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Barack Obama Hiding Behind The Lines of Shaker Heights

Updated on October 19, 2013

Barack Obama Hiding Behind The Lines of Shaker Hieghts

Today I heard Barack Obama give yet another speech from behind the lines of Shaker Heights. For those of you who do not know Shaker Heights it is an exceptional affluent area of Cleveland which is so pro war it is unbelievable. What I found so completely disingenuous was the fact that he was speaking about helping the middle class from a place of affluence. And Shaker Heights isn’t just a little bit affluent it is really obscenely wealthy. No one in that crowd was poor. But interestingly enough he called Shaker Heights Cleveland's middle class when in fact most people who live in Shaker Heights can’t walk the streets of Cleveland. I know I have been there and I have walked the streets of Cleveland Ohio.

Barack Obama has taken so many victory laps during his presidency he has completely forgotten the American people for which he was elected to serve. I haven’t heard him speak once of same sex marriage, disability rights but once of job creation but only as an after thought when he was cooling down from all his victory laps. He mentioned a soldier. Wow, one soldier and how many are left serving in Afganistan? And weren’t they all suppose to come home immediately after Obama took office? Wasn’t that the first bill he was suppose to sign or did her forget in an ADHD tether after his victory lap which lasted three years until it dawned on him he might lose his job?

What is even more amazing is Barack Obama the great uniter has done more to divide this country than any other president in recent history and that is saying something given George Bush was his predecessor. What is clear is that while Barack Obama wants to keep his job and all the perks, his wife is ready to leave the White House. Michelle Obama seems more interested in a root canal then her husband serving another term.

Speeches from Shaker Heights

Obama Serving Families with Children with Autism and Medical Complexities?

And still yet, Barack Obama persists. 1 out of every 91 children born has Autism and Barack Obama has done absolutely nothing to address this national crisis. He is completely oblivious to the pain and suffering these families go through. While he can fund the big banks and pay corporate welfare to the wealthiest in this country he can’t help the disabled and disenfranchised. It is very clear who he serves when he makes a speech about the poor from Shaker Heights. Obama only serves the wealthy and therefore is not a man of the people and not serving the 99% but the 1% he so clearly claims Romney serves. Perhaps Barack should just through the election for Romney since wealth is all that seems to matter to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama should be ashamed of himself for all the lies he has told and his inability and unwillingness to address the needs of the people he is supposed to serve. Did he even stop and think what kind of message he was sending to a nation of homeless people who went without presents and holidays while he was spending Christmas in Hawaii? Did he stop and think, “Since I work for the entire country I should live the worst existence with less money then the poorest citizen?” No. He just holiday in Hawaii with a malicious indifference to the plight of the American people he chose to serve. Barack means the one. Now the question is what is he “the one” of. Is he one of the worst presidents? Probably not. That title is reserved for the Bushes. Is he one of the most insensitive crass gluttons to occupy the White House in the last 50 years. That very well could be. Or maybe he is the one who stomps on the medically complex cripple children of this country. After all highering David Axelrod doesn’t excuse him for his obligations to serve all of these children and not just David Axelrod’s child.

He has done absolutely nothing but continue to increase the wealth of the wealthiest and fail to meet the needs of the people he claims to serve. He is a horrible president who thinks he can trick his way back into the White House. Shaker Heights is an exceptionally wealthy place to make a speech about helping the elusive middle class or the poor let alone helping the disabled.

As a parent of a disabled child who has been waiting for services for the better part of a decade in the state of Florida who actually has a letter from JEB claiming my son would have services back in 2001 and my son has never received said services, I will not vote for anyone who isn’t willing to address the needs of children with medical complexities and autism in this country. And that is 10% of the children in this nation and is a huge demographic.

I remember when Barack Obama ran. My son’s pediatrician promised that Barack Obama would finally help children with medical complexities and Barack Obama has failed this population.

