you left behind abandoned, hurting
    and alone cries out.
    Then out of the darkness He holds me. He whispers you are
    not alone. You are my child, I made you and I've been with
    you. Those times you cried I dried your tears, those times
    you wished your mama would see you I saw your pain. It's time
    to let go, I will take care of the ache in your heart. Don't
    grasp so tight to broken dreams..let it go and in it's place I
    will give you the stars. Your happiness is with me, I've made
    you and I will not leave you, you are my princess and peace and
    love is my gift to you. No matter what the world throws at
    you, good or bad I will provide you with the strengh to go on.
    Because, my love is everlasting and nothing can tear us apart...
    With a sigh I let go and just let God......

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