What is your interpretation of love?

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  1. midget38 profile image86
    midget38posted 10 years ago

    What is your interpretation of love?


  2. penlady profile image60
    penladyposted 10 years ago

    Here's mine, which of course, is in the bible: http://penlady.hubpages.com/hub/What-is … thians-134

  3. jaybird22 profile image70
    jaybird22posted 10 years ago

    Good question and I'm sure the answers you receive will be as unique as the people around the world.

    To me, love means being a part of someone that, when they feel the same as you, you become one.  You are able to speak to them about your deepest, darkest, secrets, share your life with them and not imagine a passing day without them.

    It means making sacrifices for them and helping them make their life more enjoyable.  It means making them feel as special as they are to you.  It means thinking about them when you are not with them and laughing about things that only they would understand.  It is a commitment so strong that no matter what obstacles life throws at you, your love will never change, only get stronger.

    That, my friend, is what love means to me ;-)

  4. Diana Burke profile image61
    Diana Burkeposted 10 years ago

    My feelings on the subject of "falling in love" itself is: I never wanted to fall in love, because I never wanted to have everything become so close only to be stripped away in the end. The fear of being in love was never falling forward; it was always the fear of crashing backwards and being left with nothing but my words...

    But I do believe in a different kind of love, like love for a family member or love for a friend. I don't really believe in it to be honest, I thought I was in love once but it turned out to be heart burn. I'm sure you'll get many answers saying their thoughts as to how its real and possibly the best thing ever, but for me since I am so young (only 19) in my opinion I personally don't believe in it. I can't imagine falling so hard for someone only to give them the chance to break me. I can't imagine falling for another in "Love" like who even created that word? Love to me is a word that is thrown around and word vomited like its nothing. Feel like it has lost its true meaning (by what the person whom of which created it must have meant it to mean) its thrown around like the word hate; which too has lost its meaning. Maybe one day I'll be proven wrong and fall in "Love" with another, but for now, the above is how I feel on that subject.

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      One always needs to protect oneself where love is concerned; yours is an absolutely natural feeling. :-) It is indeed a horrible feeling to be taken for granted in love.

  5. Jynzly profile image61
    Jynzlyposted 10 years ago


    First, I would like to say that this is such a simple yet so sensible question. Each of us has a unque interpretation of love and of anything else that we deem important and valuable in our well-being as we live our lives.
    For this, I would like to express more on my interpretation of love by creating a hub on this topic.

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Please do, Jynzly... I'm sure to stop by to read it!

    2. Jynzly profile image61
      Jynzlyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I am writing it right now.
      Your question really inspired me and turned my passion upside down.
      Thank you for such simple yet inspiring sensible question.

  6. Jynzly profile image61
    Jynzlyposted 10 years ago

    The essence of love is giving freely. read more

  7. bzirkone profile image79
    bzirkoneposted 10 years ago

    Committing to a decision.  Getting up, every day of your life and honoring that decision.

  8. sun of zym profile image61
    sun of zymposted 10 years ago

    the basic principles of love can be found in the bible; if you were to put all these principles in a circle and connected each with a line, all these principles would connect to each other, ask yourself if all these principle apply to you/yours then you will know your foundation, if one (or more) do not connect then what you have is not grounded on firm foundation, if you think to say, "this is too simple, that love is more complicated than that"; you are correct; if you say "love is emotion, and emotions are uncontrollable", then yes, you are right, but emotions are based on pride and one of the principles of love is, "Love is not proud" ... pride leads to vanity;  "it is not self seeking, and rejoices in the truth";   Okay, this is spiritual love, but isn't the basis of all things derived from spirituality; the will; I have seen love that was forced, but anything that begins with violence will be controlled by violence;  the way you treat each other in the beginning is the way it will be after you're married, (if this is the purpose of your question).  I have heard of people devoted to each other so much only to find that their secrets became detrimental (maybe the root of the breakup or other worse things).  I once tried to break up with a girl and she said,  "but, I bought you all those things!", so much for sacrifice...Love endures because of honesty, not because of wishy-washy stuff,...that's television, movies and romance novels, which is thrilling, but also entertainment; be sincere to each other and all things will be added on....but, if it doesn't work out; then why?  Or, what is behind the purpose of holding on?   ...When I was a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man.....
    Test all spirits...

