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Why can't we let the past go?

  1. awoodog profile image57
    awoodogposted 7 years ago

    Why can't we let the past go?

    If you look at all the conflict in the world, alot is based on long past history. For the most part people fighting today had nothing to do with past wrongs, so why cant we let the past go and find new frienship rather then hatred?

  2. mikicagle profile image90
    mikicagleposted 7 years ago

    Some people hold onto past history because it gives them an identity and reason for existing, and others use it as an excuse for not making something of their own lives.

  3. Mr. Happy profile image82
    Mr. Happyposted 7 years ago

    You can forgive but you should never forget!
    I will give you one example why we cannot let go of the past (because it haunts us today if we have not learned from it).
    Kids in the community of Attawapiskat, here in Ontario have been begging the federal government for a school since their own school was no longer safe to attend due to a diesel spill in 1979. Since then, they have been given portables instead of a school which are still on infected grounds.
    For thirty years, the kids who live in Attawapiskat have been overlooked and ignored! For hundreds of years after having their lands stolen from them the Natives of the Americas have been treated worst than cattle. How can we move on without schools for children, without potable water, without opportunity ... nothing comes of nothing.

  4. awoodog profile image57
    awoodogposted 7 years ago

    I agree Mr.Happy, but there has to come a point when we try to live as equals rather then reminding of transgretions from hundreds if not thousands of years ago. We can't change the past no matter how hard we try, and often focusing on it only brings up anger and negativity. I think it would be better to work together as one rather then fighting as different. Nobody should have to do without in todays world, but lets work for a better tomorrow instead of reminding of a bad past. Just a thought.

  5. LifesStudent profile image61
    LifesStudentposted 7 years ago

    We can't let go of the past... because we have a natural tendency and a cultural bias towards the past and the future (read regret and worry).

    Individually and collectively we fret and worry about the future be it later today, next week or next year. 

    Individually and collectively we also re-run the past in our minds constantly.  Rehashing old arguments, conversations, actions of ourselves or others and wishing it could have been different.  Getting angry or hurt all over again.

    The antidote?  Acceptance of 'what is' (easy to say more difficult to do) and making conscious attempts to focus on right now.  It can be what is wrong with right now or what is right with right now or just looking at right now for 'what it is' and making conscious decisions about how to live with that.

    This is a deep question and a short answer but held within it are, I believe, the seeds and keys to an answer.  If you disagree, that's OK.  Have a really wonderful day - you might as well. :-)

  6. Wayne Brown profile image82
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    We truly cannot afford to let the past go as it has been proven time and again that it is our road map to the future.  The old adage, "he who forgets history is destined to relive it" contains much truth.  Most of the people of the world are victims of world conflicts not perpetrators but within the confines of this world there are still some Hitlers, Mussolini's, and the like who are more than willing to take out their wrath on the world.  Anyone who would believe that we can shrug our shoulders and bring all our troops home in the name of peace will be up for a surprise awaking when we have to fight the same people we are fightlng in Afghanistan on the shores of America.  In the current war on terrorism, it is not a matter of whether you want a fight, they are planning on bringing one to you until you finally lay down and see the world in their eyes...until you decide to give up being an "infidel".  This is not a mindset that can be explained in terms of sound human reasoning.  Certainly everyone perfers peace and living in harmony but people such as the fanatics who make up the terrorist sect do not think on those terms and never will.  The minute we forget that and let down our guard...we are dead men. WB