What do you do when you lack the motivation to write?

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  1. Ebower profile image81
    Ebowerposted 12 years ago

    What do you do when you lack the motivation to write?

    This is not a problem with writer's block, but a problem with having the mental energy and desire to write.

  2. AEvans profile image73
    AEvansposted 12 years ago

    What do I do when I lack the motivation to write? mmmm.....good question. 

    I always have the mental energy and desire to write. Writing is a passion of mine from a personal perspective. So I constantly carry a notebook and pen with me wherever I go, so I can jot down my thoughts and ideas. The deisre for writing runs deep through me and I could not imagine a world without putting my words to life.

  3. Lord De Cross profile image70
    Lord De Crossposted 12 years ago

    I usually take my time and buy myself a nice meal that didn't try in days. At times I read a lot until creativity clicks in...But as AEvans said it right, I write with passion and the need is out there...

  4. wayseeker profile image86
    wayseekerposted 12 years ago

    I agree that it's a rare phenomenon.  Generally, I can't find enough time to write--that's the real problem.  Still, it happens.  (Seemed to happen more often while cranking out a novel draft for a master's degree--something about school, I think.)  When it happened, if I had the option, I played piano--another thing I never have enough time for.  Rotting my brain with TV is also a nice solution.

  5. Daffy Duck profile image61
    Daffy Duckposted 12 years ago

    I just get away from creating hubs and do other things on hubpages.  Answer questions, post forum topics, hub hopping.

  6. Meisjunk profile image77
    Meisjunkposted 12 years ago

    When I lack the physical energy to write, I just don't write. I never force it. Either I'm willing to or not. What helps me wanting to write varies greatly. Either I've been watching a lot of one show and something pops into my head, or I'm out visiting friends or participating in some type of extra curricular activity and want to jot down my experiences, or I'm reading and something comes to mind.

    Just recently, there was an amazing storm with the most brilliant thunder here. I sat on the front porch and typed a note into my phone because I needed to get it down right there, and I feared that going inside to find a pen and paper would ruin it.

    When I don't have the energy to write, I've noticed that what I do write is terrible. I already write out of order (which is one reason why editing is always so very important to me), but when I'm tired or lack the wherewithal to put things into words, it sounds just as forced as it is.

    If you're looking for suggestions, I suggest watch your favorite show or go to the movies. Get away from whatever project you're working on. Letting your subconscious stew on it may be the best thing for you.

  7. FloraBreenRobison profile image60
    FloraBreenRobisonposted 12 years ago

    re: mental energy: this sounds to me like when I am not mentally alert. This happens when my stress level is high  and/or I haven't gotten enough sleep or enough just plain rest. Therefore, I would take a break. When I have tried to do anything  beyond the level of endurance I end up sick. Because I have insomnia and write best late at night anyway, this presents a bit of a problem. So despite the fact that most people suggest you shouldn't sleep during the day because it worsens your already bad sleeping cycle, I will sleep when I need it. Even if that means I sleep at 4 in the afternoon.

  8. Jon Hunt profile image61
    Jon Huntposted 12 years ago

    I take a break, hang out with friends and family and play random games. You know, just enjoying life and hopefully you'll get inspired!

  9. jg555 profile image61
    jg555posted 12 years ago

    If you don't want to write...you could just not write. Buf if your forcing yourself to, there's a lot of places where you can get inspiration for stories. Other books, movies, shows, anything you see in the world, the news.

  10. Gyldenboy profile image64
    Gyldenboyposted 12 years ago

    Disconnect from distractions. Get that mental energy pumped up.

    Have you watched any Tony Robbin videos on youtube or been to his seminars? Maybe tried working for a marketing firm? Or worked a job with inspirational pre-work meetings?

    What I remember from what these have in common, is they take time at the start to get juiced about working. Typically involving a little chant. Often accompanied by some music. Together, they start to get you energized. In which you end it, by yelling atop your lungs.

    I don't usually need to go to such lengths. But, when I have project with a due date - I set up a playlist of inspirational music videos to start off with before writing. Or, I might play The Secret recording. Or, watch a Tony Robbins video. Any of them work. Generally, it's what inspires and energizes you to push yourself to succeed.