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Very thought filled and emotive....I agree very much with all you say here. You very much receive what you give in love......if your partner is right for you!

  9. CarolynDarling profile image59
    CarolynDarlingposted 10 years ago

    That's a good question. In one of my novels, one of my characters had attempted to explain love to someone who refused to acknowledge love exists at all.

    Love isn't really anything. It's something just happens and when it does happen, it's completely unexplainable. But you know its love when you can stand seeing the object of your affection damaged or lost, when you think about it all the time, when you sleep better at night knowing it's safe. When it makes things worth living for.

    Honestly, I think love is probably the most complicated, but strongest, emotion known to man. It encourages someone to make sacrfices, to put their way through challenges and to reach for something bigger than them.

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Indeed, love can motivate and also depress...it has the power that cynics do not want to believe!

  10. caseymel profile image91
    caseymelposted 10 years ago

    Two people who look forward to growing old together.

  11. unvrso profile image85
    unvrsoposted 10 years ago

    Love comprises harmony. Living in harmony with nature, other human beings, and animals. Harmony begins within oneself. It includes living a harmonious life, not exceeding what arrives through the five senses, but to take all with certain measure, so as to maintain your inner balance. When your inner-being is in peace and living in harmony, your thoughts, intentions and wishes can be transmitted from within your inner-being to other beings, plants and animals.

    Another premise from love is to live doing more good than harm. This is achieved when a person listens to the wishes of his or her inner soul, which obeys the wishes of the soul not the flesh.

    Love is difficult to understand, yet, it is as simple as living your life in harmony with everything that surrounds you, including the elements, and the living and not living things that form part of this planet.

    1. Jynzly profile image61
      Jynzlyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Such truth...I voted up.

    2. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Indeed it is!

    3. unvrso profile image85
      unvrsoposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your comments! Jynzly and midget38.

    4. Jynzly profile image61
      Jynzlyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      You deserve it unvrso.

  12. nilaeslit profile image82
    nilaeslitposted 10 years ago

    Love is a decision to commit oneself to another, no matter who and what he is.  You don't necessarily have to like the person in order to love and serve the person.

  13. debugs profile image59
    debugsposted 10 years ago

    It's a temporary kind of mental aberration sometimes due to hormones which causes you or anyone to perceive another obsessively. It's an abnormal behavior wherein you begin to become excited by stupid gestures such as a guy sending you flowers (you're not dead yet), gifting you with chocolates (you have a diet to watch) and other gestures of affection that he does also because he is also suffering from the same affliction.

  14. theanswers profile image58
    theanswersposted 10 years ago

    Love has no broad definition, but at a personal level definition. The way i experience love will determine how i define it. If Love was good to me them i will say love is good. If i was betray in the course of experiencing love, then i will say love is just but a betrayal. That experience at a personal level will determine the definition of Love according.

  15. The Stages Of ME profile image82
    The Stages Of MEposted 10 years ago

    I must say the most important interpretation of love  is that of Agape Love, which is of and from God.  I believe that God our Father is love and through Him all things are possible.  I feel all love must lead with this main love because this is the root of all relationships as a follower of Christ.  I choose to keep Him center of any relationship.  This means I to bring and then keep Him to as the center most important figure in all my relationships.  He is my Director and my confident. His love never fails.  If I keep that focus I know all my relationships will be for HIM.  I will have a better chance of looking at all relationships as I do my relationship with Him. I will then make them most important and gently my relationships will be motivated toward greatness.  For Christ models relationships in His Holy Word. I realize not all of my interactions will be with believers and or followers of Christ.  At the same time I am aware that others should want to seek God through my example, for if I am living in His light I should be shining for Him and bringing others toward a relationship with Him.  God has brought me amazing relationships.  He chose an amazing spouse for me,  He then by His Grace allowed us to be blessed with two children.  My life has been blessed by love and many relationships.  The most  important has been with my heavenly Father God.  Who is Love ~ Agape Love.

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, He provides the most perfect love of all.

    2. The Stages Of ME profile image82
      The Stages Of MEposted 10 years agoin reply to this


  16. M K Paul profile image76
    M K Paulposted 10 years ago

    My interpretation of love is understanding and respect smile

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Indeed, which we can never have enough of!

