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Will JEB Enter the 2016 Presidential Race?

Updated on August 22, 2015
JT Walters profile image

JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. A former Campaign Manager in a Senate Race.

The Next President?

Obama's Presidency

Has Obama ended social economic disparity in the USA?

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So Could JEB Ever Get Into the Excutive Branch?

The short answer is yes. He will ride the tide of President Obama's failures. Between the Tea Party going hard right, the economy collapsing out for underneath Europe and President Obama who is extreme leftist there is nothing left to vote for but the middle. I do not understand why the media keeps reporting that it is the republicans obstructionists? It is all a prep landed political show design to make you believe one thing; that you have created the calamity political system. I believe the only reason for the radical extremism of today's political climate is to pave the path for JEB's 2016 presidential election acceptance. No Bush has ever held office during peace time.

DC shutting or almost shutting down is a good sign that there is a change of parties due in the executive branch. JEB will be the first presidential candidate which the American public will scrutinize who he picks as Vice President. That choice may make or break JEB's prospects as president. I believe this to be true because of the general public's opinion of Dick Cheney's influence on George Bush JR.

The real turn is going to take place when no one can afford to have the Holidays with the exception of Hollywood and the fat cats that have put Obama in the White House. Those are the same fat cats who were suppose to be taxed back in 2008 and have continually dodged that bullet. If the wealthy had been taxed back in 2008 we may not be looking at a triple dip recession. In America, now one in seven people are on food stamps and that includes the illegal immigrants who are handed a golden parachute as soon as they illegally cross the border. Or atleast 1 in 7 were on foodstamps until the federal government redefined poverty. Now they are just letting American children go hungry!!

I will tell you I don't think I can for vote for one more person who stands up and says "No More Taxes". Any candidate would be stupid to say it as well. The majority of the country is impoverished. So the candidate that runs on caring for the elite is just not electable. That was literally is the problem with re-elected President Obama. He had promised to end elitism in America and to level the playing field and he didn't. His excuse is it takes more time. He has been in office now for six years and the class division is worse then when he started. He hasn't ended class division but created a grand canyon between the classes in American society. The problem with America is that we believed Barack Obama would be different then any other president that sat in the lap of luxury in the White House. It has now been six years President Obama has been in office and the disparity in classes has never been greater. The playing field has never been more uneven.

So why JEB? Well he has the ability to actually change how Washington DC works. The question is would he? Or would he even want to since he and his family has benefited from cronyism? I believe JEB would do the job as it would alter historians perspective of all of the Bushes Presidential Legacies for the better. It may take a third President Bush to get it right.

Season For JEB

Do you believe JEB will sail into the Executive Branch off of the failures of Barack Obama?

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The Family Values Candidate

Bush Family Pride

Who Created This Season For JEB?

Quite frankly, there have been several factors which have created this season for JEB in which he is a very viable presidential nominee for 2016. First and foremost. nothing has made JEB Bush and the entire Bush family look better than the continued habitual cronyism of Washington, DC since their departure. If anything the corruption has become worse. Thirty years ago it would be unimaginable that, on the face of astronomically high unemployment, congress would threaten to shut down while raising the debt ceiling, voting to giving themselves a raise and collect their checks while withholding federal funds.. Yet, it is happening for the second time in three years..

War weary America is still engaged in wars in the Middle East. I think a janitor, who would stay out of middle eastern affairs, could win the White House in 2016 since both the Republicans and Democrats can not. Alternative fuel is readily available, yet we continually and habitually engage in wars in countries which sell us expensive oil which most people working for OPEC will readily admit that 70% of the oil is now unrecoverable. We need a long term energy policy which we can be self reliant. Let's take a lesson from China on self sufficiency when it comes to energy. It is not sophisticated work. Just kick the oil lobbyiest out of DC. The technology is already being used in several other countries which are allies but being kept from America. It is really not that hard to do. There just isn't the financial incentives for politicians to move to alternative low cost fuels.

