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Although Latinos are the largest racial/ethnic minority in the United

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    States,  however, they are among the poorest.  According to the Pew Research Center, in 2014, Latinos WILL surpass Caucasians as the largest racial/ethnic group in California.  In 2012, Latinos were the largest racial/ethnic group in California, comprising 39% of California's population while Caucasians comprise 38.8% of the Californian population.  In New Mexico, Latinos comprise 47% of the state's population while Caucasians comprise 39.8% of New Mexico's population. The Latino population of Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida were  38.2%,30.2%. 27.3% and 23.2% with Caucasians in those states comprising from 44% to 56%.  California and New Mexico have the largest Latino population with Texas coming in third.  Another study done by CNN indicated that Latino populations are high in New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Colorado.  Mexicans now comprise 65% of the Latino population.   According to the Christian Science Monitor, the poverty rate for Latinos has increased in comparison to the non-Latino population.  The report based upon the U.S. Census Report stated that in 2010, 13.2% of Latinos are living in poverty in comparison to 9.9% of Caucasians.  The media household income for Latinos decreased from $38,667 to $37,759. A Pew Research Report indicated that Latino wealth fell by 66% between 2005 and 2009.  Although Latinos are the largest racial/ethnic minority, they are more likely to be impoverished.  The Pew study authenticated that Latino children are more likely to be born into poverty than non-Latino children.  Let's discuss.

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      According to the Washington Post reported dated July 15, 2014, while Hispanics comprise over 16% of the American population,  they only have 2.2% of American's wealth. The Washington Post furthermore reported that Latinos earn significantly less than non-Latino Americans whose median incoome is roughly $51,400.   

      The report confirmed that Mexicans and Puerto Ricans comprise the largest group of Latinos in the United States; however, their median income is $38,000 per annum for Mexican-Americans and $36,000 per annum for Puerto Rican-Americans.  The only Latino group to surpass the national median income are Argentinian-Americans who earn on the average $55,000 per annum.  It is estimated that by 2025, Latino wealth will grow by  4.4 million dollars; however, that will only be 3.2% of American total income.   This means that Latinos will only be marginally better off than they were economically but not in comparison to the rest of the American population.

      Here's the link,

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      I would assume the amount of wealth opportunities to be small in comparison to the amount of safety and clean water we Americans take for granted.

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    Hey, wait a minute--aren't you a Conservative? Since when do you care about other human beings?

    Shouldn't you be eviscerating a homeless person on the Holy Altar of Corporatism?

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      WHO said that I was conservative?

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        For what it's worth, I would have guessed libertarian. Although most people don't fit neatly into boxes.