    Music during writing can also help keep energy levels up as well.

    But to truly make it work, discipline is needed. You set yourself goals. And find ways to get energized. Setting up a reward for yourself for meeting writing quotas (goals) is also important. But, don't allow yourself to quit till you meet your set daily goals. Otherwise, you don't get the reward for the day and/or pay a higher price that acts as deterrent.

    A major deterrent you could do is force yourself to pay out a large amount of money to an organization you dislike if you fail to meet all your goals. Then write a reminder, and then you'll know you need to stay on track. That is one idea as well for a form of self punishment for not meeting a goal. With this as a deterrent, it could help you stay on track. Of course, if you do this you should also offer yourself a sweet reward for success when you meet all your goals.

    Or sometimes, working on one project too long can be a de-motivator. In which case, simply switching to a different project can be a big help. It's mentally refreshing, and will help re-energize the writer in you. After all, you can always tackle the old project again in the future.

    Well, I hope that helps. Good luck. ^^

  11. Freegoldman profile image41
    Freegoldmanposted 12 years ago

    Sit back and start reading...get back the motivation by reading good writers.

  12. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image83
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 12 years ago

    I take a long and brisk ride on my mountain bike, and I instantly think of a dozen ideas.

  13. Angie Jardine profile image69
    Angie Jardineposted 12 years ago

    I think, like some of the other comments here, it is best to take a break. Getting out into the countryside for a walk usually works for me.

    I end up thinking of lots of hub/blog ideas and, if I've forgotten to carry a notebook, pen and spectacles, I spend the rest of the walk trying to remember my ideas until I get home. Then I can't write fast enough ...

  14. GrowingDeeper profile image61
    GrowingDeeperposted 12 years ago

    I think there are endless answers. But, I agree with disengaging from HP or places where you feel pressured to write. I likr reading, go for a walk/workout, spend time in places that are alive and vibrant, de-stress, listen to inspiring music whatever that may be for you. Above all don't panic or feel pressured into it. My biggest problem is probably more focus than motivation. I have hundreds of ideas, but i just let them simmer til they are ready to flow out of me. i use 3x5 cards or notepads jot the thought down then move along. Even just glancing over those thoughts stir me to write and often times that is when they flow through me.

  15. Cardisa profile image90
    Cardisaposted 12 years ago

    When I am having a writers block (I always want to write despite the block), I relax and do things that take my mind off whatever is stressing or distracting me. I try to write about something that I have to research in order to keep my mind sharp.

  16. platinumOwl4 profile image72
    platinumOwl4posted 12 years ago

    On the rare occasion that I have this problem, here is my solution. First I go to the garage and take out my bike go for a ride to the nearest park and observe families interacting. Second I return home select a book that I consider useful for my next hub and read it, set it aside and do some free writing, rough and final draft. This is how I do it.

  17. profile image0
    A.CreativeThinkerposted 12 years ago

    Do something that you enjoy doing and something that is relaxing.
    Sometimes the pressure to write can block creativity for some people. Motivation can come at the strangest times.  I hope this helps.
    Take Care.  smile

  18. The Blagsmith profile image69
    The Blagsmithposted 12 years ago

    I agree with freegoldman - read good writers works. Watching tv works for me too or watching a damn good film that enjoyably engages you. And I agree always have a pen and paper to hand.

  19. Greensleeves Hubs profile image93
    Greensleeves Hubsposted 12 years ago

    One small tip I would give relating to writing HubPages (but it would also apply to other projects) is that I always have several on the go at the same time. It usually takes me a number of days to complete one page anyway, and so if I have several in various stages of progress on very different subjects, then if I get bored with one, or cannot think of how to proceed, I just turn to another and work on that page instead, until the inspiration returns.

  20. That Grrl profile image74
    That Grrlposted 11 years ago

    Stop writing. Put away your pens, paper, shut down the computer. Don't write anything for a week. Even when you start to want to write, ignore it. Wait the full week - by then you will have lots of ideas and motivation to start getting them out of your head and onto the blank page.


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