What are your best cleaning tips? (Weekly Topic Inspiration)

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  1. Simone Smith profile image85
    Simone Smithposted 11 years ago

    What are your best cleaning tips? (Weekly Topic Inspiration)

    We all clean- regardless of whether or not we have help. Over the years, how have you learned to clean your house, desk, office, or general surroundings more effectively? Share your tips as part of this week’s Weekly Topic Inspiration challenge!

    For group support and search-friendly title ideas, stop by the official Weekly Topic Inspiration forum thread: http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/104875


  2. chrissieklinger profile image75
    chrissieklingerposted 11 years ago

    I will take cleaning tips for busy parents

  3. lburmaster profile image71
    lburmasterposted 11 years ago

    Find a place for everything. Keep your cleaning focused and try to move quickly. Pick a closet, then a bookshelf, under the bed, or a portion of the attic. This will help you remain focused and only thinking of one space.

  4. profile image0
    3cardmonteposted 11 years ago

    My favourite cleaning product is bicarbonate of soda. No harsh chemicals and it cleans everything from work tops to microwaves to pans!

  5. Just Ask Susan profile image89
    Just Ask Susanposted 11 years ago

    Thinking that I had to go out and purchase a new coffee maker, I found using CLR to clean the machine totally revived it. read more

  6. Millionaire Tips profile image89
    Millionaire Tipsposted 11 years ago

    Important factors to consider and a quiz to help you decide whether you need a maid or cleaning service, and the type of service that would be best for you.  Includes links to studies that have proven many benefits of cleanliness. read more

  7. rfmoran profile image72
    rfmoranposted 11 years ago

    Part of boating is the necessary chore of cleaning your boat. It is a regular part of good boat maintenance. Keeping up with boat cleaning makes the job easier. read more

  8. caseymel profile image91
    caseymelposted 11 years ago

    Clean bathrooms and kitchens regularly.  You can take your time with every other room.  If you are having company over, walk in your front door and see what room they will see first and where you will spend the most time.  Make sure those areas are clean.

    I wrote a Hub: How to Clean Up a Really Messy Room

    http://caseymel.hubpages.com/hub/How-to … Messy-Room

  9. Mom Kat profile image76
    Mom Katposted 11 years ago

    How to keep your home clean when you have young children, that is the question (and it's a darn good one).  Luckily, there is an answer!   
    The battle between a clean home and the child's desire to have fun has been going on for ages. So what can... read more

  10. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 11 years ago

    For me, if I can have a home for everything, then it is easy to clean up....just put everything where it belongs.  I try to clean one room a day; Mondays-bathroom, Tuesdays-living room etc.  That way it is not so overwhelming and I know it will be done again a week later - nothing gets too dirty--except the floors as I have 3 large dogs who refuse to learn how to use the vacuum!

  11. ThePracticalMommy profile image86
    ThePracticalMommyposted 11 years ago

    Learn how to clean your house by creating a cleaning schedule, using easy  cleaning tips, and involving your kids in the cleaning process. read more

  12. stugod profile image66
    stugodposted 11 years ago

    I am the worlds worst at it. I usually wait until I can just peek over the pile. Then set about it in a frenzy.. TV remotes disappear at regular intervals and I have a supply of four of them. Mainly the springer spaniel hoards them. Unusually he does not chew them, Just hides them all over..

  13. JillKostow profile image88
    JillKostowposted 11 years ago

    When you already have a full schedule it can be hard to keep up with household work. Children can make messes that look overwhelming, but if you break your cleaning up into smaller areas you can get the job done quicker and more efficiently. read more

  14. JillKostow profile image88
    JillKostowposted 11 years ago

    Home cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis, but for some of us this is the most dreaded chore of all. If you are one of the many people who truly dislike cleaning don't worry because there are simple steps that you can take to make your home cleaning quick, simple, and painless! read more

  15. Sherry Hewins profile image93
    Sherry Hewinsposted 11 years ago

    Here are my tips on How to Clean Your House Like a Pro from Top to Bottom in 4 Hours

    http://sherryhewins.hubpages.com/hub/Ho … Like-a-Pro

  16. justateacher profile image82
    justateacherposted 11 years ago

    Cleaning tips inspired by an old poem! read more

  17. pstraubie48 profile image80
    pstraubie48posted 11 years ago

    Housecleaning can control you or you can control it.  One simple  will help you with your cleaning: vinegar and Dawn dish washing liquid. read more

  18. rfmoran profile image72
    rfmoranposted 11 years ago

    My major advice is to keep on top of it, rather than let so much accumulate as to turn a maintenance chore into a major project. On this topic I wrote about the Basics of Boat Cleaning http://rfmoran.hubpages.com/hub/Boat-Cleaning.

  19. kathleenkat profile image83
    kathleenkatposted 11 years ago

    Cats are notoriously difficult to bathe. Here are some tips of the trade on avoiding bodily injury while bathing your cat, and ensuring all goes as smoothly as possible. read more

  20. bridalletter profile image77
    bridalletterposted 11 years ago

    I want to share some tips for cleaning a hobby or craft space. There are so many little pieces, parts and supplies to organize. Cleaning rubber stamps and keeping resources near by. Work area tables clutter fast, tips to clear it fast.

  21. profile image0
    matama ellieposted 11 years ago

    I am a procrastinator, or rather, i used to be. Right now i tend to see myself as a recovering procrastinator.Experience has shown me that, things are easier to clean if i subdivide them into smaller tasks and do a little everyday.