As far as I am concerned no matter who ends up being president I want to see them up in Washington DC alone with a bucket and mop and all the wealth transferred out of DC and back to the people and not one dime of foreign aid. Charity begins at home and it is well over due in this country. Our government is making Saudi Arabia look like a country of grand social programs. Just goes to show you how completely out of touch that cult of DC remains with main stream America.


The Irony Of Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

The irony of Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize is he is causing a civil war in a country he is swore to serve. Like everything else Barack Obama has received in his life he has attained it far to easily and taken the short path to success at others’ expense.

Obama has been so busy declaring victory he has failed to achieve the very basic promises of his original campaign let alone address the ongoing continuous needs of the people he has choosen to serve. Perhaps he needs to take personal responsibility for failing to provide my son services for the past three years of his adminitsration and handing out more welfare to the wealthiest people in this country. He has still failed to pull out of Afganistan and Iraq is not secure at all. But the mainstream media is paid to well to tell the truth to American people so they lie for Barack Obama.

And there has been no peace for anyone since Barack Obama has taken office so I am wondering why he ever received a nobel peace prize? He has bombed more countries with drones than any other president. Benghazi, Syria, Iraq, Afganistan etc etc...who aren't we at war with?

I would appreciate having a president with a spin who wasn't a coward and a thief but then I guess he couldn't be president.

News Report January of 2013

New Report October 2013


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida


      I am glad you love me because I am going to respond that statistics are the whore of Science and not to be trusted. The unemployment in Florida is at 10% and that majoroty of people who are unemployed are black.

      Thank God you Love me so we can disagree. I live in a predomintaley black community and they are unemployed as am I. And you know Shaker Hieghts is white as wonder bread and so is Iowa.

      I have to get through the primary to even think who will win the election. My absentee ballot arrived wet and muddied and I had to order another one. I hope it gets here in time or I will not even qualify to vote in the next election which will only be the second time in my life I haven't voted for president. The first time I was on bed rest pregnant and thank God because it was 2000.

      Never say never everyone thought Gore had it all wrapped up too. Let me get through the primary and then I will think about whose best to be president. In many ways I consider the president to be irrelevant because they all do the exact same thing no matter which party they are in and it is never good for the people..

      Thanks for loving me I know I make it difficult sometimes. Have you ever considered that if JEB jumps on the ticket with Romney that Barack may throw the election to Romney? Very much in the same way Bush threw the election to Obama?

      Like any of have a choice really?

      I love you too WD especially since we are neighbors.

      And do write the hub I would love to read it.

      I doubt the college kids are going to vote for Obama unless he has jobs waiting for them when they graduate and that is weighing heavily on college kids minds now days.


    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      6 years ago from Space Coast

      You know I love you JT, but most blacks in Florida are employed. Let's not get carried away and believe they are all wards of the state. Here is a report from FIU with reliable figures.

      Now, I have misgivings about Obama, because of his lack of interest in tradition and Tim Geitner, but there are no Republican choices at all. I am an Independent and am not swayed by party emotions. Here's what Republicans are up against. Blacks love him. Hispanics will vote for him, college or young adults will vote for him, Jews will vote for him, school kids love him (and Michelle) and he is an inspiration to them to accomplish their dreams. I have been thinking of writing in Man With No Pants (hubber) on my ballot.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida


      Well the employed blacks aren't disatisfied with Obama but the majority of blacks in Florida are unemployed and so anyone is better to them. They had great expectations of a black president to lead and represent them and bring them out of oppression only to find themselves in worse economic straits.

      I am not a tea party person although I was initially invited to join before I know Sarah Palin was involved and I left. I am not in the GOP and I am often labeled an independent by others. I am an old guard Republican with values from back to 1900. My favorite first lady was Ida McKinley. But if you don't want to trust me; okay.

      Barack Obama claimed to be speaking from Cleveland and then Shaker Heights. Obviously the crowd was that of Shaker Heights and that is one of the affluent rich and racial divdided areas of the country. I know I have been there a lot and I hang out in Cleveland. I prefer Cleveland.

      As for Obama's boots on the ground. I haven't seen them in Florida. I definetly have seen them in this region of Florida.

