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Can JEB Heal America?

Updated on October 12, 2011

JEB; Can He Heal America?


JEB a Viable Presidential Candidate?

The fundamental question for the Republican Party to ask them is they wiling to make the internal and structural changes within their own organization to heal the divide in United States? I don't believe Obama doing a bad job will be enough. Although I doubt anyone will skip to the polls who hasn't done the job, it is highly in likely the Republicans will be able to take back the White House with out the a complete overhaul of the organization and structure of the Republican Party.

Long ago back in Nixon's time when I was a little kid Republican the Republican Party was the old guard. They were not the Neo-conservatives which are code for liberalism. Republicans believed in equality and national security and that began with being able to care for our own people. The Republican Party not the Democratic Party knew the key to our foreign policy didn't rest in the hands of corporations but in the education of our children. We would never be able to sustain an international presence without education such as languages, Mathematics and Sciences. It was also believed by the Republicans that we took care of all of our people. And that wasn't limited t just Republicans but also Democrats. And while Republicans were always proud to be international travelers and had friends of every nationality, they were always concerned with Americans first. And that included the disabled which have been trampled upon and stomped on for the last decade so horrifically I question the existence of any political party which does not support the education of the disabled.

And because of these tenants of the Republican Party, Republicans were more corporate friendly as they were most likely to survive overseas and were sophisticated enough to understand other cultures. So it was a natural marriage between corporate America and the Republican Party because of the educational level and the understanding of foreign policy.

The Democratic Party more traditional stood for civil rights which did not oppose Republican views at all. Republicans have been the progressive party since 1900. The civil rights movements were more of an internal conflict within the Democratic Party then actually that of the Republican Party. This has been true since the Rough Riders with Theodore Roosevelt. It is a historical fact and not an opinion. But I have friends from all walks of life. I don't think the party makes the person but the person makes the party. And I know a lot of wonderful Democrats.

But since the Neo-Con movement the Republicans have lost their way. In particular he has failed to help the disabled children and the veterans. Republicans were the old guard and now they have turned into corporate peons. Something that they never would have been 30 years ago and most importantly Republicans always acted in the best interest of their people. They would be embarrassed at the way Americas have been forced to live in the last several decades.


JEB seemed more humble and contrite. And he denied he was running for president again. I don't know how many times JEB will have denied it before he runs. But he certainly has no addressed the needs of the special needs population in Florida and especially the autistic children of Florida.

JEB has fans?

He is more like able for humble. An hour interview for someone who isn't running for President seems strange. Jeb was pushing pandering digital learning. That is all nice and fine for JEB to try and define himself outside out his family JEB but the huge miss is the absolutely whole in services for children with Special needs in the state of Florida and the complete discrimination against the disabled in Florida. Why wouldn't JEB actually address the needs of the education of Florida?


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Peter,

      HOw JEB treats Florida is how the rest of the country can expect to be treated. "No More Taxes" can out of his mouth which is always a poitically deadly mistake for any Bush.

      He did mention OWS had a right to lawfully protest and he understood why people were protesting because Freddis Mae and Fannie Mac are continuing business as usual. But he was very much against raising any taxes claiming "would be" millionaires will be harmed whicih is conjecture and speculatve.

      Thanks for reading, commmenting and providing feedback.


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      But is he going to run? You criticized him for Florida needs not being addressed but what about his national views? Did he say anything about the OWS movement? Thanks JT,