    If i let things pile up, i have a problem cleaning because everything is just so overwhelming.
    My advice is to just start somewhere.If you start making excuses, soon you will find yourself in one of those hoarding reality programs because your life has ground to a halt.

  22. ESPeck1919 profile image86
    ESPeck1919posted 11 years ago

    Do you have stuffed animals in need of a wash? This easy method is inexpensive and uses what most people already have at home. read more

  23. austinhealy profile image71
    austinhealyposted 11 years ago

    Unfortunately, my best cleaning tip is building more shelves and storage space, which I have to do on a regular basis, as I probably am the worst pack rat in the world. I just cannot part with stuff. After I read a good book, I have to keep it. If I watch a good movie, I have to have the DVD so I can watch it again, I have to keep that holy T-shirt that more than deserves a happy retirement as rags, but I won't part with it because it's sooo comfortable. The walls are covered with paintings and prints from floor to ceiling. The list goes on and on. So, being a single guy, keeping things clean and organized is a permanent challenge, but I manage ! You never know when that special visitor is going to come over !

  24. Diane Woodson profile image61
    Diane Woodsonposted 11 years ago

    I buy a 1 dollar bottle of lemon cleaner at the store where all stuff is 1 dollar and I dilute it. I take 1/2 the bottle and mix it in my empty spray bottles which I rinse out thoroughly. I buy my bathroom cleaner at Target, it contains bleach, I use it for showers and sinks. I do not use dish detergent since I have a dishwasher. I clean kitchen sinks with the lemon cleaner.....This solution usually lasts over a month. I am a firm believer in cutting costs in all areas of our home.
    I use bleach in laundry as needed, I usually mop with bleach once a month, the other weeks I use the lemon cleaner described above. Household germs are there but we do not have to spend a fortune to kill the germs and make our homes clean and smelling great. Lemon is also a scent that evokes romantic  moods, so none of us can go wrong with the lemon recipe above! Happy Cleaning!

  25. toknowinfo profile image71
    toknowinfoposted 11 years ago

    Cleaning your floor is a necessary chore. Different types of floors need differnet care. Keep your floor lasting longer and looking better. Here are some easy and quick floor cleaning tips to follow. read more

  26. profile image0
    GoldenThreadPressposted 11 years ago

    I have found that I have fallen into the category of forgetful when it comes to those things that really should be cleaned regularly but aren't. To combat this oversight, I created this Hub in hopes that I will now be forced to create a checklist and maybe even add to this list as I find things that really need some TLC.

    Check out my newest Hub on my take for better cleaning: http://goldenthreadpress.hubpages.com/h … -Regularly

    1. profile image0
      GoldenThreadPressposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I queried: What is the best all around dusting spray and why?    http://goldenthreadpress.hubpages.com/q … ay-and-why  Check out Sharkye11's suggestion for Behold brand spray--noted as "best" answer.

  27. profile image0
    VeronicaInspiresposted 11 years ago

    My secret cleaning weapon of choice is vinegar (distilled white):

    1. Add to dishwater and you can shine silverware and cut grease.
    2. Mix a little with baking soda and you can get rid of stove top grit and grime.
    3. Use undiluted to clean tubs, tiles and floors.
    4. Add to your laundry (***WITHOUT BLEACH) to clean, whiten, and remove stains and odors.
    5. Clean your ovens and microwaves.

    Just about anything you can think of!

    And it's green!

  28. HoneyBB profile image91
    HoneyBBposted 11 years ago

    My tip would be to go into it with a separate goal-like-weight loss or strength- and take a (Mr. Siagi?) Karate kid teacher, approach in your movements.

  29. snakeslane profile image81
    snakeslaneposted 11 years ago

    Cleaning day chaos. read more

  30. KatSanger profile image91
    KatSangerposted 11 years ago

    I think that, for me, motivation is the biggest factor in getting cleaning done, so when I need some extra cash, it suddenly becomes time for me to clean out my closets.  And here's what I do with the stuff I find...

    http://katsanger.hubpages.com/hub/Clean … make-money

  31. bubba-math profile image56
    bubba-mathposted 11 years ago

    I've learned to curb my sentimentality and not save so much junk that I don't really need or use very often or look at very often. Watching the show "Hoarders" also helps scare me into keeping my home in order.  I highly recommend it if you have hoarding tendencies!

  32. GiselePK7 profile image59
    GiselePK7posted 11 years ago

    Everyone has to clean house. If you're gamed: Clean from top to bottom. This takes up some time, but if you do it one room at a time, about four and a half hours you'll be done.  Just remember, your house will stay clean as long as you don't get laxed about putting things in its place once you're done.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  That's what I was told and taught by my grandmother.  When you get out of bed in the morning, turn around and make it up.  If you start washing your dishes as you once you've finished your prep, it's less you have to wash. And just don't forget this one final note...A womans work is never done!

    Have fun.

  33. rouilliewilkerson profile image59
    rouilliewilkersonposted 11 years ago

    Just check out my new hub, I've several of them...my specialty! smile

  34. bobtylor profile image57
    bobtylorposted 11 years ago

    Here are some tips for the cleaning your house..
    1. Daily cleaning regime
    2. Use a timer
    3. Go for the minimalist approach
    4. Have a bathroom caddy
    5. Empty the vacuum
    6. Steam clean the microwave
    7. Use newspaper to clean windows
    8. Use microfibre cloths
    9. Use the dishwasher for things other than dishes
    10. Emergency Wipes

    For more detail you can contact at 773-776-9274


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