Hillary Clint supporters and Donald Trump supporters - a challenge!

  1. The Old Guard profile image73
    The Old Guardposted 16 months ago

    Interesting Q&A's from Clinton and Trump supporters.
    Lots feelings and emotions coming into play.
    We are writers - people who can put our thoughts on paper to explain our positions and what we expect from our leaders.
    The challenge - write a hub explaining why your choice ought to be President.
    The pros's and con's - and there are always pros and cons - of the two people running for president.
    If there is enough interest - I would say 10 people - I will put all the Hubs - either for Hillary or for Trump on my twitter feed, Flipboard magazine, my google + page and my LinkedIn page.
    Not saying I have a great following, but I do have a following.
    I would ask those that participate in the challenge to do the same. Put all those that participate in this challenge on any social websites that you have to help your fellow hubbers. Whether you agree or disagree, allow them to have a voice
    It would increase traffic to Hubpages overall, help your fellow writers that participate in the challenge and maybe actually get a dialogue going that really seems to be missing in this election.
    I will keep track of participates who leave responses - but, I need at least 10 hubbers to at least get this started.
    Hope to hear from everyone that's concerned about the Presidential election of 2016.