      Most white people I talk to don't even want to vote which will help the Republican Party as well. Obama has to atleast face up to the fact he is hanging with the 1% and has disapppointted the 99%.

      Because everyone, myself included, have given him a chance when he has not given us a chance. He only answers to the 1% and it is all about him and not service to us in my opinion.

      Great debate!!


    • Credence2 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Obama reaches all constituencies, he and the deomcratic party are not so firmly linked to the GOP's calling 'let them eat cake attitude'. I still think that he does a betterjob under the circumstances than any GOP contender is capable of, but again that is just my opinion. But it is common knowledge across hubberland that I distrust conservatives, tea partys and GOP in general. JT, you ask all those blacks in your part of Florida who are dissatisfied with Obama, would they vote for a GOP, instead, when they KNOW that they are going to get screwed with their alternative. Voted up, thanks

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Yes WD,

      I was up in your area today. I just returned home. I told you we insert for medical care for my son.

      GE and all those orther coportaions are over in Iran and I have a lot of friends who are palestinian who swear to me they are cousins of the jews. Hebrew and Arabic are basically the same language.

      I grew up in an naval community (And belong to the Jewish Community Center) in SC and Hebrew is one of my first languages. To me the Hebrews hating the Paelstinians is like the Hebrews hating the Germans. They are in fact all the same people.

      The USA has a firm policy of not involving itself in civil wars.

      My grandfather was Navy and my great grandfather Rough Rider. Dad was a screaming eagle who worked for westmooreland. I think my family has served in every branch of the military. Annapolis is a pretty good school.

      Your path is there if anywhere as you are as close to Blatimore as you can be being in Melbourne.

      It seems like all the wars outside the USA are only excuses to oppress people inside the USA. I know Jews from Israel as well and they always tell me our media over blows the middle eastern wars just to scare up oil prices.

      I wonder when they are going to get around to explaining that Dubia is actually and American outpost?

      I received my absentee ballot today and it was completely wet and muddied. It is useless. I am wondering if there is even a choice this year at all?

      Someday we should meet since we are so close. Take care my friend and life is what happens to you when your plans fall through. You are on the path.



    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      6 years ago from Space Coast

      I know that about Israel. He didn't deserve the prize. He hadn't accomplished anything. They gave it to him for what he said he wanted to accomplish . . . carve up Israel to create the state of Palestine. As an objective observer, that's what I see. You have more of a finger on the pulse than I do. What do you think?

      I volunteered to go to KMI to prep for the Air Force Academy. I went to Annapolis with a congressional and Vice Presidential recommendation instead. My dad was a career pilot in Nam at the time, and that helped. They like it if your strongest ties are in the service. I changed to Navy to do marine science, but didn't make the cut after I was inducted ("but the recruiter said..."). I lost motivation after a year or so, and went off to find my own path. It must be around here somewhere!

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida


      First I am trying to imagine you in military school as an artist. My Dad went to military school as well and broke out of every single military school on the East Coast. He was quite a legend. My grandparents couldn't pay enough money to get them to keep him in.

      Israel is not world peace and the question is whether there is more war or less since Obama has recieved the nobel peace prize and there is less peace.

      Yeah, Shaker Hieghts is exceptionally wealthy and Obama takes Shaker Heights as his stage for the middle class and poor. Shaker Heights is so pro midde eastern war and so elitist.

      Obama is so self serving he has forgotten the rest of the country.

      Always wonderful to hear from you but sorry you had to attend military school. I just can't imagine you in there.

      I hate the way he treats the military as well but what can you do, but vote him out.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      6 years ago from Space Coast

      I went to military school with a kid from Shaker Heights. He was a piece of work . . . quintessential rich kid who's parents buy his way out of trouble.

      I have tried to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. I like his off stage personality. Being from a military family, it is hard to stomach a Commander-in-Chief who goes to Chicago to eat deep dish pizza instead of placing the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (first president ever to forego the honor) or split from the Army Navy game in the third quarter. I think Obama may have received the Nobel prize for his policy towards Israel. They aren't the most popular people group in the U.N.


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