The problem of course is can we trust JEB to stay out of the Middle East where both his Father and his brother could not? My answer to you is simple. We can't trust any American President to disengage from the Middle East. I look at a headline for the first time in years today. We are dropping bombs on the Iraqi people. Didn't Obama promise to end this war In 2008 as his first priority in office? Since I have been alive every single president has been involved in the Middle East and I am not just talking about Israel here.

Finally, the US citizens have created a season for JEB but he is playing a risky game with immigration right now which could be to his determinent. Illegals cost far more than they produce and JEB knows this but he is counting on votes here so with this video so to goes JEB's announcement he is running for office.

The people of the USA have wisened up considerably and if JEB continues to underestimate them ,as all of his predecessors, his season will soon pass.

JEB Announcing He is Running in 2016

Young Floridian Hombre L'Amor

Running On His Record but Taking Responsibilities for His Mistakes

JEB's Florida Record.,.Hold On Hombre L'Amor

There has been a lot said about JEB's Florida record but he has had some horrifically huge gaffs both in the state of Florida and on the National stage. While his brother George supports him and should be his biggest campaign donator, I am not certain that JEB can just claim Florida as a success. Yes, he cut spending but I doubt anyone in Florida will forget the 33,000 disabled children sitting on the Medwaiver list or the damage to the infostructure and social services those cuts have done to Florida including but not limited to the fact no one could get gas out of the ground when JEB evacuated the entire state of Florida during hurricane Francis without one special needs shelter. Floridians are one of the hardest hit states in America. During George's Presidency 85% of the country's wealth went to Texas. That was eight years of Texas not suffering from the economic hardships while the rest of the country endured and Florida produces a third of the oil in the country? Who is to say that JEB would not transfer wealth back to his home state of Texas like George.

Having watched JEB grow from a little politician to the professional politician he is today, I would say i doubt it. Actually, he has had some tough lessons in his career and his personal life, as all of us have had. But he still has a ways to come to make up for some of the work he did to help his brother out when he was govenor. For me the question is not whether JEB will run but the question is will he be able to put his duties to his country before his own family? He could not do that for the state of Florida but we do still love him down here as our adopted hombre l' amor.

Or are we all, as Barbara says, Bushwhacked?.

George on JEB; Bushwacked

Every America Should Have the Opportunity to Fulfill Their Dreams

The biggest mistake anyone American can make is to create a ceiling or place limitations on another American's dream. That is what is at the heart of American capitalism. One American has a dream and then their are those who help the dreamer prosper. It is that simple. Kill the dreamer and we all perish. I think this is especially true for each and every single one of us even JEB. I believe everyone has a season and it is now JEB's season. The question is who will help him and can he himself rise above the partisan politics of DC, unite the country and bring prosperoty back to the United States of America. Arguably, and only historians will decide this question, the Bush presidential legacy now all rides on the JEB. It is an unfair burden placed on him especially with his Father's health failing however JEB sometimes performs best under pressure and there is no shortage of that in the Executive Branch.

So with the Bush legacy riding on JEB, he will have to enter the presidential race in 2016. He is no longer a politician yet he is very political and is acting as if he is already running. The question is how big does Obama have to fail inorder for the country to find, JEB, another Bush a palatable candidate for President in 2016?

JEB's Announcement

JEB'S announcement he is running for president in 2016

JEB Receive The Republican Nomination

Do You Believe JEB Will Receive The Republican Nomination

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How Much Do You Know Abou JEB?

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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      5 years ago from Florida

      Or always make certain you are in his six and have a bead on him!

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Sunshine625,

      Great to hear from you. I think it would be very interesting indeed but I am also open to some fresh blood in DC. 2016 should be interesting in general but HC is an interesting candidate!

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      That would be an interesting race between JEB and Hillary.

      HC for 2016

    • Drive By Quipper profile image

      Drive By Quipper 

      5 years ago from Wrong Side of Town

      Never go hunting with Dick Cheney.


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