    2. debugs profile image59
      debugsposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I agree that should sum it up without the drama.

  17. Tarotwoman profile image60
    Tarotwomanposted 10 years ago

    As Darth Vader would say, "Love means NEVER having to apologize for your dark side.

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Ha ha! So true! It means the other party accepting the dark side with open arms!

  18. Tu Michael profile image60
    Tu Michaelposted 10 years ago

    Love is not only looking into each other's eyes but also in the same direction

  19. hi friend profile image61
    hi friendposted 10 years ago

    Love is something which coming from the innermost mind, frankly and in a straightforward way.

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Honesty is part of love!

  20. mindyjgirl profile image83
    mindyjgirlposted 10 years ago

    True Love is not just a feeling to me... it is continued acts of kindness that you are inspired to do for someone or anyone. Love is peacefulness, gentleness, kindness ,  tenderness and forgiving, the opposite of hate. When you love someone you also want to help them better themselves too, so I encourage with positive reinforcement. Corinthians has a great chapter on love in the new testament, I cant remember the exact chapters and verses. Sending my love to you all!!! May this message find you at peace and full of love for one another that your joy may be full!

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Indeed, positive reinforcement and a lot of forgiveness is the order of the day where love is concerned. Sending you lots of hugs too!

  21. tlmcgaa70 profile image60
    tlmcgaa70posted 10 years ago

    to me, love is accepting someone for who and what they are, unconditionally. it is putting the desires of self aside in order to bring happiness to those you care about and those in need. it is loving even when that love is not returned. it is gaining great joy when others are happy and feeling deep sorrow when they are not. it is putting the needs of others before the wants of self. when i look for an example of pure, real love, i need look no father than my GOD. HE sacrificed HIS Son to save an ungrateful people. CHRIST died for us showing HIS love for us while we yet hated and mocked HIM. that is love. forgiveness is love. mercy is love. compassion is love. sacrifice is love. giving is love. love does not resent nor hold grudges. love is humble. true love brings the greatest joy always...there is no sorrow when love is not returned because you arent loving someone on the condition they return that love, you are loving them because it brings you joy to love them. so love comes from within, not generated from without. love doesnt depend on the words or actions of others.
    i could go on but it is late and i am tired. but i enjoyed answering this question. thank you.

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Love, indeed, requires the putting others before self mentality. Not easy to do indeed!

  22. Aisha Jilani profile image60
    Aisha Jilaniposted 10 years ago

    i think Love has words of encouragement for the lonely, the downtrodden, and others who deserve and need uplifting.  It has never been defined since man began, so we have to use our own hearts and minds to decide.  It isn't all about looking at a good looking woman/man and hearing fireworks go off all the time.  It is splendor thing.  Love will give the benefit of the doubt.  Love is characterized by genuine humility.

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      You've just outlined accurately a few important facets of love - humility, encouragement, giving the benefit of the doubt, etc. Solid interpretation, thank you!

    2. Aisha Jilani profile image60
      Aisha Jilaniposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      smile welcome

  23. CBartelmey profile image73
    CBartelmeyposted 10 years ago

    I believe love is to assign something with meaning.  To this day I have a piece of a tree root that I found while digging in my Grandmother’s garden.  I found this root when I probably about eight years old and wherever I have lived, no matter where I have moved, I have made a conscious effort to keep this little root.  Why - because it is exactly in the shape of a question mark - minus the dot at the bottom.  I can specifically recall being struck by how odd I thought that find was.  Was I meant to question things?  Turns out in some ways I was and from that little tree root began the tossing of many ideas.  I assigned it with meaning and it became much more than the simple utility of a tree attempting to find water.  And while that was just one example as there certainly are a great many things that I have assigned meaning to in my life; be it other objects that have signified something of importance, my relationship with my family, my attitude and approach toward work.  All of these things mean a great deal to me and thus have become things that I love.

    1. midget38 profile image86
      midget38posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Love is indeed assigning meaning to what's important to you...the meaning you assign is what you love the most!

  24. JamesGrantSmith profile image57
    JamesGrantSmithposted 9 years ago

    Love is were you cannot stop thinking about someone, could never cheat on someone, and are just genuinely in love with them, so much so that it hurts.


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